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Filmmaker, author, speaker, humorist - best known as the creator of VeggieTales and What's in the Bible? - cohosts the Holy Post podcast.
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13 Jan
I have a theory. Follow along with me here:

The Scofield Bible (1909) popularized Dispensationalism.
Dispensationalism taught generations of American Christians to "read the newspapers" for "signs of the end times."
This focus on "signs" led to The Late Great Planet Earth...
... and the Left Behind books, which had Christians looking for the antichrist and the new "world gov't" in every major news story. Primed by eschatological fervor, we started connecting dots that weren't there. A lot. Israel... Russia... Soros... Hilary Clinton...
... international ring of globalist pedophiles... QAnon.

So here's my theory: No Scofield Bible, no QAnon.

Well? Anybody with me on that? Did I eat too many donuts last night?
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16 Dec 20
Interesting response from Ken Ham to our Evangelical History video!
It’s a little odd that a man who has spent his life persuading Christians to reject mainstream science is complaining that I said he rejects mainstream science. 🤷‍♂️
My response to him was to point out the video was about the differences between Fundamentalism and Neo-Evangelicalism, and that his particular strain of scientific theory (YEC) was never adopted by Neo-Ev leaders or institutions. It is a truly Fundamentalist development.
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6 Jun 20
I appreciate the sentiment, but we Christians may need to suggest solutions to injustice that don’t involve every American suddenly following Jesus.

Praying for revival and working for reform are not mutually exclusive.
Christian heroes of the past... William Wilberforce in England, Pandita Ramabai in India, Rosa Parks and MLK in America... prayed for revival and worked for reform. And didn’t see a conflict in that.
Wilberforce attended Bible studies AND fought to end the slave trade.
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26 Dec 19
1/14 If you’re tired of thinking about CT, evangelicals, fundamentalists, etc., read no further. But if you’re interested, it’s fascinating to look at the Christianity Today / Christian Post conflict in evangelical/fundamentalist terms. As we mentioned pre-Christmas...
2/14 … the Christian Post (CP) “declared war” on Christianity Today (CT), labeling CT “elitist” for its call for Trump’s removal.  The piece in the CP was written by Richard Land, CP’s founder.  If you’re not familiar with that name Richard Land was, for many years,
3/14 …the head of the Southern Baptist’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee, which is, essentially, the SBC’s political lobbying/policy arm. Land was a vocal culture warrior throughout the 1990s and 2000s, leading boycotts against Disney and others in various campaigns.
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1 Oct 18
Overheard at the 2nd Coming -

JFjr: Jesus! Welcome back!
JC: Thanks Jerry! I’m here to be king!
JFjr: Yeah, about that. Some of us are concerned you don’t have the temperament for public leadership.
JC: Say what?
JFjr: It’s your commitment to Christian values. We’re...
...We’re afraid you’ll be kind to our enemies.
JC: You mean Satan?
JFjr: No, Canada. And Mexico. And, the European Union. Have you considered a smaller role? Say, a deacon at a local church? Or a greeter?
JC: (blank stare)
JFjr: I told my students to bring guns to school, so... if any Muslims attack us we can kill them first. Just like when those guards attacked you and you said, “Peter! Cut that guy’s ear off!”
JC: I think you need to read that passage again.
JFjr: No, I’m pretty sure I’ve got it right. Is that a cel phone?
JC: Yes.
JFjr: Who...
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