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25 Aug
Imagine smearing fellow academics as BJP stooges, alleging xenophobically that a large subset of a U.S. religious minority are beholden to a foreign power, representing RW Indian trolls as your "critics" as a strawman to insulate yourself from scholarly criticism, ... (1/6)
...ironically casting those who speak of Hinduphobia as insulating BJP from criticism, and denying that large-scale anti-Hindu violence (Kashmiri Pandits, Bengali Hindu genocide, etc.) has ever taken place in your handbook of horrors. (2/6)
And after creating this monoculture, after racketeering to the point where anyone who disagrees with you is ad hominem labeled "Hindutva" through intimidation and bad-faith circular logic... you claim to stand for "academic freedom" and "truth."

Sure, makes sense to me. 🤥 (3/6)
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16 Aug

First -- "Anti-Hindu bias, [unlike Islamophobia and anti-Semitism], *cannot be easily linked* to casualties on such horrific scales."

Source: 'Hindutva Harrassment Field Manual,' South Asia Scholar Activist Collective (SASAC).
Second --
"Nothing is more clear, or *more easily documented*, than the systematic campaign of terror – and its genocidal consequences – launched by the Pakistani army on the night of March 25th..."

Source: Ted Kennedy, U.S. Senate Judiciary Comte. "Crisis in South Asia."
Kennedy continued, "Hardest hit have been members of the Hindu community who have been robbed of their lands and shops, systematically slaughtered and, in some places, painted with yellow patches marked ‘H.' America’s heavy support of Islamabad is nothing short of complicity."
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21 Jul
I feel so gaslit by @arunNYC’s “report” on “Hindutva threats” to academic freedom & Hinduphobia that I’m breaking my 7-year Twitter maun vratam (silence). @WNYC’s deliberate ERASURE of Hindu-scholar voices must be called out. @indumathi37 @hinduoncampus @HinduStudentsC (1/n)
Troubling that @WNYC’s race & immigration reporter centered discussion on Hinduphobia and diaspora views around a white woman being attacked by Indian trolls and had brown U.S. voices implicitly argue AROUND *her* throughout the segment. Someone tell @WNYC it’s not 1923. (2/n)
Leave that aside for a moment. The entire latter half of the segment focuses on scholars “debunking” the Hindu community’s insistence that Hinduphobia exists. Why, then, was not a SINGLE scholar who'd actually written about Hinduphobia invited to share their scholarship? (3/n)
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