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research fellow @IPPR and @UCL_IHI, also help at Lancet Migration, junior doctor, interested in the political economy of health
31 Mar
Some thoughts on the #SewellReport reflecting broadly but using health an example

Throughout the report, the role of racism is 'explained away'. For example, Covid-19 disparities are merely about where you live with, what job you do and how poor you are ImageImage
Ignoring the elephant in the room that shapes each of those factors: racism

That's despite study after study demonstrating how structural and institutional racism determines where you live, what job you do and how poor you are Image
But how many times can you respond "look at all the evidence"?

On one hand, it leads to a distracting debate

On the other, it's a pointless battle if a single positive outcome for a particular ethnic group is apparent proof that bigger-than-the-individual racism cannot exist Image
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31 Mar
Building back better in the NHS relies, first and foremost, on a bigger and better looked after workforce

But a new @IPPR survey finds 1 in 4 NHS staff are "more likely" to quit their jobs because of the pandemic…
Most of those 330,000 NHS workers will not actually quit. But that so many are thinking about leaving is bad news for productivity, and bad news for patients

It determines how quickly waiting lists come down, if access to mental health services improves, etc
👏 For some time now, NHS staff have been calling for "more than claps"

We asked them what that means:
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