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9 Mar
1. Power in what you hear yourself say. A medical doctor once told me that a man's physical balance is determined majorly by three organs. The brain, heart and the inner ear.

He further explained that your outer ear is responsible for hearing sound but the inner ear for balance.
2. The only time you hear with your inner ear is when you speak. When others speak you hear with your outer ear.

This is the reason why if a recording of your speech is played back you may first be surprised at how you sound, it sounds different from the way you heard yourself.
3. The reason is when you speak you hear with the inner ear but when it is played from a recording device you hear yourself with the outer ear.

With this, I found the secret to what Paul termed "Abraham staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief."
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18 Feb
1. (On politics) I was once in a conversation with an elderly friend of mine who is American. He is deeply involved in politics in the States and I asked about what he had learnt. He said, "our movement pushed and mobilised and we got (.........) into the white house."
2. "However, we saw that our interests were not executed by him then we realised in a democratic setting sometimes its the people that surround the president or anyone in executive positions that really matter. Those he speaks to first and last.
We therefore changed our strategy"
3. We do support but now with the intent of placing people around the elected officers.
There is a lot of space for influence in positions that are non elective. Every executive leader leans on people to help in developing ideas and in executing them.
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12 Feb
1. On politics: A political party is simply a vehicle through which you access political power. What you decide to do with the power is dependent upon the character of the party. It could be used to serve the masses and alleviate sufferings or to enrich the founders of the party.
2. In order for any group of people to access power in a democracy you will have to have a vehicle which is a political party. You have two options. You either form a new party with your defined goals or you join an existing one and change the platform of the party from within.
3. Form a party may be the most appealing to those who want to drive change. Reason is they believe they can maintain the purity of their values. However political power in a democracy is expensive "business." To build a nation wide network is not cheap and many lose their purity
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12 Feb
1. Yesterday, I reviewed a book on leadership at the invitation of @laternabooks and it was the biography of Jurgen Klopp.

There are several powerful principles that played out in his life.

Emphasisng things like "the best plan rather than the best players win matches"
2. "Pragmatism is what counts rather than aesthetics"

What I sought for most was how his faith influenced his thinking in the world of football which is so mundane.

I found it when he spoke about his first team Mainz which he coached.
3. A second division side that yearly struggled to get into the bundesliga.

Four consecutive years they came close, losing promotion by just one point when they had three matches to secure the point but lost all three. The year after they needed just a goal and were cruising.
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29 Jan
1. When the bible says with one mouth you can't bless God and then curse men created in his image. The mouth as the vessel through which our spiritual sacrifices go up to God becomes corrupted as a sacred vessel when we use the same tongue to speak evil of others.

2. The mouth becomes incapacitated and unable to adequately perform that spiritual task. satan therefore will leave us to sing but earnestly seek to contaminate the vessel by provoking us to develop enmity in our hearts towards others and speak evil belonging God's image in them.
3. This is why differences must never become personal where the image of God in others is blurred by the words you speak out of pain. When incense was offered in the temple unto God it was a blend of spices. All the species were fragrant except one which had an unpleasant aroma.
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31 Dec 20
1. Thread about Cross-over services.

Some have asked is December 31st really a special day and what about cross-over services? This they say is a Nigerian thing. There is nothing sacred about it some have said
This may be true however let's read from the words of Apostle Paul.
2. Paul in his day must have faced a similar challenge as some must have still observed days in the Jewish calendar. When he was asked about some people who were still observing certain days as being more important than others and they criticized those individuals Paul's response
3. Romans 14:4-6King James Version

4 "Who art thou that judgest another man's servant? to his own master he standeth or falleth. Yea, he shall be holden up: for God is able to make him stand."
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4 Dec 20
1. When the Scriptures says, I have seen an error that proceeds from the ruler, servants riding upon horses and princes walking as servants. This is the law of exchange. The prince walking actually owns the horse the servant is riding upon. Wrong people accessing powerful places
2. The way this happens is through the sly practices of the "servant" and the naivety of the prince. The servant first gets into close association with a prince and uses his name. With the relationship in the bag, any mistake he makes, he secretly throws the prince under bus.
3. The servant refuses to take responsibility for his errors and adjust his character but eases himself out by speaking ill of the prince behind his back convincing others about the error of the prince. By this he takes the eye balls off him and points people at the prince.
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2 Dec 20
To be authentic you must speak from your journey, seek deeper interpretations to the events in your life and teach from that. Reason is, there is nothing new under the sun in terms of human experience. We may toay use more sophisticated tools but the emotions behind are the same.
Whoever is "successful" & gives advice their words must be consistent with who they are and their own experience. They can counsel out of their failures or successes but it must come from somewhere authentic. There was a reason why Jesus went to the temple to hear the Pharisses.
2. The reason he sat and allowed the Pharisees who had flaws to teach, asking them questions is that life is a continuum. Even the failures of the previous generation are meant to be lessons for the new and the new can only stand on the successes of the old to make real impact.
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30 Nov 20
This is not about being for President Trump or against him. It is about why & how he surprisingly emerged and won 4years ago against all odds and this time with 73m votes, inspite of a pandemic shocked everyone with his followership. This was broadcast the day before the election
It sends a message to political leadership who may be cut in the bubble of governing thinking only in terms of political friends, catering only for the elites with influence. Its about the mass of people who feel forgotten which will give rise the unexpected happening.
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19 Nov 20
One of the worst things in leadership is to create an echo chamber around you where only those who agree with your point of view are allowed into your inner circle. Those with honest but different ideas are punished with exclusion. Every other person suppresses their convictions.
2. However what causes this is not as straight forward as many may think. The leader may have been betrayed in the past by those he trusted. His first experience with difference in opinion may have come through a very cantankerous person with the intention to break cohesion.
3. By removing the scorner, strife did cease and there was great cohesion within the group and through the power of agreement, great things were achieved. His institutional memory of "diversity" is therefore negative and makes him shy away from such opposing view points.
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13 Nov 20
The Church cannot afford a liberal theology that is not founded on the written word of God. If that is allowed, we may increase our popularity but at the expense of spiritual power. In obeying God, we will have to contend with a dual opinion report some will say good others bad.
Am sure it will have been more popular for the apostles to have been directly involved in helping widows but in Acts 6:2 they said this, "Then the twelve called the multitude of the disciples unto them, and said, it is not reason we should leave the word of God and serve tables"
They had to clarify to the people God's intended role for ministry and then delegate the social work aspects to the laity. The force that propelled any minister into a place of influence is his or her prayer life and quiet times with the word. This is the root of our influence.
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12 Nov 20
1. To those reaching out for the new. Nothing wrong with a new generation of ministers wanting to take the Church in a new direction. The Church is ripe for a new wave of the Spirit. However it won't be realized by attacking the old but by defining & substantiating the new.
2. You will fail if your voice is divisive. It must be substantiated from a heart void of offense. Once you start with a voice of attack & not words of knowledge, not with speech seasoned with salt ministering grace but in bitterness, you lose 95% of the people you want to reach
3. Understand this also, ministries are not born on the pages of social media but in the place of travailing prayer. If your soul hasn't labored in prayer over the sound you have heard in your spirit, you will only have a "near birth" experience i.e clouds without water.
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31 Oct 20
1. Recently I heard of the pledge you had to sign up to in order to join the civil rights movement.

The Birmingham campaign pledge was a commitment card that, according to Martin Luther King, all volunteers were “required” to sign in order to participate in the movement.
2. The card consisted of ten commandments, including:

1) meditate daily on the teachings and life of Jesus.

2) remember always that the nonviolent movement in Birmingham seeks justice and reconciliation — not victory.

3) walk and talk in the manner of love, for God is love.
3. 4) pray daily to be used by God in order that all men might be free.

5) sacrifice personal wishes in order that all men might be free.

6) observe with both friend and foe the ordinary rules of courtesy.

7) seek to perform regular service for others and for the world.
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31 Oct 20
1. If as Pastors we do not teach people to ask honest questions when they have a problem with teachings and their faith, if we teach them to embrace the attitude of "my pastor said it, I believe it and that settles it" even though they have unanswered questions in their hearts.
2. If we deny them the opportunity to be intellectually honest with us when they do have questions about the teachings then we are silencing something in them and we should be ready for the new challenge.
3. We would have "created" a people in whom critical thinking has been destroyed and when "error" comes in and they are easily taken by it, we should have no one else to blame other than ourselves for we would have created people driven by emotions rather than quiet discernment.
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23 Oct 20
1. In the 60's, in the United States, a group of young men and women under 35years were fed up and wanted a dramatic change in the way things were being done in the polity. They stood up and it ended in the Government having to use force to rein them in. They were disappointed.
2. A mentor of theirs told them you have 3 options, go find a wailing wall feel sorry for yourselves. Two, go psycho and start acting radically and you lose everything or three, learn a lesson. Go home, organise, build political power and be the delegates at next party convention
If you truly want to drive change channel your energy & knowledge into d political system. Elections have consequences & it affects peoples lives The streets have a life span, it is good but when it can no longer be peaceful it works against you. Build a party or become delegates
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17 Oct 20
1. Two different mindsets revealed at the red sea. Moses approach was let's call on God and standstill and see what the Lord will do. He will fight for you while you hold your peace. This mindset has affected a generation of Christians who pray only hoping God will do it for them
God responded in the next verse to Moses saying "why criest thou unto me. Tell the people to go forward while you lift the rod over the red sea and divide it." The second was a shift in the mindset. God was saying I am going to be involved but you must walk towards your red sea.
3. We have a new generation that has decided to match towards the red sea which can in itself be very intimidating. They have overcome the fear and learned helplessness. They know change can only happen through action. Its the business of the older generation to lift up the rod.
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15 Oct 20
1. Over the past one week, I have quietly listened to the voice of the younger generation. It has become clear to everyone that the Youths in Nigeria have found their voice and activated their energy for massive social reforms in Nigeria.
2. Their bravery, commitment and the leadership they have shown with a high degree of accountability shows these are serious minded and a very intelligent group of people.
3. Let me start with my personal experience with the SARs group also. Sometime last year I got a call from my wife that she had been arrested and taken to the Police station.
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29 Jul 20
Once people believe they are confronting an external existential threat, they get into a protective mode tolerati g everything going on within thinking what will destroy us is external. You then get paranoid believing every action taken by others is being done "against" you.
You make excuses for all the vices developing within believing that the ultimate enemy is actually without. Things like unforgiveness, lack of integrity, moral defects are overlooked because the existential threat is now seen to be without. There is this imagined enemy without.
We must understand that God's people have always had external enemies & on no occasion were they defeated by the external except when they walked in disobedience to God in their private lives. If they walked in fellowship, history shows every external threat led to multiplication
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27 May 20
Loyalty doesn't mean you nod at the decision of a leader even when you know from your personal exposure or expertise that this opinion may be wrong. To be loyal you must know you are planted by God to give the leader the full view and wealth of your expertise.
After you have contributed your thoughts clearly explaining your position backed either by the scriptures or through inductive reasoning which compares past experiences to find established patterns, you allow for a decision to be taken. Once a decision is made you maintain unity.
Except it is a case where your fundamental beliefs or you are being asked to do something which is illegal or morally bankrupt, which in that case you are at liberty to walk from the group. Keeping silent without making your thoughts known is not humility, it is timidity.
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27 Dec 19
In the movie the Godfather part 1, Veto Corleone was shot. To a casual observer it will appear it was because his son Fredo who was to protect him on the said day fell asleep. It was however deeper than that. There is a lesson to be learnt about relationships.
Veto Corleone was shot shortly after a meeting where he turned down the offer to bank roll and offer cover for the drug business in Newyork. However in that meeting his son who was heir apparent publicly disagreed with his father which sent a signal to the opposition.
They knew if they took the Godfather out they would probably get a deal. Veto Corleone called his son after the meeting to caution him about publicly disclosing thoughts that show a crack. He was troubled after the meeting and sent his hit man to find out more details.
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21 Oct 19
God is all of his greatness having declared in Gen 1:26 Let us make man in our own image...." still came down in Gen 2:7 to mold that man from the ground. He got his hands dirty so that his declarations could have a point of entry into the earth. The Almighty God used his hands.
Where did we get this concept that since I am a faith man and making powerful declarations, I will be exempted from work? Why do we think some form of work is beneath us if that will be our point of entry for our words then to bring about rapid growth?
I hear young ministers castigate older ministers for not giving them opportunities in ministry. What they are really saying is "They didn't get off their pulpits to allow me preach and show what I know" If you are truly interested in ministering, the streets are full of people.
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