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26 Feb 20
I am only sharing this thread (which is riddled with a mixture of falsehoods and semi-valid points) to illustrate a contradictory conflict that exists between Democratic establishment CIR campaign and the Sanders campaign. So here’s my own mini-thread on this… /1
First, I’ll demur on what to do about the the Lou Dobbs footage. It is truthfully troubling to see Sanders’ validating Dobbs’ racism, both with his presence on the show and with irksome his nods of agreement. Hopefully, if asked, Sanders will express regret the appearance. /2
2nd, I have to set the record straight: Progressives did NOT kill the 07 bill. That accusation, to borrow Simon’s rhetoric, is bulls-t. It’s a pernicious lie that has spread for years with very real consequences for those of us who are on the receiving end. It’s gotta stop. /3
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12 Feb 20
All these years later, and just months ahead of a monumental SCOTUS decision, @jonfavs continues to be either ignorant or dishonest or both about DACA. THREAD on why this is so annoying, and more importantly, why it matters. /1
@jonfavs Here’s what he said yesterday: “[T]hinking back on our immigration policy, for example, like, we had to wait until the second term to do the DACA EO […] and when you ask people why we did it take so long do x,y, and z, the only reason is cuz well the lawyers said no, no, no.” /2
Here’s the link to his discussion with @chrislhayes…
(I'll return to Hayes later in the thread because his failure to ask a simple follow-up question about this is emblematic of MSNBCs failure to seriously cover immigrant rights for over a decade…). /3
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7 Oct 19
There literally nothing DHS can do better to live up to its Orwellian reputation than to issue an unattributed statement that uses overtly absurd doublespeak to accuse civil rights protestors of *criminally violating the First Amendment rights of its acting director. So awesome!
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13 Sep 19
Here is a thread with a few thoughts on the immigration discussion last night…. /1
First, YES to more questions about President Obama’s catastrophic failure on immigration. There should be more discussion about his deportation policy, legislative approach, & political strategy. If we don’t get this empirical diagnosis right, we are doomed to repeat failure. /2
On this, if Biden is just gonna demur by claiming dude-bro level fealty to his former boss, then he needs to be asked what, if any, will be the proper role for his VP in developing and implementing immigration, refugee, and border policy. /3
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