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Just a motion picture crafter with multiple tools. Hubby of the fairy, @ditut. Father of the elf, Arwen, the princess, Leia and the one, Neo.
30 May 20
Another day in the quarantine time, all the family member gather to (re)create a video with old Macintosh machines. @twentyonepilots' asked us to create lyric video for their single “Level of Concern”
The setup is similar to what we did for “This is America” video back in 2018 with additional machine Macintosh SE/30. Creating animation with these machines is my ultimate childhood dream in 80s. Using MacPaint & MacroMind Director software plus Calcomp Wiz drawing tablet.
We used 1999 iBook as the bridge between modern & old ecosystem.
Modern MacOS <--> USB flashdrive <--> iBook MacOS <--> old AppleTalk network <--> old Macintosh.
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4 May 19
Happy May the 4th! Remaking the Rey's backflip scene in @StarWars new teaser with 1987 Macintosh SE #MayThe4thBeWithYou #Maythe4th
Using MacPaint, Photoshop 1.0, Swivel 3D, MacroMind Director on Macintosh SE.
Recorded with modern iPhone 7 & edited with modern Adobe Premiere on MacBook Pro.
The MacroMind Director sequence in GIF.
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5 Feb 19
Making different thread for the setup.
Examining the Lego bricks. See if we need additional parts.
The plan is to connect moco stepper to Lego train, for creating frame by frame movement on rail track.
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25 Dec 18
Creating animation with halftone:
(a) In TV medium creates flicker effect
(b) In digital requires high data rate & less compression
I think remaking #SpiderMan: Into The #SpiderVerse trailer would be a challenge. A fun challenge where there are scenes with halftone & misprint colors.
Going to be an ‘expensive’ challenge since the cheapest halftone/screen tone sheet I found in NYC is $7.96. Imagine frames of animation with multiple halftone 😂
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23 Jun 18
A thread about my journey with computer animation & why I’m (re)doing computer animation with 80s tech.
33 years ago friend brought this magazine from school library, said “Now we can make animation with computer. Macintosh computer!”

The software featured in the article is VideoWorks, by MacroMind (predecessor of Macromedia). My eyes wide opened, a new dream shaped.
My brain whispered “I can make this with a computer?” I declared myself I want to be a computer graphic artist.
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9 Jun 18
Trying to capture Donald Glover’s motion in MacPaint.
MacPaint doesn't have layers for onion skin drawing. But at least it has copy paste \o/
Line test with MacroMind Video Works.
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