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2 May
I’ve had dozens of inquiries about shin splints, hamstring injuries, and generally injury-prone sprint groups in this, our first pandemic track season.

The view from 30,000 feet... “Why does this surprise us?”

Contributing factors (thread)

1) For some kids, it was nearly 5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ days since their last track meet.

2) Sprinting is the most EXTREME exercise in the human experience.

3) Running is not sprinting.

4) Many of our best male athletes spent the LONG off-season as body-builders.

5) 🏋️‍♀️ and body armor are critical for injury prevention in collision sports. However, body-building, weight gain, and flex-posing 💪 are recipes for ⬆️ exposure to many non-contact injuries. Strong muscles can put ⬆️ stress on connective tissue (tendons, ligaments, bones, etc) ⬇️
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29 Apr
We started the Hunt "TrackTown" invite in 2014. We've always taken a pic of the MVPs. In this thread, you will see them all.

💥 2014

S - Dan Lathrop (3200 9:06.21)
N - Manny Boffah (HJ 6'7")
E - Shederick Majors (100/200 10.75, 21.84)
C - Luke Winder (PV - 17'3") Image
"TrackTown" 2015

E - Christian Glass (100/200/400 10.78, 22.45, 51.29)
C - Kahmari Montgomery (100/200 10.67, 21.16)
S - John Partee (1:56.99 in 800)
N - DeVaughn Hrobowski (300 INT meet record 39.48)

@TrAckIsMine17 400m National Champ 2018, NCAA Champ 2019. 💥 PR 44.23 Image
"TrackTown" 2016

E - Prince Smith (110, 300 15.69, 40.76)
C - Mike Lyons (HJ, 6'7.5")
S - John Partee (800/1600 1:58.21, 4:26.96)
N - Jack Sebok (1600/3200 4:28.96, 9:47.13) Image
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5 Apr
Here's a thread to answer a question I get on a regular basis. Especially from 🏈 coaches.

How many sets and reps do you do in an X-Factor workout?

This will drive 🏈 coaches nuts...

There's lots of standing around in an X-Factor workout. In order to have high outputs, you can't be focused on the tempo.

I tell people that 80% of my athletes are standing around resting, watching, and waiting to do the next rep.
This goes against everything we've been taught as teachers and coaches.

Keep them busy!

Constant activity allows us to control behavior!

You can't rock the boat when you are busy rowing!

Hard work!


But, John Wooden said "Never mistake activity for achievement."
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