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8 Apr
Scanning pages from my recording notebook today for the "Exotic Monsters" lyric books.

"Friday 5/7/20 - I feel I suck at everything I do and I'm worried about money. The internet is a fucking sickness."

That was the day I wrote this song!
I highly recommend keeping a log of the hours you put into any creative project - I like seeing how long things took and how I did them (cos I always forget and think I'll never be able to write a song again!) plus it's fun to snort with laughter at my past dramatic self.
(I don't really think the internet is "a fucking sickness")
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7 Apr
Will anything bad happen if I eat another Creme Egg even though I just ate one two minutes ago? Asking for a friend.
It's funny how I used to have snotty ideas about how whoever I went out with should *love* Marmite, Creme Eggs etc. when actually, being married to someone who hates both is a dream because I GET TO EAT THEM ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
I will draw the line at three Creme Eggs in five minutes though. Two was lush, don't wanna ruin it.
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7 Apr
Do you like it when I share funny/aggravating FB comments here? They amuse me so.

Best so far today: "not bad, sounds a bit like Madonna". Way to wrap a huge compliment up as a damp squib!! This was the song in question:
My fave comment yesterday read, simply, "bye" 😂😂😂
"Not bad", meh, shrug, sounds a bit like someone who sold a bajillion records and changed the shape of popular culture. Ah, words.
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6 Apr
My third album is FIVE YEARS OLD this Thursday, so I'm celebrating with a listening party on this thread at 8pm GMT. All welcome!

Here's a link to listen to "Direction Of Travel":…

Ask questions or share memories on this thread beforehand or during. Yay! Image
More info on this record can be found here along with links to behind the scenes blog posts about 9 of the 12 tracks (I clearly forgot to do the last few - ha!)…
OH and genuinely there are only 15 copies of this record left on vinyl ever in the world so if you'd like one, now's a great time:…
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11 Mar
Pre-Covid and pre-Brexit, I used to dart around Germany playing solo shows. People regularly found it so strange that I wasn't up for getting wasted every night in "rock n roll fashion" but I've always had to be hyper aware of my safety as a woman travelling alone.
In Europe, even at an indie level, accommodation is usually provided in some form, often a private hostel room or spare room of the promoter or someone's mate.
Over the years I've learned to 1) always have my wits about me (so one beer max) and 2) make sure there's never any reason for someone to think they could make a move (e.g. don't be too friendly or tactile). These are just standard things women have to consider. It's exhausting.
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12 Nov 20
It feels like a decent time to listen to Pearl Jam's "Ten" for the first time ever. Could I BE more late to the party?
Before you all explode in surprise - early on I decided EV's voice just wasn't to my taste, so focused my energies on Nirvana, Soundgarden, Hole, Smashing Pumpkins etc and the other day I thought, maybe I'll give that band another try with my more sophisticated ears and here I am
I always thought "Evenflow" and "Alive" were great tunes but, again, just wasn't into the general vibe very much. Interested to see what these aged ears say to me after this little listening sesh.
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27 Jun 19
Dear friends, do I have a thread and a half for you. Something happened yesterday that I need to share with you. Get yourself a cuppa, pull up a chair.
I was having a really nice day. I’d been listening to the first mix of the first song from the new album I’ve been working on all year (it sounds MASSIVE), the sun was out - sort of - and one of my strawberry plants was finally bearing fruit. Gardening success! I was enjoying a
fleeting moment of feeling a sense of accomplishment as a songwriter / producer / engineer, galvanised to keep on working to shape this new set of songs into something I’m excited to share. I set off to collect my husband from the airport, looking forward to seeing him after a
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16 Jun 18
So you think you’re all cool and self fulfilling and whatnot after playing a song at @RoyalAlbertHall on invitation of @robinince and Chris Hadfield and so on and then when you emerge from Kings Cross station late you find you have to placate a potentially unsettled man called
Phil who’s loitering around on his bike in some weird bothering way and insists on grilling you on your engagement ring and where you’re going and whatnot and when you start feeling a little brave and telling him it’s time to get fucked and leave you alone because you’re a grown
up woman with a fiancé and dogs and a life you love starts getting a little more aggressive and you start focusing very steadily on your phone maps to ensure you get there as soon as physically possible without jogging with your Big Luggage and he won’t leave you alone until
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