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Enabling sustainable solutions for the long-term survival of the orangutan in the wild by ensuring safe areas of forest for their continued existence.
16 Sep
@RobinNature @griffjane @WildlingRocks @DrBirute While we really value the great work Chanee does, there are a number of points of misinformation in this video. It is undeniable that conventional palm oil has been catastrophic for forests and wildlife. It is undeniable that conventional palm oil has been catastrophic... 1/n
@RobinNature @griffjane @WildlingRocks @DrBirute ... for forests and wildlife. These are some of the reasons why RSPO was set up and now prohibits deforestation, burning and the harming of rare, threatened or endangered species. Palm oil is not in everything but in about 50% of processed goods in the supermarket...2/n
@RobinNature @griffjane @WildlingRocks @DrBirute ...We agree that palm oil should never be used as a primary feedstock for biofuels. The RSPO label was not created by manufacturers but by the membership of the RSPO which includes not only manufacturers and retailers, growers and traders, but also financial institutions....4/n
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