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31 May
Fuck anybody excusing this kind of garbage
Would love to know where @DallasPD was while this was happening.
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15 May
Big story dropping soon
BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: New York Admits Knowingly Undercounting Nursing Home Deaths After Quietly Changing Reporting Rules. @AndrewKerrNC reports:…
New York quietly changed its reporting rules to omit deaths of nursing home residents who died at the hospital (or in ambulance, etc) from the list of nursing home deaths. Meaning if nursing home resident dies 10 mins after arriving at the hospital, it's not a nursing home death
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5 Mar
NEW with @ChuckRossDC: what preceded Hunter Biden turning into an artist? Hunter Biden trying to teach law school at UCLA.

Emails we obtained show Hunter touting his political connections while pitching UCLA on him teaching a drug policy course…
Joe Biden said in October that Hunter was "gonna be teaching at law school next year"

UCLA Law confirmed Hunter inquired about teaching there but said talks broke down after he failed to "submit further materials for the proposed course" as required…
Just to be clear: we started working on this story *before* Biden's super Tuesday upset
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22 Oct 19
Katie Hill denies extramarital relationship with her male congressional staffer, but apparently doesn't deny extramarital relationship with her female campaign staffer
I wonder how a married politician's affair with a young staffer would be covered if the politician were, say, Dan Crenshaw
An extramarital affair ended Joe Barton's career, and it wasn't with somebody he employed
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11 Oct 19
In which Beto effectively says the government should strip the Catholic Church of its non-profit status on account of church teachings…
The fact that Don Lemon presents that as a normal question is absurd
Imagine Fox News asking a GOP presidential candidate if any mosque teaching sharia law should lose its non-profit status
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10 Oct 19
NEW: Houston Rockets gear went missing from Nike's Chinese website following their GM's tweet…
"Managers at five Nike stores in Beijing and Shanghai told Reuters during visits on Thursday they had been told in recent days via a memo from management that all Rockets merchandise had to be removed."…
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10 Oct 19
This is the logic of a four-year-old at work here. Nobody is saying pregnancy discrimination doesn't happen; the question is whether a presidential candidate lied about being the victim of pregnancy discrimination
Wildly dishonest
The logic of that WaPo article is like saying Brian Williams didn't lie about coming under fire in a war zone because *other people* did come under fire in a war zone
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4 Oct 19
Some conservatives see a real threat in Trump's Ukraine problem…
"After the Mueller report came out I thought, ‘ha, why did Democrats waste time chasing this for two years.’ I didn’t feel that way when the White House released the [Ukraine] transcript and the whistleblower complaint," one GOP Senate staffer told us…
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2 Oct 19
Columns from May 2017
August 2018:
December 2018:
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22 Aug 19
This is the guy @BillKristol is encouraging to run against Trump?
Bill Kristol's candidate was still calling Obama a Muslim in 2015
He must have deleted it at some point but I remember Walsh once tweeting that it would be hypocritical for people to oppose a Congressional White Caucus
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1 Aug 19
Given that the president's response to "are you considering X" is always "sure, maybe we will, maybe we won't", WH reporters really should get more creative and test the limits. "Sir! Are you considering nationalizing the chocolate milk industry?"
"Sir! Are you considering invading Australia and seizing all their kangaroos?"
"Sir! Are you considering banning wearing socks with sandals?"
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21 May 19
At least 50% chance the Ben Carson thing ends with Oreo weighing in on housing policy to score rts
.@AndrewYang can we get a policy proposal for banning the brands from Twitter
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19 Mar 19
EXCLUSIVE: Google VP Stepped In After Employees Offended By Christian Video On Marriage…
Google banned a video explaining Christian teaching on same-sex marriage from advertising on YouTube after backlash from upset employees, according to internal Google communications/documents…
Note: this wasn't Westboro Baptist kind of stuff -- in fact the guy in the video has been outspoken about denouncing Westboro and awful people like them -- but an earnest attempt to explain a theological position…
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4 Mar 19
Joe Biden's History On Race Looms As He Weighs Presidential Bid… via @DailyCaller
I found a 1975 interview where @JoeBiden said he opposed desegregation busing because, he claimed, it "codifies the concept that a black is inferior to a white"…
That's on top Biden's long list of racially inflammatory remarks -- like calling Obama "the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy"…
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21 Feb 19
Coast Guard lieutenant accused of plotting domestic terror attack appears to have been roiding…
And he appears to have been hooked on opioids
Cesar Sayoc, the guy who mailed pipe bombs to Democrats, also loaded up on steroids. Idk what conclusions to draw from that but an interesting commonality…
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6 Feb 19
Wtf is going on in the Virginia Democratic Party right now
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2 Feb 19
Northam's defense is that he wore blackface but not in that yearbook picture
Northam says he doesn't know why he was nicknamed "Coonman"
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9 Jan 19
Democratic Operatives Used Misleading Facebook Pages To Suppress GOP Turnout In Midterms…
NEW: misleading influence operations funded by billionaire Reid Hoffman and led by a former Obama official weren't limited to 2017 Alabama special election -- it continued into the 2018 midterms as well…
Democratic operatives funded by Linkedin co-founder bought a ton of Facebook ads for pages they set up to look like they were operated by conservatives. Ads downplayed "blue wave" and encouraged GOP voters to stay home for 2018 midterms…
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