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Brexit may be happening. But it has been obtained by a succession of abuses of democracy unparalleled in modern British history.
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6 Aug
How can we fight an enemy which we can't name? And yet that's what we are trying to do. We talk about Trump, Johnson, Farage, Putin, Cummings, Fascists, Racists, Murdoch, Koch etc. Each time we pick out just one part of our adversary. There is a name for the whole - Kleptofascism
Until we have a name for the whole thing we will always be losing this struggle. We will be seeing and fighting a part of the beast while being oblivious to the rest. We won't even be able to properly talk to each other about the threat. The name of the beast is kleptofascism.
There are people trying to document our adversary with articles and diagrams detailing links between the parts. But the thing is so complex we soon drown in detail. We need to radically simplify, and the way to do that is to provide a name for the whole thing - Kleptofascism.
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3 Aug
1/ The Johnson/Cummings modus operandi appears to be to deliver ineffectual governance – perhaps to break down any notion of logic or good sense in the relationship between government and people.

This perfect fits the kleptocratic/libertarian agenda.…
2/ If trust in democratic governance can be destroyed then people won't make an effort to defend democracy. The projects to destroy democracy laid out by William Rees-Mogg (admired by Peter Thiel) and James Buchanan (admired by the Kochs) will be able to continue apace.
3/ In response to the replies to this thread, if you as a voter believe that governments are always useless and incompetent would you vote for parties that promise more government? Or would you perhaps give up on competence and vote according to prejudice and emotion?
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2 Aug
1/ How can we fight a political enemy for which we don't even have a name? And yet that's what we are trying to do. We talk about Trump, Johnson, Farage, Putin, Elliott, Cummings, Fascists, Racists, Murdoch, Koch etc. And each time we pick out just one part of our adversary.
2/ The force attacking democracy is a loose alliance of Kleptocratic billionaires who see democracy as a parasite and their political and media hangers-on, Putin who sees it as a threat, and fascists, racists and bigots who crave the power to freely unleash their hate.
3/ So what we have is not just the kleptocratic super-rich or Putin or the fascists and racists, but all three working together to destroy democracy. We need a name for that alliance. I say we should call it kleptofascism. The name isn't perfect but it links the main elements.
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31 Jul
Johnson has given a peerage to Claire Fox, one of the creepy former Revolutionary Communists including Brendan O'Neil (Spiked) and Munira Mirza (now in Number 10) who have abandoned Trotskyism for Kleptofascism and Putinism.

The rise of this RCP clique is very curious indeed.
Munira Mirza's husband - also now in Number 10 is Dougie Smith who used to organise sex parties for the rich. Is kompromat being used for political advancement? Or is something else in play?…
Frank Furedi, the founder of the RCP ( Claire Fox, Brendan O'Neil and Munira Mirza) seems to have a soft spot for Putin. Why should that be unsurprising? After all Spiked Online to which they all contribute has a consistently pro-Putin outlook.
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25 Jul
1/ I despair at people assuming voters will desert the Tories in droves when Brexit hits the economy. We've had ten years of economic failure and the coronavirus massacre and the Tories are above 40%. Tory support isn't about facts and reasons, it's mostly about tribalism.
2/ People on the centre and left often assume politics is mostly about economics (not an assumption made on the right). Leftists think it is about inequality, Centrists think it is about economic success or failure. Both viewpoints are, in my view, profoundly flawed.
3/ We humans have a strong disposition towards a tribal mentality. It's a psychological disposition that served our ancestors well prior to civilisation. When we feel socially and economically insecure we often seek security in the modern surrogate for a tribe.
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22 Jul
When Traitor Johnson talks of the "Remainer elite", he means people who think and question, people who value reasons and facts, people who refuse to swallow the lies through which his venal, crooked, corrupt elite faction seeks to control the country.
Of course what Brexit leaders mean by the elite are precisely those whose penchant for thinking and reasoning is alien to the decent real people of Middle England who navigate politics by commonsense, prejudice and three word slogans. Wealth is not elite, thinking is.
In the old industrial society people hated the owners and bosses. Now they hate the knowledgeable who tell them what they should believe and how they should think and act. They crave a return to a simpler world, but in their hearts they know it is forever gone - hence their rage.
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21 Jul
1/ Why did the government "actively avoid" investigating Russian influence? These graphics give a glimpse into its reasons.
2/ Some more graphics suggesting why the government doesn't want to investigate Russian interference. Thanks to @libdemfightbac for tweeting so much valuable info on this topic.
3/ And few more graphics giving more reasons why the Tories haven't wanted to investigate Russian interference.
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20 Jul
1/ This is the biggest story of Brexit politics. The 'Leaders Group' whose members are worth at least £50bn has given £130m to the Tory Party and has secret quarterly meetings with the PM and Cabinet ministers. Its members are mostly Hedge Fund and City types.
2/ The Tory leadership has learned how to use the lies and emotive slogans of Nazi propaganda, (summarised below) to manipulate the electorate, while serving the interests of its super-rich paymasters.
3/ The first step in rebuilding our damaged democracy is to make big political donations a criminal offence which is treated with the same seriousness as terrorist attacks. Big money is a far greater threat to our democracy than all the terrorists put together.
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12 Jul
1/ England is suffering from what could be called 'Post-Imperialism Orientation Disorder'. Its leaders and many of its people cannot accept what for them is the humiliating status of England as a normal nation.
2/ For the English to accept the loss of empire is to accept that England has something to learn from others, and to accept that it has to conform to rules that it hasn't imposed on others. But to do that is to accept the humiliation and defeat of imperial collapse.
3/ England pretended that the loss of its empire was a graceful and voluntary granting of independence to its former colonies. This was a big lie. The collapse of empire is never voluntary. It comes through the humiliation of rejection and defeat.
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5 Jul
Russian ambassador Yakovenko was rewarded in 2019 for 'smashing the Brits to the ground'. A few graphics which give a glimpse into how he achieved his victory. Johnson, Farage and Matthew Elliott among the many political figures connected to Russian influence.
It wasn't just the Brexit right who were linked to Russian influence. Here's Seumas Milne receiving a well-deserved handshake from Putin in Sochi in October 2016, perhaps as thanks for the articles he and Corbyn had written peddling the Kremlin line on Ukraine.
Arron Banks met Ambassador Yakovenko at least three times in the run-up to the referendum. He didn't just serve Putin's interests in funding UKIP and Leave EU. He's been only too happy to spout pro-Kremlin propaganda.
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4 Jul
1/ Three forces have allied to attack democracy:

▶️ Putin, who sees democracy as a threat to his power.

▶️ The kleptocratic/libertarian rich who crave liberation from the democratic taxes and regulations.

▶️ Facists, racists and bigots who want the freedom to abuse minorities.
2/ All three forces are exploiting the decline in stable working class employment, the crumbling of working class communities and the weakening of the trade unions; developments which have led socially insecure people to seek security in the nation-tribe.
3/ The kleptocratic/libertarian faction have no regard for nation states. But they have learned they can gain power by funding political movements which use conservative nationalist rhetoric, and have no left-centre qualms about fascist style dishonesty.
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2 Jul
1/ Starmer's silence on the transition extension tells us that our democracy is so broken that an opposition leader dares not advocate a very sensible and pragmatic policy change, and dares not criticise the government for leading us into disaster.
2/ Many Labour folk responding to my tweets on this topic launch into defences of Starmer's wisdom, and wholly fail to see the big picture that Starmer is having to employ such cautious tactics because our political system is now more a managed democracy than a healthy one.
3/ Managed democracies are controlled through lies spewed out through a cooperative mainstream and social media, and virulent tribal nationalism which promises greatness while pouring hate on anyone seen as opposing the national project. That's very much modern England.
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2 Jul
The libertarian right propelled by the money of billionaires like Koch, Mercer and Thiel and the ideas of Ayn Rand, William Rees-Mogg and James Buchanan are not going to stop until they've crippled or destroyed the democracies they see as parasites. This war has only just begun.
Here's a good intro into market fundamentalism by @MrMarkEThomas. It's the view that a person's worth as a human being is determined entirely by their wealth and earning power, and that taxation, because it is not voluntary, is theft.…
The term 'Libertarian' suggests a concern with freedom. But as libertarians regard taxation as theft what it actually means is the liberation of the extremely rich from democracy. In short it requires the abolition of democracy, and the seizure of control by the oligarchs.
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28 Jun
Poll: 56.8% would vote to remain inside the EU. Only 34.9% would vote to leave and 8.3% said they would not vote at all. In a referendum that would be 61.9% against 38.1%.

Brexit is not democratic. It is a monstrous abuse of democracy.
In a real democracy there would have been a super-majority provision to avoid a situation in which the policy quickly loses majority support. But in the UK the super-majority provisions were argued to be unnecessary because the referendum was advisory.
And having dodged the need for a super-majority provision the government then treated the result as mandatory while using a legal loophole which meant that an advisory referendum could not be annulled due to electoral law-breaking by the Leave campaigns.
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10 Jun
Brexit is one step in the program of the kleptocratic right to destroy the ability of democracies to tax and regulate the very rich. It is an example of economist James Buchanan's stealth attacks on the democracies that he described as parasites.…
Buchanan's ideas were taken up by the Koch brothers who have used their immense fortune gained from ownership of polluting industries to drive US and indirectly British politics ever further towards the libertarian right. 'Libertarian' meaning liberty for the very rich.
But we have our own native variant of this kleptocratic libertarian fundamentalism in the form of the ideas of William Rees-Mogg who saw democracies as criminal cartels and envisaged the super-rich first breaking free from them and then taking control as Sovereign Individuals.
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28 Apr
Boris Johnson doesn't want you to see this photograph. It shows Carrie Symonds attending a meeting of a Pro Kremlin Front group called the Conservative Friends of Russia, later reborn as the Westminster Russia Forum. And that's just the start.…
Here's another interesting snippet from the article - Vote Leave chief Matthew Elliott's link with suspected Russian spy Sergey Nalobin. Even more disturbingly Nalobin described Johnson as a "good friend". No wonder Johnson is hiding the Russia Report.
And here's an excerpt from the Commons DCMS Report showing that Kremlin media channels had a far greater social media reach than the two leading Leave campaigns. Leave got massive free and unregulated publicity from a foreign power.
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26 Feb
People who think Brexit is about sovereignty have been absolutely duped. The elite driving Brexit couldn't give a damn about Britain. All they care about is their profits and power. Their goal is to cripple the power of nations to tax & regulate the global rich.
Rees-Mogg poses as a patriotic toff. But he isn't anything of the sort. His SCM investment fund invests outside the UK and has bases in the tax havens of Singapore and the Cayman Islands. He is a global capitalist for whom national taxes and regulations are obstacles.
Rees-Mogg and other powerful members of the Trump-Brexit elite are following the path laid down by his father who envisioned an elite of super-rich 'Sovereign Individuals' who would first break free of, and then take control of nation states.
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4 Feb
After a referendum in 1933 Goebbels said the "will of the people is the will of the government and vice versa" and that Parliament would not be allowed to block the execution of the nation's will.

This was the fascist dogma that prevailed for 2 years after the 2016 referendum.
For around 2 years after the referendum, on the topic of Brexit, the UK was not a functioning democracy. A climate of populist intimidation silenced and terrorised politicians into plaintive expressions of their respect for the "Will of the People".
This climate of intimidation, this near total silencing of views dissenting from Brexit orthodoxy prevented the Remain message from reaching most of the public for around two years, grotesquely perverting the course of Brexit politics.
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25 Jan
1/ The Remain movement has been dominated by well-educated professionals who I fear have often failed to appreciate that a great many people do not see the world in terms of evidence-based reasoning, or in terms of rational economic self-interest.
2/ Take one very natural human tendency - tribalism. In a tribal mentality control of who enters the tribe is highly important, loyalty and self-sacrifice are seen as more important than individual self-interest. Too much questioning can be seen as disruptive boat-rocking.
3/ Brexit propaganda appeals to a tribal war mentality. It's about liberating the tribe from external control, controlling entry into the tribe, making sacrifices to defeat the enemy, and combating traitors and trouble-makers within the tribe.
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13 Jan
1/ The Tories want a Brexit tax haven. The more they wreck our trading relations, the more this country will have to slash regulations and taxes on business and the rich to attract investment. They want a brutal Brexit to force Britain to become a deregulated tax haven.
2/ The negotiations with the EU will become increasingly fraught. The right-wing press will demand that we beat the EU by becoming, in the words of Daniel Hannan, "a buccaneering, offshore, low-tax nation". Slashing taxes on business and the rich will be made patriotic.
3/ If you think I'm exaggerating, just note that for years top Tories have been calling for the dismantling of the NHS, the slashing of environmental and safety standards, and workers' rights, and for Asian style low taxes (for the rich).
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27 Dec 19
1/ Lord Sumption giving the Reith Lectures addressing the Brexiters' claim that Brexit is the will of the people - "This is the authentic language of totalitarianism. It is the lowest point to which a political community can sink short of actual violence."
2/ This is not about percentages. It doesn't matter what percentage voted for Brexit. It is about a referendum being used to attack the fundamental democratic right to oppose, and to promote the totalitarian idea of the people and its enemies, the subversives and saboteurs.
3/ In the period following the referendum the so-called "Will of the People" was used to create a climate of intimidation that silenced almost all political & media opponents. During that period Britain was not functioning as a democracy, and we are still living with its effects.
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