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20 Jul

Why does January 6 defendant Pauline Bauer differentiate between PAULINE BAUER - VESSEL and Pauline Bauer the Living Soul?

A prevalent strain of sovcit thought holds that every American has a fictitious entity called a "strawman" or a "vessel" created in their name by the government when their birth certificate is filed with the state.
In sovereign citizen lore, the government does not have authority over flesh-and-blood, "living soul" individuals but it DOES have authority over the "vessel" because the "vessel" is its own creation.
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20 Jul
So far, at least one January 6 defendant has decided to pursue a "sovereign citizen" defense against federal charges.
While I can't be certain of Bauer's rationale, sovcits often are hesitant to answer questions affirmatively because they fear that the questions are designed to trick them into using the court's language and consenting to the court's authority.
Sovereign citizens often wrongly believe that they can never be penalized by a court unless they consent to its jurisdiction. To the sovereign citizen, court filings and appearances are about playing language games to navigate a field of dangers erected by their own ideology.
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16 Jan
A new theory circulating among QAnon believers to explain away Trump's loss is one claiming that Biden will not become the 46th president because Trump will become the 19th president.

It is based on the Sovereign Citizen myth that the United States ceased to exist in 1871.
In 1871, Congress passed and President Grant signed the District of Columbia Organic Act into law. This act repealed the municipal charters of the Cities of Washington and Georgetown and established the government of Washington DC as a federal territory.
(Significant portions of the Act of 1871 are no longer in effect--for instance, the Home Rule Act in 1973 made changes to the DC government and created local governance with much more power to handle the District's day-to-day affairs.)
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28 Oct 20
Former Biden family associate and aspiring whistleblower Tony Bobulinski said in an interview with Tucker Carlson that he had Q clearance, leading many Anons to suspect that Bobulinski is Q.

But others are beginning to call him "the Stealth Bomber."
So if this spreads further in the community, what's up with it?

The "Stealth Bomber" comes up in about 5 Q drops (2381, 2397, 2459, 2676 and 3410, as well as 2677 which shares 2676 again) all of which heavily reference Robert Mueller or the Mueller investigation.
The Stealth Bomber drops (some of which are very long) are from 2018 and 2019, but distinct phrases uttered by Q such as "Watch the Water" and "Red October" stay in the community lexicon as tools by which to interpret all future events.
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15 Jul 20
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