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3 May
Come along with me on this thread about SOGI123, the sexual orientation and gender identity education given to public school children in my province. I am going to focus on what is taught to children from kindergarten through grade two.
I'm doing this because a BC teacher was just suspended for 15 days for distributing a pamphlet to "stop SOGI 123". Now, to be clear, I take issue with the "GI" i.e. gender identity portion of the education, as well as anything that is weirdly sexualized for 5-7 year old children.
I have two boys who will attend public school in BC. Parents are *not allowed* to opt out of this education. Whether a given teacher uses all of the provided curricula is perhaps up for debate, but I am going to assume it will be. I am beside myself with anger about this junk.
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14 Mar
This is the statement my lawyer sent to police. Hoping this ordeal ends soon. It’s taking a toll on me.
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20 Feb
Thread with the finest selection of moronic reasons given to sign the petition to shut down the March 21 @GIDYVR event. (Tickets available now BTW! Eventbrite!)
Bless Michelle, who thinks Meegan Moophy (that’s what they call Meghan Murphy in their petition) is the inventor of hatred & is going to share it with the world next month.
Thank you for reincorporating your corporeal form to sign this petition.
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31 Dec 19
2019 is almost gone. We (me & husband) didn't get some of our usual holiday/NYE invites this year -- first time in over a decade. I know it's because of me. Because this is the year I became publicly & unapologetically gender critical.
I'm the one who gets dragged to parties, so I can't say I'm distraught having fewer parties to avoid. Can't say the same for my husband, who is a social butterfly. Struck by how insane and polarized our culture is. And how many people I once respected are so mindless.
Notably, there are men within this social circle who have publicly agreed with me on gender issues, and they are not being blacklisted by longtime friends. I guess only women have to pay the price. Which isn't surprising, really, considering how anti-feminist trans activism is.
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18 Sep 19
Thread: I was at Indigo Kids today, browsing the "Baby's First Library" section.
I found this book: An ABC of Equality. Sounds cute, eh?
Fast forward to G, which, of course, is for GENDER. Gender, you would tell your baby, "is a category that describes the inside feeling of being a boy, a girl, both, neither, and everything in between."
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4 Jun 19
BC Human Rights Tribunal reason for decision re: #waxmyballs application to remain anonymous & for costs. Summary: #waxmyballs to remain anonymous to prevent harassment; JY ordered to pay nominal costs for “improper” conduct, but tribunal did not agree JY is vexatious litigant
Note that JY’s complaints are not settled yet. Some notable parts of the decision document:
Tribunal agreed JY being harassed or a target of hate appears unrelated to HRT complaint; instead related to “communications” published online i.e. pedophile tampon fetish comments. JY told tribunal there is “nothing inappropriate” about these comments. (WTF?!)
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10 May 19
The second #GIDYVR Still Talking Series event was another success, with more than 250 coming out for a civil discussion. Everyone who came was brave—because they had to face down ~150 (at the peak) verbally abusive protesters. I want to do a thread about the protesters.
#MeghanMurphy addressed the numerous threats Croatian Cultural Centre rec’d for renting a space to us in her talk. 30+ email threats, many “cancel the event or else” type ones. Their mgr told me they called her “every name in the book”.
One of her male staff didn’t want to tell her the content of some email threats, thinking it would be too upsetting. CCC never once bowed to pressure because they support free speech. @VPL could take a lesson from them.
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28 Dec 18
If you haven't already, here are some reasons to reconsider/abandon liberal or third-wave feminism:
The "language orthodoxy" (credit to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) or, the way libfems police words & their meaning and usage. Incredibly ironic for a "feminism" that claims to represent the oppressed; what's more academic and exclusive than strict rules re: your own jargon?
The absurd notion that any choice a woman makes is inherently a feminist or empowering one. This ignores every context except for the personal context of a given individual. It ignores larger power/political/religious/cultural influences.
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