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May 13 • 13 tweets • 4 min read
This Bitcoin indicator is flashing!

And it's only happened 2 times in its history. On both occasions, BTC rallied by over 775% in less than a year...

So, will it happen again?

Let's dive in 👇 Firstly, this indicator was featured in a recent report on volatility by Fidelity Digital Assets.

To understand the indicator itself, we need a bit of a primer on BTC volatility.

It's often misunderstood and as a result - mispriced. Image
May 1 • 10 tweets • 3 min read
Sell in May & go away...

Over the past 5 years:

- Buying BTC in October & selling in April had 1,449% cumulative returns.

- However, buying in May & selling in September had -29%

Will we see the same this year? Let's dig in 👇 "Sell in May, Go Away" is an old adage from TradFi which generally refers to the effect of seasonality.

It's statistically significant and studies have been done that have shown as much.

I talked about it in a recent vid
Mar 27 • 12 tweets • 4 min read
What are the forces driving the #Bitcoin price? And how do you assess them to make the most of your trading this cycle?

That was covered in a recent K33 report released to PRO subscribers yesterday.

I picked up some of the most insightful charts from the report

🧵👇 Is retail here yet? Well, traffic stats to top crypto websites and exchanges is definitely trending up.

The period Dec-Feb 2024 is up from the lows in in Aug-Oct 2024.

However, it's still off previous highs in 2022 and considerably off traffic in previous bull markets Image