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Professor of American Literature @QUBelfast; @QUBLiberalArts lead; Co-ordinator Story summer school at Queen’s; President @eaas_eu (2016-24) #lufc for life
8 Apr
recent events in NI haven't just arisen out of nowhere, nor are they all about Brexit and the NI Protocol: they are the result of a complex mix of change, resistance to change, and a deeply ingrained strain of political and social inertia
some things have changed enormously for the better on a day-to-day basis in NI since 1998, but behind that some things have not changed that much, while within our politics much has atrophied as well as it has polarised in recent decades
the current 2 main parties had been more peripheral entities, on the edges of their respective communities for much of the 'Troubles' only to take centre stage in the wake of the Good Friday Agreement. There has been some shifts since then in the centre ground
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10 Jan
There are still plots across the US to attack state capitols as well as the capitol in DC. These are credible threats against America and American democracy. And they are enabled by Republicans like Hawley, Cruz, Kennedy, Rubio et al, the flag bearers of Trump fascism 1/
Each and every individual who played a part, any part, in the attempted coup on Wednesday must be exposed, arrested, charged & tried. No ifs, no buts. Otherwise they will melt away into alt-web cells & networks, continuing their attacks in support of Trump’s fascistic cult 2/
Rounding up the ringleaders on the ground on the day is one thing. But they were activated by senior Republican lawmakers, emboldened by 139 House Republicans and 8 Senators who voted to overturn a free & fair democratic election. These truths are self-evident 3/
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