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Designer & programmer of Legend of Grimrock and Druidstone. Currently working on The Fall of the Black Mage (VIC-20) and Alan Wake 2.
May 11 19 tweets 5 min read
Reversing Bloodfest Part 2: The MYSTERY of *.IM Files! A thread🧵 Image Last time we cracked the main graphics and sound effects banks. Unfortunately these do not contain the fullscreen background images such as the glorious title and game over screens.

Most likely the screens are stored in these pesky *.IM files that we failed to decode last time: Image
May 9 42 tweets 11 min read
Trying to reverse my own game, Bloodfest for the Amiga. The game was released 29(!) years ago. I've lost source code and assets a long time ago... A thread! Image First things first. I downloaded the game from Aminet. Files were archived with LHA which was a very common packer on the Amiga. List of files after unarchiving: Image