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May 19 6 tweets 6 min read
1/ This is German "academia". This is a Professor who participates to the failure cover up of the currently ongoing "analysis" of the German response.

Tactic is to use age confounded C19 data, instead of age adjusted all-cause mortality (which contains C19 deaths of course). 2/ The method that he uses is simply scientific misconduct. It not very difficult to uncover after 2 years. But it seems to work to fool the public and distract from their own failures.

We can do the same, can't we:

May 19 5 tweets 3 min read
1/ To everyone who likes to work and compare excess mortality.

Here a task. Differentiate by time t:

M(t) = A + B * t + fnoise(t)

Why do I show you this? What's the point? What do we want to achieve? Why is it important to understand derivatives and baselines? 2/ Excess basically removes

👉constant A: but this basically contains life expectancy.

👉constant B. This is what you substract when taking excess versus trend. So also the information good or bad trend get's destroyed.

Comparing excess makes losers look like winners.
May 18 6 tweets 3 min read
Imagine how “bad” it would have been, if US followed Sweden.

We didn’t lock down, mask toddlers, so per postulate evil as we cheated.

I’m looking forward to 21/22 data point. 2 more months.

But it’s not going to look better.

And…douze points…go to….SWEEEEDEN!!!! 🇸🇪 2/ The typical remark:

"High vaccine makes low mortality in Sweden"


In a picture:
👉See the mortality peak in Portugal before vaxx while absent in open Sweden.
👉See the elevated mortality in Portugal with 99% after, while absent in Sweden.

May 10 4 tweets 2 min read
@mconceptionz He is very friendly (and probably lacks the depth here). I would have "destroyed" the lady if I interviewed her.

Someone claims magic (immortality) without a solid theory compatible with physics, chemistry and biology? Vaxx is just doing this magic immortality? Yeah sure. No. @mconceptionz What is this magic reprogramming doing? Why isn’t the same happening naturally? Be specific? How (specific) is this magic healing all kinds of diseases to 70%? And with almost every vaccine? It’s like free lunch? You make a vaccination and magic. No explanation? We don’t know? 😅
May 9 4 tweets 2 min read
He is even disclosing the secret recipe. I have seen many high-tech projects go wrong mostly for this reason. A total skill disconnect between managers and introverted engineers who then give up to argue and simply implement absurd things. Example 1: A reliability manager once said in a meeting seing leakage data (from dedicated open structures which are designed to capture leakage defects) at 1e-10A and the limit at 1e-7 and said: How do we get the process back on target. Bad hiring 🤡🤣
Apr 23 13 tweets 4 min read
1/ The fact that a specific vaccine would have a "magic" reduction on all cause makes no sense. Rather it's telling us, that the AZT RCT is biased and giving us confounding.

The effect on all cause should be perfectly centred, like the Pfizer trial shows.

cc @MartinKulldorff 2/ There is something wrong with the AZN trial, and I'm saying this while not being a Pfizer fan. The AZN data makes no sense.

C19 isn't driving all cause in the first place. So why would a vaccine have a mortality reduction from all causes? 0.37 ?? 300%??👉Biased study.
Apr 14 13 tweets 7 min read

This paper shows the ugly truth of what I (and many) had been highlighting: The collateral damage due to measures.

US black: lost 3 years and now 12 years lower than Sweden.

medrxiv.org/content/10.110… Image 2/ The reason for this decline is neither C19 nor vaccine related.

Analysing mortality by cause (see older tweets) in the <65 group shows the damage from panic and prolonged shut downs.

Minorities of course suffered most as seen in the life expectancy. Image
Apr 3 8 tweets 7 min read
1/ The Dutch Covid hardliners (with titles "journalist of the year") are not done yet and push for more QR segregation and measures next winter.

They do everything to distract from the inconvenient evidence, like the broken NL ASMR trend which is 90% due to non C19 in 65+. 2/ The narrative is further fueld by CBS who distracts with Covid. But some of us are able to read data and graphs.

90% is NOT Covid which I kept highlighting (and now stated by CBS @rubenivangaalen). So what and why we keep asking?

Apr 3 4 tweets 5 min read
1/ There is no country with better results than Sweden.

It explains the radical framing against Sweden. Such evidence must be attacked.

So claim the opposite as most CCN watching people can't read graphs.

Dear Swedes: defend your country against this cabal! 2/ Let's add all countries? Here we go.

Which line is lowest? Is it the green one? That's Sweden.

Welcome to Sweden dear anti freedom, anti democracy #nocovid clan.
Apr 1 6 tweets 2 min read
1/ This has always been disturbing to read for me.

"no safety pharmacology studies were conducted…as they are not considered necessary for the development of vaccines according to the WHO guideline (WHO, 2005)"

They applied an outdated spec to qualify a disruptive technology. 2/ When a disruptive new technology enters the aerospace and automotive market, this is done through an ultra rigorous/conservative work on the standardisation part. New standards are mandatory. One doesn't use the silicon Power MOSFET test methods / standards to qualify GaN.
Apr 1 12 tweets 9 min read
1/ What do you do, to distract from the "DEVASTATING" outcome in US?

Push #nocovid propaganda into “Humanities & Social Sciences Communications” and communicate:

"Sweden officials are a COVID deniers and failed."

Reality: SWE mortality looks like if Covid wasn't there. 2/ In order to distract from US, they have to shame the very best with e.g. child hostile propaganda and lies.

The results speak for themselves. There is no better place for children than Sweden, Scandinavia, NL etc. in general.
Mar 30 4 tweets 3 min read
Germany: The state / municipal level politicians are outraged over the unexpected loss of Covid powers. 🤡

In this discussion, they brainstom how they can urgently fight this outragous federal #FreedomDay.

And the West is judging the Taliban??

zdf.de/gesellschaft/m… Image "The Rulers and the Ruled".

"It's outrageous, to take our masking madate powers away."

Everyone agrees.

It's all @fdp and @c_lindner fault.

They proudly clarify: With SPD and Green alone, this would NEVER have happened.

Bravo Deutschland. 🤡 Image
Mar 27 7 tweets 6 min read
Being told, that you are failing in age standardising mortality.

Being told, that you push the US failed lockdown healthcare to come to Sweden.

US: 3x child mortality, low life expectancy, and boy what a damage from lockdowns. We can see what you are pushing @DavidSteadson.

It's disturbing to have a control group isn't it?

Mar 26 5 tweets 2 min read
1/ Some explanations. The data shows the accounted German myocarditis cases (source InEK).

Motivation: We were looking for the vaccine signal in young males. There seems to be a signal.

I would estimate roughly 200 as excess . Y axis is the 4 week count. 2/ Assumptions:

- most of the cases will be male (unfortunately InEK doesn't breakdown by sex).
-Vaccination level of around 50% for Germany in this age group 18-29. So around 2.5M total

Result: it gives an incidence of around 1:10k in line with the current AE DBs findings.
Mar 26 8 tweets 6 min read
1/ Another “hit piece” by the mask and lockdown narrative.

Reading the dogmatic “masks work”, Sweden wrong introduction is already enlightening:

“Ignored…that face masks protect both the carrier and others.”

“authority lacked expertise and could disregard scientific facts.” 2/ Sweden correctly labeled the response of radical countries as extreme.

The data shows the failed approach and collateral damage clearly.

The evidence is bad, so what to do? Double down on Sweden (best in Nature) although having disastrous results in lockdown countries.
Mar 26 11 tweets 5 min read
1/ Here they go, the lockdown and mask fanatics.

In future, there shall be no dissidents allowed like Sweden, who prove that the Dutch response was wrong.

There must be a global authority (WHO) and the entire world must follow like soldiers. The end of nations. 2/ Creating this type of control data (SWE) must be prevented at all cost in future. There must be one and only one autocratic response. Masking 2 year olds for example. The WHO (a group many autocratic countries) shall rule democratic countries like Sweden and the Netherlands.
Mar 25 5 tweets 3 min read
1/ Das ist eine hervorragende Präsentation.

Wir haben die Alten gerettet, auf Kosten der jungen Generation? 2/ So „überlastet“ waren die Deutschen Krankenhäuser.

Der Grund: weniger Bedarf und nicht der Notbetrieb und Verschiebungen.

In den Medien und Politik wird nach wie vor behauptet, dass der Kollaps droht.
Mar 25 4 tweets 4 min read
#downfallmeme 😃

@Karl_Lauterbach response to a state health minister @mannelucha request to change the Covid course (like we have it around Germany btw.)?

“I will ignore his letter.”

German democracy and “the science” 2022. The Covid panic must go on? Germany doesn’t want to take reference from the free NW neighbors (all more democratic countries) who have lower mortality, higher life expectancy and lower child mortality (unmasked).

Here are their new peers and role models.

What a list. Congratulations @Karl_Lauterbach
Mar 23 4 tweets 3 min read
We have a winner. Dutch mainstream media is triggered. 😁😅👏

“It’s logic that countries with the most stringent measures did worse.“

The media has done a great damage. They still hold on to the narrative. Image He claims being a scientist but fails on the basic principles.

Very- or falsification

Nobody from team panic forecasted that more measures will make more (collateral) deaths.

GBD did. @DrJBhattacharya @MartinKulldorff @MLevitt_NP2013
Mar 22 12 tweets 5 min read
1/ The stringency index is an arbitrary number which flattens out the extreme measures.

But let's give it a go: Summed up OWID stringency (all time). Sorted and ranked.

The trend is still clear. It gives the opposite to what was claimed. 2/ The sum gives a higher stringency to SWE than NO and DNK. That's a joke showing how useless such arbitary numbers are. 😅

Still, NO, DNK, SWE are comparable in rank. But NO and DNK went further: masking, QR, lockdowns...not Sweden.
Mar 18 4 tweets 2 min read
🇺🇸Mortality below 65 years?

A very american problem.

The age banded mortality 15-64 is now more than 330% higher in US (4.3) compared with Sweden (1.3).

On a yearly basis, the delta of 3 (per 1000 per year) makes 600.000 deaths in this group (~200M).

"lock me harder Fauci" Adding some more civilized countries for comparison.

Fauci (the pope of "the science") is saving lives.

Can you see it for the 16-64 year olds?