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23 Nov
This is a peculiar time of year for Native people. Colonial holidays & massacres go hand-in-hand with consumerism. Two old white imperialists colonized the first two weeks of #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth. Here are Indigenous political projects you should check & support (thread):
@The_Red_Nation Podcast is nearly finished with our first run of #NativeReads, centering Oceti Sakowin (D/N/Lakota) authors. Check out the study guides, buy the books, & support Oak Lake Writers Society:…
@The_Red_Nation @The_Red_Nation Podcast has grown to include Red Power Hour, @DecolonizedP, & Wosdée (w/ @majerle_lister & @wahgraphy). Support our podcast endeavors, as we plan to launch #NativeReads (Native writers interviewing Native writers) as an stand-alone podcast:
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16 Nov
The CIA has more Indigenous blood on its hands than Custer... Honduras, Guatemala, Bolivia...
Panama, Nicaragua, Chile, as well...
The first Secretary of State to overthrow a foreign gov’t was John Watson Foster (who overthrew the Kingdom of Hawaii). He told his grandson of his exploits: Allen Dulles, the first civilian director of the CIA, the man who orchestrated the bloody Guatemalan coup in 1954.
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18 Oct
I’ve seen sooo many US Indigenous “get out the vote” campaigns — “Indigenize the vote” “voting is sacred” — but zero solidarity from those same campaigns and politicians with Indigenous Bolivians voting today. Is a vote only “sacred” when it’s for empire?
The US backed the right wing military coup to depose of Evo Morales, the Indigenous president, and MAS, a movement with many Indigenous people. None of the elected US Indigenous politicians opposed the coup. Not a single one.
Bolivian Indigenous movements brought us some of the more revolutionary environmental politics such as the rights of nature movement, first codified in the Bolivian plurinational constitution, and the 2010 People’s Agreement that center the Andean cosmovision of Vivir Bien.
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20 Sep
The veneration of a jurist who used the racist legal fiction of the Discovery Doctrine to describe *all* American Indians is appalling. Her thinking was that we’re still too incompetent to manage our own lands, and we need the US to do it for us, like wildlife...
No religion should determine law, whether it’s abortion or Indigenous rights. Yet, RBG upheld a fifteenth century papal bull that said Indians barely possess faculties that distinguish them from animals.
Colonialism is authoritarian by nature. In the US, the highest jurists are appointed, not elected, by a president who is also not directly elected by the people, in system premises on Indigenous elimination. We should be challenging these systems not normalizing them.
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10 Sep
I was a research assistant at an oral history center, when my boss showed us the 2007 video, "Collateral Murder." Apache helicopter pilots radio a second chopper, "Crazy Horse One-Eight," before gunning down six Iraqis. "Look at those dead bastards," one says.
I had long opposed the Iraq war. The idea that Indigenous names, Crazy Horse and the Apache people, those who had died fighting US imperialism, however, had become military codewords in the bloody massacre of Iraqi civilians made me throw up. It is the never-ending Indian war.
Later, I read the WikiLeaks US embassy cables, showcasing the zeal with which the US imperialism destroys nations and movements it sees as threats, literally holding back the rest of the world from advancing any social alternative to the world-destroying machine of capitalism.
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10 Sep
“The tribal relations should be broken up, socialism destroyed, & the family & the autonomy of the individual substituted. The allotment of land in severalty, the establishment of local courts & police... & the universal adoption of the English language are means to an end.”
— Thomas Morgan, Commissioner of Indian Affairs (1889)
Indian policy wasn’t an accident. It unfolded by design and specifically targeted the communal aspect of Indigenous social relations, which were broken by breaking up the land.
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4 Sep
I can’t speak on whites pretending to be Black in the academy. But I see similarities with how whites have adopted a Native identity in the academy. Yes, there’s a question of resources. What’s not often spoke about is the politics of injury tied to these make-believe identities.
The cunning of trauma politics is that it turns actual people and struggles, whether racial or Indigenous citizenship and belonging, into matters of injury. It defines an entire people mostly on their trauma and not by their aspirations or sheer humanity.
Who’s the audience for the politics of injury? It certainly isn’t for those who are marginalized. Mostly it’s for white audiences or institutions of power. It’s non-threatening to be a traumatized person, especially when those dishing out the trauma become those who solve it.
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28 Aug
Daniel Carr, a Three Percenter militiaman, showed up with a handgun to the home of a witness to the Steven Baca shooting during Baca's preliminary hearing. Prior to this, Carr was accused of pointing a gun at drivers while he held a sign that read "F*CK BLM" at an intersection.
Steven Baca is charged w/ aggravated battery causing great bodily harm for shooting Scott Williams 4x & aggravated battery against 2 women at a June protest against the statue of a Spanish colonizer. Baca's the son of a former sheriff & once ran a "Support ABQ Police" FB page.
Carr's release follows Kyle Rittenhouse's shooting dead two protestors & wounding another in Kenosha, WI. Rittenhouse was a junior cadet in a cop training program that taught minors how to shoot guns. He had "BLUE LIVES MATTER" insignia on his FB page & aspired to be a cop.
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21 Aug
According to the ABQ Journal, Daniel Carr was arrested and charged with intimidation of a witness in the case of Steven Baca, who is charged w/ aggravated battery causing great bodily harm for shooting Scott Williams 4x, aggravated battery on two women.…
Carr claims to be a member of the III%, a far right extremist militia. It's unclear how he obtained the witness's home address. And apparently, this is not Carr's first time threatening people with a gun.
Daniel Carr also asked if the witness and their partner were antifa.
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18 Aug
New Mexico Civil Guard posted my home address on their website telling people to bring their "gloves" (guns) to my home and to march armed on UNM campus against other Native UNM faculty and journalists. They threatened us with a lynch mob multiple times.…
Yesterday, NMCG leader Bryce Provance, a Neo-Nazi, showed up to the home and workplace of a potential witness in the Steven Baca shooting trial. The individual who threatened another witness last Friday claimed to be III%, a white militia the NMCG claims affiliation.
You can read @bladvs's report on the NMCG threats against UNM faculty and the increasing pattern of rightwing violence and racial terror:…
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16 Aug
BREAKING: On Friday, during the livestream prelim hearing on Steven Baca's shooting & battery charges from a statue protest, this man, who identified himself as "Daniel" & a III%-er, showed up at a witness' home with a handgun, asking for them by name & if they were “antifa.” ImageImage
“Daniel" said he wouldn't be the last person to show up at their home armed; there would be others, he promised. Before he came to their door, he harassed a neighbor, who he mistook as the witness in the Baca case he was looking for.
During the hearing, the defense asked a witness to name other witnesses. They said they feared retaliation against others. The judge said that fear was “ridiculous." Baca is expected to be formally arraigned on the charges next week.
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12 Aug
I'm in the preliminary hearing on Steven Baca, who is charged w/ aggravated battery causing great bodily harm for shooting Scott Williams 4x in the back, aggravated battery on two women, stemming from Baca's attack on a 6/15 statue protest of Juan de Oñate, a brutal colonizer /1
The prosecution will present witnesses and videos to show probable cause to formally charge Baca w/ these offense. The state submitted its video and photo evidence one-hour before the hearing. As a result, the hearing will only begin with witnesses without video exhibits. 2/
The state moved to postpone the hearing after withdrawing its video evidence. The judge has postponed the hearing until tomorrow at 8.30am. 3/
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8 Aug
Make-believe is South Dakota’s response to the Pandemic

Sturgis 2020: Despite coronavirus, bikers flock to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota…
My mom used to spend summers working the Rally. Many of the people she encountered were doctors, lawyers, and upper middle class professionals who played “outlaw” bikers on the weekend.
While SD condemns tribal gaming as “immoral,” the state hosts a drunk, drug binge fest at the base of one of our most sacred mountains, Mato Paha. I know Natives who attend the rally, but are critical of the disrespect of the landscape.
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19 Jul
The @ABQJournal thinks white militias can’t be cops & that antifa is an organized group like the neo-Nazis who work with the cops.


1. Cops don’t save lives in Abq. That’s why they’re protested alongside militias.

2. Cops don’t enforce firearms bans on white militias.
The Journal sent one of its own to do a human interest story on why Nazis joined the New Mexico Civil Guard. It spilled ink trying to humanize white supremacists who felt misunderstood giving them a platform to crack KKK jokes about hoods and burning crosses.
Neither the cops nor the NMCG stopped Steven Baca from violently assaulting women at the Oñate protest. NMCG didn’t stop him from shooting Scott Williams. In fact, they protected Baca and later applauded him as “our guy.”
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17 Jun
Re: Monday night’s shooting in Abq. A white guy shot into a crowd of mostly youth. Armed white supremacists held us at gunpoint until cops arrived. The cops gingerly detained & released them later. Then the cops held us at gunpoint, shot teargas, & threw flash bangs.
Several people in the crowd tried to hand over video or give testimony to the police on the scene. One cop yelled at them telling them to back away, “You’re interfering with my job!” A woman responded, “What the fuck is your job then?” There was no response.
It was clear to everyone there that cops weren’t there to protect us. All guns were trained on the young crowd. This is what this generation will remember. Their courage to do what is right is met by very scared & violent white men whose solution to everything is guns & violence.
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16 Jun
Some got shot in Abq by the fascist New Mexico Civil Guard shot someone.
Sorry for the typos. The NMCG just gunned down someone in cold blood at a protest outside the Albuquerque Museum.
This is the shooter. He said, “My father is the BCSO (Bernalillo County Sheriffs Office).”
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22 May
The white settler fascists in Apache, Pueblo, and Navajo lands appropriated the sacred Zia symbol & turned it into a symbol of hate. These photos were taken at an “anti-lockdown” rally in Farmington, NM, the center of the oil & has industry bordering the Navajo Nation.
While the state has a stay at home order in place, both Democrats and Republicans agreed oil workers are “essential workers.” They work in Eastern agency, which is interspersed with high rates of infection and death in rurally-isolated Navajo communities.
The area is known as “no man’s land” because of high rates of murdered and missing Indigenous women & girls. The overlapping land ownership patterns - state, federal, tribal - make it a jurisdictional nightmare. Farmington is the bordertown where “Indian rolling” was coined.
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2 May
The film “Planet of Humans” depicts a settler culture decrying the destruction of a land it stole. It blames "carrying capacity," which is codeword for brown people need to stop having children, and overconsumption. My review: you first, pilgrim.
In all seriousness, Indigenous land defenders have been pointing out these problems for years. But they don't come to the same genocidal and cynical conclusions of mass die-offs. Elimination is settler colonialism’s go-to. If you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
How quickly a culture that consumes 30 times more than any other on the planet turns so easily to “carrying capacity," a universal “humanity," and "overpopulation" as *the* problem.
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10 Dec 19
The NYT has shifted on Bolivia from pro-coup to aligning itself with parts of the “gringo left” that insist on demonizing Evo, MAS, and Indigenous supporters for “overreach.” The North’s third way — “neither Evo nor coup” — is still the imperialist way.
In the Indigenous movement in the North, Bolivia has been a wake up call. We watched in horror as right wingers and “leftists” in the United States cheered on a fascist coup and the toppling of an Indigenous government. This coup was decades in the making.
The paper of record has adopted the dominant anti-anti-imperialist position — which is more vigorously against a democratically elected leftist Indigenous president than actual fascists.
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13 Nov 19
I see the Indigenous-led resistance against the rightwing coup in Bolivia as the vanguard of the climate justice movement. Why? Bolivia is at the forefront against US imperialism, the number one enemy of the planet.
I part ways with the North Americans who viciously attack Evo Morales yet prop up US politicians and only North-centered solutions when the US is playing no positive role in the world or for the climate and in fact is benefiting greatly from the crises.
The current rush to control Bolivia’s lithium reserves is a prime example. As northern economies take us down a path of ruin, their proposal to consume in a “post-carbon” world at the same rate means they’ll need lithium batteries to run their electric SUVs.
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17 Sep 19
Here’s a list of my favorite podcasts in no particular order:
1/ @The_Red_Nation’a Red Rev Radio (of course I’m going to pick my own!) has juicy interviews and fiery tales from Native leftists and feminists. We’re revamping the show with help from @UrOrientalist for ultimate spice (more soon!):
2/ @mediaINDIGENA has the best hot takes on the news from Indigenous people. @theRickHarp and @KimTallBear regularly slay settler BS.
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