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Knows the game. Reads Spieverlage-whatever. Thinks sustaining pressure is the holy grail of attacking football. Not interested in people who whine.
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15 Sep
People often ask me why I am so willing to defend Arteta like he's the second coming of Christ.

Today, I will answer this.

This is why I believe Mikel Arteta is the best appointment Arsenal have made since we hired Arsene Wenger from Japan over 20 years.

(a massive thread)
Just look at some of the signings we've made at his behest:


I have no words to describe how transformative these signings are. No words or I'm going to be writing poetry. This is extremely good talent ID, especially with the state
of the club when Arteta arrived. We LACKED technical ability. We couldn't keep the ball in any phase of the game. Up front, we had Pepe and Aubameyang. At the back we had Sokratis and Holding.

This is why Emery resorted to a 3-4-2-1 knock it down football. It was TERRIBLE.
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14 Sep
Any Arsenal fan who watched the Bayern v Barca game can immediately tell that Arteta is a far superior coach to the likes of Ronald Koeman.

Structurally, our shapes are so much better than the rubbish Barca had tonight. We are so incredibly lucky to have Arteta, you will see.
I was not really impressed with Nagelsmann's structures tonight. His Leipzig were far more interesting. But it's early days, yet.

People don't see how incredible Arteta as a rookie coach is but they will. He's actually amazing if you know what to look for in a top coach.
Whenever I remember that it is Arteta in charge, I actually smile. It's like having a young Tuchel manage your club. His is more difficult due to the league strength and cultural issues at Arsenal but he is so good all the same.

Only a matter of time, lol. Next star manager.
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12 Sep
Tacticos often mistake a coach adapting to the profiles he's got as some baffling tactical choice or philosophy pivot. This happens with analysts, too.

'Pressing is a means of chance creation. Why are Arsenal not pressing more? At least Klopp did it in Liverpool's first year.'
Team rebuilds are different from club to club. Arsenal were notorious for being defensively inept when Arteta came, conceding an unholy amount of shots every game.

You think that is the kind of atmosphere to instill a gung-ho approach? Especially with a coach who wants control?
You have to make choices with respect to your situation. Arsenal needed a steady ship at the back. That is what Arteta instilled immediately—top coach. The profiles of defenders in the squad were not conducive to pressing high anyways: Sokratis and Mustafi.
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12 Sep
People who use results without context to judge teams have the worst ball knowledge around.

Was Pirlo bad or was it Juventus that were bad?

Juventus are a little like Arsenal before this transfer window: lacking in the necessary elite technical quality to meet their ambitions. Image
The way out for Juventus is to admit the state of their squad. This means that the manager get ALL THE excuses in this world until the team is infused with sufficient quality. Just like with Ole, Klopp and Arteta.

The best way to successfully compete is to play with sustained
pressure. Find a coach who can do that and give him the keys. Depending on the characteristics of the coach you may or may not let him dictate signings. Ole and Arteta are exceptional in this regard as both are amazing at identifying talent.

Lock in for the scrappy results and
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11 Sep
Football is amazingly nuanced. In the mishmash of the game and with macro factors above macro factors, recorded events are not necessarily the best version of the truth.

Saying X Player did X number of this does not equal to a useful take. It only shows a basic take on the game.
A lot of our attack against Norwich was ran through Pepe. Anyone who has watched Liverpool or City or even Chelsea know that it is a different game if Mahrez, Salah, Hudson-Odoi see as much of the ball as Pepe did against Norwich.

He created a decent amount but that statistic is
not proportional with the amount of the ball, chances and situations that we had with him. A top forward produces more with so much. Even if you argue that what he created was proportionately sufficient for you (which I strongly disagree with seeing as he was indecisive), you
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11 Sep
Don't get it wrong. Today's start at RW was another massive opportunity that Arteta handed to Pepe to prove himself as part of our future going forward—and he absolutely ruined it.

Another infuriatingly wasteful performance from the most expensive player in our history.
Do not be surprised when he gets dropped for our next games. And do not accept the stunning mediocrity that Pepe, a 72 million euro acquisition, has to offer. Half of his touches result in an offensive transition for our opponents. This is anathema to the way we want to play.
We want to play and win games by sustaining pressure on the opposition, by locking them in their own halves: that is how we ought to play; that is how top teams play and that is how we can get back to the top and Pepe absolutely ruins that for us. Unbearable.
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10 Sep
Timed Outlets, or How Pep Guardiola Wants to Redefine Possession Play.

(a thread/?).
Possession football has had a long and conflicted history. From historical highs under Wenger's Invincibles to the stodgy, despiriting football of Van Gaal's United, coaches and fans alike have praised and panned possession play. One unique exception has been Pep Guardiola.
Guardiola is regarded as one of the finest tactical minds in the history of the game. His keen appreciation and extremely successful coaching of possession play has resonated deeply across all tiers of football.

In recent years, however, a sense of staleness has creeped in.
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5 Sep
In soccer, there is something called 'qualitative superiority', especially in the offensive phases, where you have a superior player (eg, Mahrez) line 1v1 against an inferior opponent who wins the duel and makes a decisive action (shot, cross, pass) after.

(a thread on Arsenal).
Constantly generating such instances of qualitative superiority situations for your team is a key factor to creating favorable attacking dynamics as a coach.

Arteta has no senior players in attack who can be reliably decisive in 1v1s situations in the final 3rd. Pepe. Auba. Laca
This is why we always look so much better with Saka and ESR playing.

Their ability to beat a man and follow with a decisive action has a butterfly effect on the opposition defensive structure and magnifies the attacking aptitude of our team.

ESR vs Doherty = Odegaard NLD goal.
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4 Sep
Within the past 3 years, United and Liverpool have each spent close to 200M euros trying to improve their defense. City have spent even more.

Yet when Arsenal squeeze out 120 million on young boys like Gabriel, Saliba, White and Tomiyasu, people grumble that it is too much.
People just don't get it.

In this day and age, elite defenders are almost as valuable as top attackers in many ways. One of those ways is in how a top team organizes itself to score. A top team nowadays scores most of its goals with its defenders quite high up the pitch.
This is to compact space and pile pressure on the opposition, making sure that they do not rest or 'get out'. Defenders in top teams are necessarily highly involved in keeping the ball and distributing it. The better they are on the ball, the better your attack can be.
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4 Sep
One of the things that made Iniesta unstoppable was the speed at which he carried the ball, changed pace, shifted it.
Being the very intelligent player that he was, Iniesta always identified the correct space to move into in every moment. And when you do it at the speed he does it, wow. He was utterly breathtaking.

In the Barcelona heydays, there were some games you wouldn't know who was Messi
and who was Iniesta. The speed and the precision of their game was ruthless.

Foden reminds me of Iniesta. His game with the ball is not as polished (more explosive, pushes the ball a few inches further, doesn't identify spaces as precisely) but it is the closest thing to Iniesta
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3 Sep
One of the funniest pieces of antagonism my thread has generated is this one by Stewart, who presents Tifo's videos.

First off, JDP is not a 'football tactic'. It is a philosophy, an approach, a way of seeing the game.

the statement that JDP seeks to create maximal returns with minimal risks is absolutely true. It remains factual whether or not "all football tactics try to do the same thing."

There is absolutely nothing to criticize in that statement and it doesn't prove the thread is
'quite dumb'.

Stewart's statement is unfounded and overtly personal. (He probably doesn't 'get' the hype of the thread and wants to knock it down a little?)

It is funny, however, that the thread itself is a microcosm of a Tifo video, which is intended for laymen and not experts
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2 Sep
People don't get it. The Arteta project is a do-or-die affair for Arsenal.

Positional play is the present and future of football and the best clubs in the world are lead by coaches dedicated to the ideas of positional play.

Arsenal are determined to join them.

Juego De Posicion is a philosophy of play which seeks to create maximum returns with minimal risk.

Pep Guardiola has had the best defensive record of all managers across the past 12 seasons in the European top 5 leagues. His teams also score a lot.

How does he do it?
It is an approach that seeks to generate superiorities against the opposition across all phases of play.

These 'superiorities' are carefully constructed to provide adequate protection in all phases, such that you are defending while attacking and vice versa.
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1 Sep
Just wanted to put this out there.

Dear Arsenal fans, it is possible that your club will be taken over very soon by the Qataris, who have made deep connections into European football and into the very edifice of Arsenal football club.

Along the lines of this takeover,
the invaders will need a narrative, a storyline, a fairytale that will immediately endear them to the public and paint them as the forces of good. Honest club servants will take the fall. One-sided stories will be told and history will be aligned with oil.

Do not rejoice yet.
The influence of the Qataris may already be inside current events. From the media to historical club figures, pressure is being slowly and surely applied.

It is a meta narrative. A story that involves one of the wealthiest American families in the way of a global sportwashing
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1 Sep
Tomiyasu is Twitter. The more you look at him, the more you like him.
Tomiyasu is the European Super League. The more you look at him the more you like him.
Tomiyasu is Aaron Ramsdale. The more you look at him the more you like him.
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1 Sep
Yes. Arteta is paying my account. My real identity is of an academy player that got released. Arteta came up to me sometime in January last year and said, 'Look, boy, I have been asked to fix this gigantic mess at Arsenal and I need a positive atmosphere to do it. I heard
that you are the smartest boy that has ever come through this academy. So, here is what I want you to help me do. You will create a Twitter account and fight the narrative for me. Don't worry about the size of the audience at first, we will coordinate with our other propaganda
specialists on Twitter such as @gunnerblog @goonerdave66 @Stillberto @ddoublepivot @MiniShubz @GeorgeV_AFC to fight the negative narrative from big Twitter accounts and Pepe stans. You know how much I hate Pepe? Yeah? So we will push your tweets for you and you can get
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31 Aug
Takehiro Tomiyasu, the final piece in Arsenal's backline?

(a player/profile analysis thread, by @nonewthing)
Takehiro was always a very big talent in Japan. He was intended to be part of the La Masia drive into the Asian talent pool, the Tafekusa Kubo generation.

Unfortunately, his move to Spain became too complicated.
Takehiro is a 188CM tall defender. You would think that would make him slow but you would think wrong. He is no Kylian Mbappe but he is definitely fast enough for a man his size. He does not have a dynamic burst over short yards (a hallmark of wingers and fullbacks).
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31 Aug
I made a thread explaining how AMN messed it up and is being punished by the club. From my end, he's probably not going to play a few games until the club feels he has learnt his lesson.

Fans meanwhile are outside here crying about him, as if he would get us points on his own.
What AMN did was sacrilegious. He is a very self-confident young man but he was born and bred here. He refused to commit to the club's new project where he was needed in front of everyone, including the other Hale End boys! He wanted to strong-arm the club! He went off to West
Brom to play in midfield under Sam Allardyce. Sam Allardyce CALLED HIM OUT IN PUBLIC to listen to his manager and commit to the club.

When he came back to Arsenal, the club's executives had become determined to make an example out of him. As Arteta said when he was hired, if you
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30 Aug
Arsenal are actually in their brightest spot in 6 years but the media narrative driven by momentary issues makes fans feel like this.

You don't get it? The media are not your friends. They would sooner see the rebuild fail so they can get clicks. They are not on your friends.
See the media as profiteers. Opportunists. Vultures waiting for any hint of a dark cloud, even if it is summer.

That is what they are. The narrative is established by popular sentiment. Stop listening to them. This is our best period for years. We are finally back on track.
We are owned by a family from one of the most stable geopolitical backgrounds, part of a long-term portfolio intended to go down for generations. They can now spend money, finally, after pushing the current ownership of Everton out in 2018. We have invested in the academy.
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30 Aug
People are incapable of piecing things together.

Here, let me put together the bizarre AMN story for you.


Bellerin had an injury. AMN, who saw himself a CM, was put at RB pending. Emery got sacked. Arteta came in. AMN largely stayed at RB until season end, winning plaudits.
New season. Bellerin returned. (Note that Chambers was hovering in the background somewhere in this narrative: injured, returned at some point and also figured a little, I think, after January).

In any case, since Bellerin return, Arteta returned him to the starting spot.
See, you can argue over that decision as much as you want. But Bellerin was playing pretty well before his injury and it made sense to put him back in. It made sense. He was the starter and AMN was meant to be a makeshift there. You can however think otherwise.
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30 Aug
AMN's post can be interpreted as many things. But one of the things it must be interpreted as is the lack of professionalism from him.

The club won't play you, so what? Isn't that normal in football? He is intentionally trying to stir up the pot. Lashing out against the club.
His willingness to do that proves he is bitter about being left out. People wonder why players like Holding, Bellerin and Kolasinac can still finagle game time. It's because of things like this. Professionalism.

If you are not professional, you only hurt your own self.
He needs good advisers around him. If Arsenal don't want to play you, it is simple: leave. Go enjoy your football somewhere else. That's what everyone does. It's your right to be bitter but when you lash out like this, you do not help your standing anywhere in the game.
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30 Aug
I feel like people don't really know what's important to have in a player.

Tammy Abraham is a perfect example. I was crying for him at Arsenal on the TL and got abuse. He is the next WC striker.

How do you spot the next Tammy Abraham?
Check out the quotes on this tweet. These people!

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