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14 Jun
Readers of NYT Magazine are learning that progressives who won in 2018 and 2020 helped a bountiful state budget that through the #TaxTheRich campaign finally invested in working people. This is what @NYGovCuomo and the @NYDems machine blocked for a decade

New York City is recovering beautifully but my sense of justice can't let go that the outgoing @NYCMayor's persistent failure to effectively advocate for city revenue in Albany got bailed out this year. @BilldeBlasio is a horrible manager but open streets are working despite him.
There's just no justice in this world that Manhattan condo buyers are strolling through open streets and enjoying outdoor drinks on sidewalks this weekend after de Blasio was AWOL on city planning reform and safe streets for the past 8 yrs. (Ask groups!)

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13 Jun
Front-page NYT today is on some $120 billion in tax avoidance by execs in private equity industry, "which has a fleet of over 200 lobbyists and has doled out nearly $600 million in campaign contributions"

We've been covering centrist Dem ties on @Sludge:

If Democrats are upset by the long-term capital gains tax rate of 20%, they can ask committee heads why they continue to endorse Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. It's her call to back incumbents like @RepRichardNeal in primaries, when opponents call for changes:

Democratic heads of the Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce Committees could be publicly asking private equity executives the question, why are they trying to push the entire planet to ecosystem collapse. Instead, their pocket money suffuses the party.

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12 Jun
Democratic leaders have had numerous disastrous wake-up calls to put out entirely different messaging (and entirely different faces). But the check-signers at the DNC / DCCC / DSCC have their old-friend networks in media and consulting, so little changes.

The DNC does not release a list of its 447 voting members or top committee members, though state party leaders have called for transparency. @TheDemocrats structure is a black box not explained anywhere on its site. Many are corporate consultants, names:

One top DNC payee was @BPIMedia, whose corporate clients include Exelon, McDonald's, and formerly an insurance industry front group. James Roosevelt III, longtime co-chair of the Rules Committee, is a former board member and policy chair of @AHIPCoverage.

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18 Feb
The @NYGovCuomo coverup is gathering attention in part because this is one of the few times he forgot the Boss rule: always use a messenger! Maintain plausible deniability. Threatening Kim directly changes story from gray Albany bureaucracy.

But Cuomo has a decade of scandals...
After his 2010 election, the IDC formed in 2011, and controlled the NY Senate with Republicans starting in 2013. The system amassed Cuomo a huge war chest while centralizing power and denying responsibility for over two dozen progressive bills killed off.

After massive corruption scandals around the "three men in a room," Cuomo weakened the Moreland Commission. In the Senate, the IDC blocked election reforms that would have increased NY's dismal voter turnout, keeping @NYDems machine in power in primaries.

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28 Jul 20
Notice how all the tweets and news stories tonight about the DNC Platform Committee votes don't include links to roll call of the ~164 voting members?

That's because @TheDemocrats decline to release a detailed list of DNC members and their committee affiliations. But at @Sludge,
We obtained a copy of the full 447 voting DNC members, who make up the majority of 771 superdelegates, and got their committee affiliations.

We've been working our way through DNC committees: Exec, Rules, Budget, Resolutions, and coming next, Credentials:
We've been reporting conflicts of interest among the 447 DNC members with corporate clients in heavy-lobbying industries. In February, our review found that over one-third of the 47 Executive Committee members works as a corporate lobbyist or consultant:

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29 Jan 20
It's hard to overstate how dominant Comcast's power is in preserving its monopoly profits. The telco and NCTA trade association give a ton to lawmakers, lobbies policymakers federally and in states.

Comcast execs are max'ing out to @JoeBiden. New @Sludge: readsludge.com/2020/01/29/msn…
@JoeBiden @Sludge the top-line numbers tell the story: in 2018, $CMCSA revenue from Internet alone was $17.14 billion, an increase of 9.3% over 2017, out of $55.14 billion total revenue on capital expenditures of $9.75 billion. Its overall earnings for the year increased 25.6% from 2017. Monopoly!
@JoeBiden @Sludge @ComcastPolicy @ComcastNewsmkrs Comcast was the highest-lobbying telecom company, the second-highest-lobbying telco group behind its NCTA trade association, and the 15th-largest lobbying group overall last year. In 2017, when Ajit Pai's FCC repealed #netneutrality, they sought cover in a well-paid GOP Congress.
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12 Oct 18
For the past 11 years, I worked as Product Manager for open-source web apps (OpenCongress, OpenGovernment, AskThem and Councilmatic). Over this time, we continually sought new ways to engage our users & newsreaders to become supporting members, for our independent sustainability.
the @Join_Civil network is well-designed to support independent journalism projects. It's fully decentralized: @ReadSludge owns & runs our own site. It's open-source code, w/ built-in (optional) publishing to Ethereum blockchain, where our article archives can be openly accessed.
the CVL token opens up new possibilities for engaging readers to become Sludge Members, supporting our investigative journalism on corruption. Some early ideas, lots of possibilities: developing special rewards programs for token-holders; smart contracts for reporting; micro-tips
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