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Grandma- Best Gig Ever #debateingoodfaith evidence based medicine saves lives
Aug 27, 2023 9 tweets 2 min read
What Democrats need to hear (unpopular opinion) 🧵1/
I used to be a very moderate/central Republican before the Trump era. I voted either party, I attended an increasingly fundamentalist evangelical church for 20 years before waking up to their political agenda. 2/ Dems. are getting in their own way on public forums fighting for abortion, LGBTQ and trans rights in the WRONG way. Please listen to those of us who have been on the other side. Stop dismissing us. We have insights you do not have.
May 13, 2023 31 tweets 7 min read
Arguments for "woke" Christianity. A thread.

I've been debating what the Christian right calls "woke" for years. It's always the same points. So instead of addressing them over and over again. I thought I'd create a thread to book mark. Warning-this will be long. 1/ My background. I'm a preacher's kid, been a Christian my entire life (I'm 56). I've also voted Republican, Democratic, Independent. I'm not particularly partisan and I think the marriage of Christianity and politics is incredibly dangerous as proved throughout history. 2/