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Founder E xD Atelier. Interested human. At the intersection of making things, scale, impact and the future. CPG-MANUFACTURING — TECH — SUSTAINABILITY
6 Apr 20
1/ #Manufacturing is broken. We can all see that now. Global supply chains have been bending and breaking under the strain of #COVIDー19. From medical supplies to plastics to automakers, brands are scrambling to refactor their supply chains to adapt to our changed reality.
2/ At E xD Atelier, we’ve seen the writing on the wall for the last two years, and it’s my position that CoVid-19 will be to #cloudmanufacturing what SARS was to ecommerce. That is to say, the cause of the bend in the elbow, the catalyst that saw adoption explode.
3/ The rigidity and lack of dynamism in traditional supply chains leave them exposed to all manner of risk. We've seen that risk become reality with trade war and now #coronavirus
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23 Mar 20
The @CDCgov @WHO and @NSWHealth put personal hygiene as one of the major strategies to slow the spread of #COVIDー19
Here in Australia we have a nationwide shortage of ethanol and other ingredients to make hand sanitiser, hand wash, antibacterial wipes etc.
Last Thursday we mobilised at Atelier. We are a #cloudmanufacturing platform that virtualises manufacturing resources globally to make dynamic #supplychains to produce personal care products.
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