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15 Aug 18
Two big announcements from us today …

tl;dr: 😢😃💪✏️🎙️📻
First — after 3.5 years with @nprtraining and 15 (!) at @NPR, our colleague @ajmacadam will be leaving at the end of the month to try new things. We will miss her a lot! She’s made many lasting contributions to #pubmedia, including this:…
But in the spirit of turning 🍋➡️🍹, we are very excited to announce that our team is growing and we are hiring *three* people. If you want to push #PubMedia in innovative directions, read on.… #pubjobs
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11 May 18
It’s the final day of #NPRStoryLab! The 10 teams will be presenting 10 awesome projects, and we want to introduce them to you. Follow along here…
1st up: "My Fellow Kansans" from @KCUR @ksnewsservice @KMUW. Kansas is a state "in the middle of nowhere" & "the center of everything." This podcast will bring together #pubmedia journalists from across KS to tell a deeper story of the '18 election - beyond who's up & who's down
"Forgotten Prison" will tell the story of the Alcatraz you've never heard of. McNeil Island Prison in Puget Sound only closed a few years ago. The podcast from @knkxfm explores the changing nature of crime & punishment in the US thru the stories of McNeil inmates, guards and more
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11 Jan 18
It's true — the #nprstorylab is coming back! We want to give you the time, space and training to get your audio storytelling idea off the ground. Apply now.
The *free*, four-day workshop is designed to help small teams develop innovative audio storytelling projects. Past participants have made podcasts, radio series, multiplatform projects and even a "pop-up reporting bureau."
We're looking for distinctive audio projects that are in the early stages of conception, have a well-defined audience, and represent diverse topics, formats, locations and makers.
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6 Dec 17
A lot of print journalists are trying out audio storytelling these days. It can be *hard.* Many of your skills translate but others don't.

Our big new guide on moving from 📰 ➡️ 📻 is here to help.…
Brought to you by @ajmacadam + the great #pubmedia community that contributed edits on the draft. Fantastical illustrations by @beck2thefuture
Each section of our guide covers a particular difference between print and audio storytelling. Here's what you need to think about ...
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