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11 Sep
Re-listening to Trump audio w/Woodward. Trump said death rate was 5% & "it goes through the air" (which is diff than "airborne").

Both facts were public knowledge at the time. China had announced Wuhan had a 4.9% CFR & coronavirus was known to spread via respiratory droplets.
Trump reveals no special knowledge in this comment. The 5% CFR and coronavirus spread via "the air" were both publicly known. The fact the media is blowing this up into such a controversy is dishonest at best, criminal at worst. And Woodward knows this. That's why he waited.
In fact, here's NBC News on 1/24 explaining how the virus spreads.… Image
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9 Sep
Hey Cuomo, stop whining abt 3m "on a plane." In early March you allowed over 7m/day to use NYC mass trans. If you had shut down NYC subways & buses in early March, the virus would have been much better contained. Image
The timeline does not lie, Cuomo. Here you are in early March, displaying your full arrogance. Image
And here you are not even 3 weeks later, finally shutting down non-essential businesses, but only after millions and millions had already spread the virus via mass transportation. Image
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23 Aug
Thread 4: The Trump Era

Source: 54:20 Image
Source: 1:19:35 Image
Source: 25:20 Image
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23 Aug
Thread 3: Police, Speech and Capitalism

Source: 31:49 minutes Image
Source: 1:12:40 Image
Source: 3:42 Meet the Press Image
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23 Aug
Thread 2: Violence, Physical Confrontation, Property Destruction

Source: 28:10 Image
Source: 47:55 Image
Source: 3:32 https://www.facebook.cocm/vicenews/videos/all-about-antifa-with-mark-bray/905766732916611/ Image
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23 Aug
To understand what the left is doing, you must listen to them.

To learn abt the ACA, we had Jonathan Gruber..
To learn abt ANTIFA, we have Mark Bray.

Like Gruber, Bray is an Academic who literally “wrote the book,” did a book tour, and became Antifa’s unofficial spokesperson.
There will be a ton of video's and exerpts to follow, broken up into 4 threads

1. Antifa, Black Bloc, Pre-Emptive Self-Defense
2. Violence, Physical Confrontation, Property Destruction
3. Police, Capitalism
4. Trump

Source: 9:55
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31 Jul
If there's anyone, ANYONE, that should shut the hell up about COVID-19 its Zeke Emanuel. He hasn't come close to hitting the mark.
1/29: Zeke Emanuel: "Whatever this Coronavirus is, its very, very, very unlikely to be that severe. And yet our response, because its new and novel, tends to be much more histrionic I think than it is…" Image
3/27: Zeke Emanuel “Right now, ..., we probably have a million COVID-19 cases in the country. And if this is doubling every three to four days, that means that we’ll have 100 million people who have COVID-19 in about four weeks, & that’s a frightening thought.” Image
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30 Jul
So odd. When Superstorm Sandy hit, Jay Carney was asked about possibly delaying the election. "Immediately after the question was asked, the media sprang into action citing precedents for postponing elections."

Trump floats the question bc COVID-19. Media heads explode.
And then there's Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell discussing delaying the election.…
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28 Jul
@ASlavitt put together this massive concept for defeating COVID. Just want to point out a couple itsy bitsy tiny flaws in his brilliance.
1. Portland Image
2. Seattle Image
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25 Jul
Gonna try a little thought experiment for those following or are new to following the events in Portland. Feel free to forward to national media like CNN and MSNBC who can's seem to figure these things out.

Here we go:
Peaceful Protestors Image
Not Peaceful Image
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23 Jul
Portland Mayor: "I can tell you with 100% honesty I saw nothing that provoked this (Federal) response."
Also Portland Mayor:

Some random dude, who just happens to be walking around the streets of Portland with a bag of cans and smashed bottles, accidentally drops the contents coincidentally at the feet of the Mayor. Image
Also Portland Mayor:

That's a green laser pointer aiming to blind him that's shown on his right side as a water bottle is flying toward his head from his left side.. Image
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23 Jul
Why I'm optimistic about the current state of COVID-19

Sweden's big run up in cases began 5/24 and peaked around 6/29. Let's call that 5 weeks. They did basically nothing to stop this upswing in cases. Image
Here's Florida. Their big run up in cases began the start of June and peaked around 7/16. Let's call that 6 weeks. Image
Here's Texas. Their big run up in cases also began the start of June and peaked around 7/18. Let's call that 6 weeks. Image
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20 Jul
I can't get over this Fauci thing where he's fawning over NY's handling of COVID-19.

NY had its 1st day of over 5,000 reported cases on 3/22. The preceding 5 days they had a total of 9,550 reported cases.

FL had its 1st day over 5,000 on 6/24 w/17,577 the preceding 5 day.
14 days later, what did the deaths look like?
NY averaged 917 deaths/day for the next 12 days for a total of 11,010 deaths.

FL averaged 95 deaths/day for the next 12 days for a total of 1,144 deaths.

Or more simply, NY averaged 9.6 times more deaths than FL.

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14 Jul
This incredible HCQ story was published in France on Sunday. Almost nobody saw it, probably bc it provides practically indisputable proof that hydroxichloroquine works as proven by the inept actions of the WHO and the Lancet.
With a short time lag, once Switzerland stopped the use of HCQ (bc of the Lancet and WHO announcements), deaths spiked. When they restarted using it, deaths returned to lower numbers. There is 99% certainty of correlation. Image
This pattern repeated in an almost identical fashion for France. Image
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8 Jul
Point of Order!

The Contraceptive Mandate case was based on the 1993 Religious Freedom and Restoration Act.… ImageImage
That Act was first sponsored by... wait for it...

Charles "Chuck" Schumer, D, NY Image
Nancy Pelosi was a co-sponsor…
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29 Jun
Let's start with this. Not only was Trump not briefed on Russian/Taliban BountyGate, but the entire story is as corroborated as the Steele Dossier.
But who didn't see this coming. The entire story felt just like all the other outrageous Trump-Russia unsourced stories over the past 3 years.

Who's going to retract their stories and comments?
Elizabeth Warren, US Senator, insults the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America
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27 Jun
Well this is gonna be fun. The dude that was in @JackPosobiec face was apparently Jason Charter. It’s not hard to identify him. He walks with a cane. Let’s follow the bouncing ball.

First, he links to an Atlantic article.…

That article ties him to Americans Take Action.
Try to donate and you bounce to Americans Take Action Education Fund.
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26 Jun
Not that anyone cares, but infection rates are now at an all-time high & death rates are down 72.6% from peak. This trend is not new. Its been taking place for almost a full month. The combination of more testing plus younger ppl getting COVID seems to explain the phenomena. Image
While some states are showing "spikes," CA is not spiking since its never got its infection rates flattened. However, even CA has a flattened death curve. They led the US with 80 deaths yesterday. ImageImage
Still not being reported is that Mexico is out of control. They have half the US population but have only done 515,000 tests, less than Wisconsin.

Trump should both offer assistance & make clear the importance of border security, which would would force the media's coverage. ImageImage
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24 Jun
Not that anyone cares, but while cases continue to skyrocket (mostly impacting younger, healthier folks), the death rate is plummeting through the floor, down abt 72% from the peak.

@ClayTravis Image
Yesterday, however, there was a slight uptick in the 7-day death rate. Out of nowhere, Delaware reported 69 deaths, the most in the nation.

Based on reports, they popped in 67 previously unreported deaths. So, in reality, the death rate dropped again.…
Will the US media report the massive drop in the US death rate? Here are the top stories according to Google.

The first two are "scary."

The third? Its amazing the results show a weekly fall in death rate for Scotland but not the US. Image
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22 Jun
Not that anyone cares, but the COVID charts are incredible. The deaths continue to plummet, now down 71.6% from peak. The cases continue to climb, but the median age of those infected has dropped (from 60s into 30s in FL, for example). Image
The top 4 death states are pretty consistent from day to day. Image
And the top 4 new case states are also pretty consistent from day to day. Image
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20 Jun
Not that anyone cares, but COVID mortality stats continue to plummet, now down 70% from the peak while new cases are increasing, now UP 21% from the bottom.

Guess which one the national media is reporting on? Image
How is this possible? The age of ppl getting COVID has dropped dramatically. Younger ppl are better able to fight off COVID.

Here's what's going on in FL:… Image
As the expression goes, "We're All Sweden Now." Their cases increased from May into June, their mortality rate declined. ImageImage
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