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5 Nov
Trump world is now calling for faithless electors to ignore the votes in their state and elect Donald Trump via the electoral college anyway.
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1 Nov
Here is @RepDanCrenshaw pictured with Eliazar Cisneros — the man identified as the driver of the vehicle attempting to run the Biden/Harris bus off the road in Texas.
Mr. Cisneros is a known terrorist in the area, who previously drove his Trump truck through a crowd of mostly black protestors.

Here is Mr. Cisneros being interviewed by local news as he “patrols” the area as a vigilante with weapons intending to use them on vandals.
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1 Nov
🚨 Fun fact: White women were instrumental in fundraising to erect confederate monuments.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy, founded in the 1890s, was arguably the most important and influential group according to historians.
UDC members aspired to transform military defeat into a political and cultural victory, where states’ rights and white supremacy remained intact.

Since the UDC was founded in 1894, it has maintained a covert connection with the Ku Klux Klan.
In 1914, they published a pro KKK book — for children. Laura Martin Rose "The Ku Klux Klan, or Invisible Empire." It’s a love letter to the Klan for its handiwork in domestic terror in the years following the Civil War, when blacks achieved a modicum of political power.
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25 Oct
🚨 Watching the original 1985 Fright Night for the first time. Here we go 🍿 🍷 Image
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Amanda Bearse is in this? From Married With Children?
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16 Oct
I AM DYING. 😆 2nd graders stuck on Zoom after their teacher gets disconnected from the class.
“Toast means we’re in trouble”

“Mmm I want toast”
Oh wow, this went crazy viral.

Um, check out my podcast?

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13 Oct
2 white women adoped 6 black children.

An 80 y.o. man called 911 because his daughter saw a girl escape from the 2nd floor window & came next door begging for help.

The 🚔 didn’t even knock on their door.

Later, the women drove the children off a cliff.
The two adopted mothers paraded the children around on social media as tokens for their “progressive” activism, but behind the scenes were torturing them with physical abuse and neglect. The children were so malnourished they appeared years younger than they actually were.
This photo of the oldest child grasping onto a police officer in the wake of post-Michael Brown protests went viral.

In hindsight Devonte Hart was likely desperate for someone to help him escape.
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10 Oct
He's voting on November 3rd. Are you?
They're voting November 3rd. Are you?
He's voting November 3rd. Are you?
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9 Oct
More than 6M Americans have already voted 🗳

Democrats have returned more than twice the number of ballots as Republicans.
Hillary Clinton lead in early voting in 2016 as well but not by these margins.

For instance, in Florida Democrats outvoted Republicans by only 2% at this point in 2016. But right now 53% of the votes cast in Florida are Democrats versus 28% Republicans.
In North Carolina, registered Democrats have cast 52% of the ballots so far, up from 36% in 2016.

Registered Republicans account only for 17% of the ballots turned in right now. That is down a whopping 37% from 2016.
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6 Jul
One of my friends was dating this dude — he was fine AF but I told her from the beginning don’t catch feelings because he ain’t shit. She found herself buying him his dream 🚗 for his b’day. After she found out he cheated on her w/10 girls she dumped him and he took the 🚗
The car was $20k. I told her call the police and report it stolen. She said I can’t because it’s in his name. WHAT?! I told you if you gonna play sugar mama buy the car, register in YOUR name and just let him drive it. Now he’s gone and you’re stuck with the LEASE.
The car still has $10k on it to be paid off and she depleted her life savings on the down payment and other girls for him (PlayStation, jewelry, Yeezys, and other shit)

I feel bad but I told her at every fucking turn not to trust him, just get the D and keep it pushing
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29 Jun
🚨 White woman with missing teeth falsely claims a black family is stealing her car.

6 white bystanders believe her, surround the car, block them from leaving, start physically attacking them, and then follow on motorcycles when they try to escape.

This is terrifying to watch
This is the rest of the video that shows them trying to escape while one man remains on the hood of the car and another is chasing them on his motorcycle.
People have reached out to Lee Allen, the father in the video offering help to pay for the damages.

The white woman apparently “believed” it was a car she had that was stolen 6 years ago.
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25 Jun
🚨 Three police officers in Wilmington, North Carolina have been fired after a department audit of a video recording captured one of the officers saying a civil war was necessary to wipe Black people off the map and that he was ready.

Cpl Jessie Moore referred to a Black female as a “negro.” He also referred to the woman using a racial slur. He repeated the use of the slur in describing a Black magistrate, and Moore used a gay slur to describe the magistrate as well.
Officer Kevin Piner told Moore that he feels a civil war is coming and that he is ready. Piner said he was going to buy a new assault rifle, and soon “we are just going to go out and start slaughtering them (expletive)” Blacks. “I can’t wait. God, I can’t wait.”
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7 Jun
White folks seeing all of these racists exposed in the wake of the George Floyd protests --

You need to consider this:
How many of them have the power to keep blacks from buying or renting a home or apartment?

How many of them have the power to deny them a loan for a mortgage, to start a small business, or access to working capital?

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6 Jun
As Thurgood Marshall was fighting the much bigger, but slower moving cases like desegregating schools -- he would travel around the country doing small but flashy cases where a white woman had accused some poor black farmer of rape, whistling or looking at her the wrong way.
It helped build the reputation and amplify the work of the NAACP. One of these such cases was chronicled in the Chadwick Boseman movie "Marshall"
But with the press attention came a danger associated with these cases for Marshall and his team of lawyers. When black people heard he was coming to town there was a feeling of hope and excitement. For white people -- his presence brought anxiety and dread.
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31 May
White man in Salt Lake City, Utah yells “All Lives Matter” and then shoots bow and arrow into crowd of peaceful protesters.
UPDATE: They beat his ass, overturned his car, set it on fire, and now ole dude is in police custody.
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30 May
Oops 🧾
More receipts 🧾
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27 Apr
Gregory McMichael and his son Travis saw a 25 year old black man going for a run.

They grabbed their guns, jumped into their truck, followed him and yelled
“Stop, stop — we want to talk to you.”

Then they killed him.

This was a modern day lynching. nytimes.com/2020/04/26/us/…
The prosecutor George E Barnhill —who at this point — has had the case for a few weeks — told the police that the pursuers had acted within the scope of Georgia’s citizen’s arrest statute, and that Travis McMichael, who held the shotgun, had acted out of self-defense.
The MURDERER was apparently formerly an investigator in the DA’s office. At the request of the victim’s family, the prosecutor has recused himself from the case, and it has been turned over to District Attorney Tom Durden, according to the state’s Attorney General’s Office.
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22 Apr
.@KamalaHarris just taught @MarkWarnerVA how to make a proper tuna melt 🥪 on Instagram.

Yes it was as entertaining as you’d imagine, including Mark being surprised that you’re supposed to drain the water from the can first. 💀
Kamala: *puts mayonnaise, mustard, celery, and onions into the bowl”

Mark: “Is this a Bon Appetit thing?! Where did you learn this recipe? 😳”
Kamala’s face when Mark brought out the Velveeta 💀💀💀
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11 Apr
Can the @MiamiPD explain why they handcuffed a black doctor who tests homeless people for COVID-19?

VIDEO: Dr. Armen Henderson was outside his home unloading his van. After "recieving complaints" officer show up and demands ID. Then handcuffs him and says: "you should refer to me as sir or sergeant when talking to me."

Luckily Dr. Henderson's wife was on hand to come outside with his ID. At which point the officer released him.

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3 Mar
As many of you know I was a massive supporter of Senator @KamalaHarris’ run for the Presidency.

She was the candidate I passionately felt had the most receipts for career long work of advocating for marginalized and vulnerable communities.
I spent dozens of hours researching her. Her interviews, her initiatives as D.A. and A.G., the type of people she surrounded herself with. The way she used her political capital and the promises she kept.
I find what people do before they ran for President more revealing than a PDF they uploaded to their website when they knew the world was watching.

She has been consistent her entire career in working tirelessly on behalf of children, women, minorities, working people, & JUSTICE
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29 Feb
Watching Gone With The Wind for the first time. Let’s get into this mess.
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