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5 Dec 20
2/ @KamalaHarris checks a lot of boxes of diversity but if you actually look at her performance as a Senator and before that the Attorney General she is far from #progressive. I don’t think either of these people have a moral philosophical core.
3/ @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris are trying to create an image of unity but it is a false image when there are so many people trying to grab for power.
4/ Conservative figures and some of @AOC colleagues have mocked her for her background as if it is not a preparation for being a member of Congress. Most of our elected officials are elites of society. I would love to see more blue-collar background in both parties.
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26 Nov 20
1/ Ok I’ve read the lawsuit filed by Sidney Powell’s organization. It contains many allegations familiar to those following these legal challenges, with two big themes: 1) numerous irregularities in vote-counting based on ad hoc law/procedure changes... defendingtherepublic.org/wp-content/upl…
2/ including putting ballots in the wrong stacks en masse, pre-printed ballots that were “pristine” and unlined; blocking Republican observers from vote-tabulation tables; counting votes after the so-called “pipe burst” election night even though there were no Rep. observers.../
3/ And more... And the second big theme is that the Dominion voting machines are easily hackable and experts have written scripts to show how one can manually manipulate vote tallies, alter setting so as to put more ballots into a “question” pile and then just delete them...
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25 Nov 20
Enough. Once this election is over I intend to compile a list of the political consultants and grifter candidates who rip off gullible donors at the expense of winnable races. This guy is on the list. His consultants will be too.
Any candidate who lost their race by double digits but blew donor $$$ on private jets, five star hotels, attending fundraisers of other candidates, is dead to me.
Ok ok if you don’t like lists, how about a series of profiles of parasitic “political consultants” with PO Boxes and one client ... who identify attractive looking candidates in or sorta near despised Democrats, and ride their host organisms to the tune of hundreds of thousand$$?
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21 Nov 20
Thread: Many people have asked me about the grassroots effort to recall Gavin Newsom, backed by a growing number of Californians. It takes a lot to recall a politician, but Governor Newsom has given us so many reasons! Here's the link to the petition .../ recallgavin2020.com
2/ And here's how it works. You need to download the official petition and get wet signatures on it, with a different sheet for each California county you gather signatures in. The signatures are verified at the county level, so different pages is key/ recallgavin2020.com
3/ Who would replace Gavin, you say? We get to decide that down the road, but the first step is qualifying a recall for the ballot. I've recently learned about new efforts to support the original grassroots effort with a broader coalition of Californians, including party leaders/
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20 Nov 20
A Kirkland & Ellis associate left a hateful/harassing voice message last week for the lead lawyer for the Trump campaign — campaign lawyer asked for sanctions but so far the court has done nothing on this. The Trump lawyer has had death threats, courtesy Lincoln Project doxing.
Over 9,000 attorneys made contributions to Lincoln Project, including over $1k contributions from partners at 40 large firms... the money is used in part to attack and crowd-source harassment of attorneys representing clients in court, a protected constitutional act. Despicable.
I’m told the court scolded the firm, did not sanction the attorney. Maybe the client asked firm to withdraw, or maybe firm suggested it. Firm tried to excuse the conduct by saying associate did it on her own time, was not on case, had gurgling baby in the background. Nice try...
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18 Nov 20
I just did a webinar on this topic with @JonathanTurley for the @TheRepLawyer. Successful partners at America's top law firms -- many of which represent foreign dictators, polluters, inside traders, price-fixers, sexual harassers, government bribers, False Claims Act violators/
2/ have contributed substantial sums to an effort that is currently targeting and harassing law firms advancing Republican election integrity lawsuits in court. These are Antifa-style tactics. A lawyer who makes contact with a represented party concerning the representation,
3/ may violate state bar rules. A lawyer who uses threats of baseless bar complaints against lawyers to get them to drop a case or client, could face bar sanctions. A lawyer who leaves nasty voicemails or threatening social media posts or emails for other lawyers, could too.
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18 Nov 20
Thread: I joined @FoxNews @TuckerCarlson tonight to discuss @realDonaldTrump’s legal representation. We discussed the abuse and death threats that #TeamTrump lawyers are getting everyday from partners at major law firms. Please watch and share!
2/ It is important for the course of #justice for there to be two sides. If you are unpopular, there is a mob waiting to intimidate you and take you down. This fight is about the legitimacy and integrity of #2020Elections and lawyers leading this charge should be ashamed.
I got curious so I checked FEC reports. Lawyers from 40 of the top 100 law firms in the U.S. contributed at least $1,000 to Lincoln Project, which used that money to dox & harass their competitors, interfere w/client relationships. Yes, I made a list.
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13 Nov 20
This is a thorough and eye-opening piece. But @GavnSample pulls his punches on the real villians/grifters of the bunch -- the campaign consultants and mail vendors who identify, groom, harvest, and then manage first-time, attractive, minority candidates. The consultants are the/
2/ ones getting rich here, not the candidates necessarily. Don't get me wrong -- I know some failed celebrity candidates who take to flying first class and staying in hotels that I, a modest country lawyer who makes payroll twice a months, would never frequent -- all with OPM/
3/ or Other People's Money. Flying alongside are the grifter consultants. Those candidates may run again, or not -- but 💯, the consultants will strike again, find a good-looking minority candidate to run against a loathed fixture of the left -- and ride that sucker to the bank!
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11 Nov 20
I find it interesting that BigLaw partners, who for their napalm/asbestos/big tech clients will refuse to accept service of process and will file every pointless motion to dismiss, are mocking/attacking citizens trying to get to the bottom of the outcome of an election...
2/ lawyers who paper over decades of systematic discrimination against women & minorities at their own firms with token hires & committees, who laid off lower-paid workers at the first sign of economic trouble, who defend “owners” of Nazi-looted art stolen from Holocaust victims,
3/ who defend every instance of sexual harassment/racial discrimination/insider trading/white collar crime/price fixing that their clients allegedly commit, who lobby the government to sell out our country to our enemies, who represent polluters, defective product manufacturers/
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8 Nov 20
When this election is certified & over, we conservatives need to have a hard family conversation about several specific rotting organizations and a class of mediocre but cunning grifters who control the establishment. I say this as a volunteer, donor, & member of the RNC. #Change
Categories include think tanks, scam PAC promoters, certain consultants, professional credentialing cliques, many “former” Beltway bigwigs, media orgs, lobbyists, party officials who hold their positions through decades of controlled failure. And all the attendant saprophytes ...
We need party organizations, we need thinkers and doers and donors and believers, but we have been underperforming in many ways even as we continue to win elections and advance liberty. I’m an immigrant, an outsider, someone who gives my time & money because I love my country.
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8 Nov 20
Thread: In case y'all are wondering who at the DOJ is in charge of election law matters at the @TheJusticeDept -- there are two places to look. First, the Civil Rights Division of DOJ, which is headed by Eric Dreiband, Don McGahn (former WH Counsel) law partner. DOJ says it sent/
2/ election personnel to 44 jurisdictions to monitor this election. Curiously, many of these are places with massive problems in this election including Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Maricopa County ... What did they observe exactly ... 🤔justice.gov/opa/pr/justice…
3/ Whatever it was, they aren't doing anything about it 🤷‍♀️and the @realDonaldTrump campaign is filing suits in several states to ensure that all & only legal ballots are counted. There is another deparatment of DOJ where election problems are addressed -- criminal division ...
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7 Nov 20
Thread: I joined @FoxBusiness @EveningEdit this evening to discuss @SpeakerPelosi and the rejection of the #DemocratAgenda in the #2020Elections. Please watch and share!
2/ The #DemocraticParty is the party of extremists and that’s not what Americans want. Most Americans don’t want the far left agenda that @KamalaHarris had been pushing.
3/ I predict that there is going to be a war in the #DemocraticParty and the moderates in the party are going to come out on top if they want to do better in 2022.
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6 Nov 20
Thread: I joined @FoxBusiness @LouDobbs tonight to discuss #TeamTrump legal action in the #2020Election. We have hundreds of lawyers on the ground in #Philadelphia and around the county to challenge election irregularities. Please watch and SHARE!
2/ There was also a federal civil rights lawsuit filed in #Pennsylvania to challenge the issues of barring #Republican poll watchers from being able to watch what’s happening, witness irregularities, and document and challenge them.
3/ The #TrumpCampaign also filed a lawsuit in #Georgia that challenged late absentee votes that were mixed in with the rest. The judge dismissed the case due to lack of evidence. What we’re seeing is #ThirdWorld level nonsense and it is disgusting that it’s happening in #America
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31 Oct 20
Thread/ I joined @FoxBusiness @EveningEdit to discuss the #2020election, Republican vs. Democrat strategies to increase voter turnout, and the closing arguments for @realDonaldTrump and @JoeBiden. Please watch and SHARE!
2/ I discuss #Republican ground game to increase voter turnout. @realDonaldTrump’s door-to-door strategy reaches more demographics like elderly and minority voters than @JoeBiden’s digital strategy in #BattlegroundStates
3/ My reaction to the hysteria and #nonsense created by the media towards @realDonaldTrump. The fact is we have the best economy, our #taxes are lower, and we have historic growth even in the era of #COVID19
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24 Oct 20
Thread: I joined @FoxBusiness @EveningEdit to discuss @realDonaldTrump and @JoeBiden performances and answer the question - who won the #PresidentialDebate2020? Watch and share -
2/ What will decide the election? Covid? Jobs? @realDonaldTrump has an excellent record on jobs and has strengthened the economy even during the era of #Covid19...I can only imagine what kind of corruption would take place if @JoeBiden had to handle this…
3/ @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris can't decide what they want more - money or votes? #JoeBiden honestly thinks the American people will not hold him accountable for his positions - is he just forgetful or is there some cognitive disconnect there?
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22 Oct 20
What's this senior Skadden Arps partner doing in the mix here....
This stuff looks shady as hell. I guess that whole "know your customer thing" under the Patriot Act has a whole different meaning if the VP's son is greasing the skids for a shady Russian billionaire trying to access US banking.
Over 500 contributions from Skadden employees to Team Biden: fec.gov/data/receipts/…
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22 Oct 20
I am so angry that fellow Rs have yielded control of debates to this club of bloviating "nobles." Danforth has been in the COPD 26 YEARS!!! In the Senate 18 years! He's 84, has spent more than half his life in the swamp. Frank Fahrenkopf's another superannuated octogenarian.
2/ These decaying institutions and the priestly class of salon-cocktail-circuit, masters of the DC-universe who run them, thrive on a weakened, losing GOP, because only then do they have power, are they relevant, can they get contracts and TV gigs and "help rebuild." Beware.
3/Beware the grifter "principled" Republicans voting for Biden, getting paid to push propaganda, claiming to be "doing the right thing." They are mercenaries, nothing more. A These guys would rather lose and be well-fed mascots of the left, than win elections & expand liberty.
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21 Oct 20
Among the "info" @AGBecerra wanted to force us to reveal today, is NAMES of citizens who handed their ballots to GOP volunteers/staff in churches, gun stores, GOP offices, & other trusted places, where they were placed in secure, locked boxes & promptly delivered to ROV. Why?
2/ I would love the CA media to ask the AG why his office has never asked a union for the names of citizens who handed their ballots to the teamster, why there is a ginned-up, multi-press-conference drama over ZERO accusations of ballot mishandling, ZERO voters complaining?/
3/ Why exactly does the Democrat Secretary of State think it is ok to harass citizens who give their ballots to Republican ballot collectors? What does he intend to do with this information? Nothing good, I can tell you that. This is thuggish voter intimidation pure and simple.
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21 Oct 20
Thread 1/4: I joined @FoxBusiness @EveningEdit to discuss #HunterBiden and @POTUS expected attack on @JoeBiden at the upcoming #PresidentialDebate2020...
2/4: My concern about the format of the #PresidentialDebate2020 - I expect @POTUS will likely be cut off arbitrarily but he will also have a chance to ask @JoeBiden the tough questions that the American people want to know.
3/4: Will the media question @JoeBiden on corruption? Who has #Biden sold out our country to? Why is the media refusing to question the Biden family directly? What about his involvement in #Burisma? The American people deserve answers.
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26 Sep 20
Speaking of Amy Coney Barrett not being some big government ogre, let's take a look at her ruling on qualified immunity in the case of a police detective who allegedly framed an innocent family man for murder -- she wasn't having it: reason.com/2020/09/23/amy…
2/ Conservatives are divided on the issue of qualified immunity. This judicially-created doctrine shield government wrongdoers high and low, from individual liability for violating Americans' civil rights. Like the ATF agents who shoot your dog when breaking down the wrong door/
3/ or the campus administrators who say that some "reformed" terrorist or that white fragility charlatan can speak on campus but @AnnCoulter or @MrAndyNgo can't. Why should they get away with violating the constitution? They shouldn't, but thanks to qualified immunity, they do!/
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26 Sep 20
1/ I've seen some conservative huffing and puffing about Judge Barrett being a "statist" because she refused to enjoin Illinois' coronavirus restrictions. So I thought I would actually read the Sept. 2 opinion in Illinois Republican Party v. Pritzker, which she joined (3-0).../
2/ and the case is about whether, in the name of the 1st Amendment, the Illinois GOP was entitled to the same exemption from the 50-person gathering cap that houses of worship enjoy under Pritzker's orders, which merely "urge" religions institutions to adopt now-familiar limits/
3/ but everyone else has to follow the 50-person cap. By attacking the lack of a binding limit for houses of worship the party hoped to expand its ability to gather, but the three-judge panel including Judge Barrett rejected their reasoning, as had Justice Kavanaugh in declining/
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