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@SocDems candidate in Galway West - passionate about health and fixing our public services. Health reform advisor day job. Part-time PA to my 6yo & 3yo. He/him
15 May 18
*Thread* Some thoughts following the #CBLive debate last night.

1. Twice a group of Irish people representing Ireland as a whole (Citizens Assembly / Oireachtas Committee) have been brought through the nuance, difficulties and reality of the 8th amendment.
They came out believing in a Yes vote. This referendum is the third and most important group, but last night's debate was far from the calm & reasoned debate undecided people deserved and needed to make up their mind the same way the citizens assembly and Oireachtas committee did
2. The cheering and clapping for point-scoring was in poor taste given the amount of people in the audience and watching who had lived experience of terminations. My heart goes out to them on what must have been a deeply upsetting thing to witness.
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27 Sep 17
*Thread* No ambition for reform of our health service from Fine Gael. Here's what their plan should say. 1. We cannot keep going as we are.
Our population is ageing, there are large differences in how long people live for based on income inequality and access to health.
Hospital is not always the best place to give care. It contributes to infection and loss of independence. We need much more care locally...
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