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19 Apr
Today the Supreme Court will hear Sanchez v. Mayorkas, a case about whether some TPS recipients are barred from adjusting their status to LPR. The government's position, which it has maintained across the Trump and Biden admins, is harmful, illogical, and atextual. 1/x
TPS is a humanitarian immigration program that allows people whose countries of origin have been rendered dangerous by climate disaster or civil unrest to live and lawfully work in the US. Some people have been on this status for decades and have kids/homes/jobs here. 2/x
The Trump administration attempted to essentially cancel the TPS program wholesale by ending status for people from Honduras, El Salvador, Haiti, Nepal, Nicaragua and Sudan. Those efforts were blocked by a series of litigation efforts (most notably Ramos v. Nielsen). 3/x
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6 Apr
BREAKING: Today we submitted our final settlement to the Court in Savino v. Souza, the facility-wide class action calling for the release of all people held in immigration detention in the Bristol County House of Correction. The starting population of 148 is down to 7. Thread 1/X
This is one of the most important cases I have ever had the privilege of filing and litigating. It began March when people inside BCHOC organized and complained about the horrendous conditions inside and the threat to their lives posed by COVID-19 and their detention. 2/X
From there we filed a facility-wide class action calling for the release of everyone. The Court certified our class and, after finding that BCHOC was likely deliberately indifferent, granted a preliminary injunction halting new admissions to BCHOC and ordering testing. 3/X
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