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8 Oct
I was told nfts are the future tho and web3 and everything crypto is just so much more radically different than the fraud-filled shitshow we live amongst today
We still live in a world where very extremely rich people still take Ozy seriously. Stop making sense.
The analytics aren’t real and when we make them real with crypto it’s not gonna be a quick fix. It’s more likely a trap.
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8 Oct
Reminder! Download your data and delete your account, not just the app. It’s not as easy as the cover suggests, of course!
And after switching to iOS if necessary, download a device-level tracker blocker VPN like jumbo or disconnect.me torqued to the strictest settings to kill your shadow profile across all your apps and devices. It’s a lot of work to really delete Facebook from your life.
Residents of locales that grant #datarights to access your data under legal protections such as EU member states under #GDPR or other nations and US states such as California and Virginia granting their residents data rights in the wake of Cambridge Analytica, exercise ur rights!
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28 Sep
New #FacebookFiles: Cultivating under 13 over-sharers is seen internally as a pivotal strategy to sustain long-term social media market dominance.
Here’s #FacebookFiles revealing Zuckerberg’s flimsy empire. It takes some imagination to resist the company’s gaslighting that Facebook is and must forever be the world’s “social infrastructure” aka “Life Coach for Adulting” wsj.com/articles/faceb…
More insights from #FacebookFiles on how the company feels the need to counteract wisdom about privacy bestowed from older siblings and ultimately undermine parental sovereignty as the final obstruction to a more sustainable market penetration. wsj.com/articles/faceb…
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17 Sep
Friday’s installment of #FacebookFiles based on leaked internal docs reveals how despite Facebook’s unconditional optimism, it has failed to prevent a few people from succeeding wildly at systematically pumping anti-vax content into post comments. wsj.com/articles/faceb…
Some highlights for the paywalled from today’s #FacebookFiles on its mega fail fighting anti-vax wsj.com/articles/faceb…. Via @JeffHorwitz and co
Despite virtually unlimited resources, the company finds itself unable to solve fundamental patterns of malfunction and social harm with seemingly obvious solutions: ban the bad actors and take the political fallout on the chin. #FacebookFiles
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17 Sep
Troll farms are still thriving on Facebook.
140M monthly users
100M weekly users (US)
360M weekly users (global)
Successfully targeting the same groups as RU IRA in 2016.
Facebook is too big to not fail.
REPORT: 8 of 12 top African American FB pages are troll farms technologyreview.com/2021/09/16/103… via @_KarenHao
REPORT: 2 of 8 Top Native American Facebook pages are troll farms. technologyreview.com/2021/09/16/103… via @_karenhao
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16 Sep
WSJ: Facebook Employees Flag Drug Cartels and Human Traffickers. The Company’s Response Is Weak, Documents Show.

This chart from the article visualizes the new digital colonialism epitomized by the ‘blue app’ as use steadily declines in US/EU.
A few excerpts from the article that do not require a trigger warning are offered below for a glimpse into the internal reporting on extreme human depravity and systemic violent oppression by bad actors using Facebook as it was designed. wsj.com/articles/faceb…
What if Facebook should not exist? What if Facebook is actually a terrible idea? What if extracting data and attention out of nations at any cost is causing a net harm to humanity despite executives paid generously to insist otherwise? What if Mark Zuckerberg is a failed emperor?
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16 Sep
Let’s talk about all the regulation in the automobile industry and traffic laws and taxpayer funded public infrastructure and on and on this metaphor is not as smart as they think it is!
There are literally rules about the placement of headlights and taillights and the colors they are allowed to be. Does IG want the government dictating the app UI/UX because it certainly sound like that to me if we are to take this metaphor seriously (which we really should not)?
In the galaxy brain of Menlo Park, FB/IG/WA is an automobile that you don’t need a license to operate, don’t need insurance for, don’t need to keep inspected, and if it crashes causing death, injury or destruction of property this is kept secret unless leaked to a journalist.
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31 Aug
The problem with “free (not actually free)” software like Facebook is that their negligence or malign cover-ups can be designated as “bugs” even if it’s total bullshit. How are we to know?
Don’t put it past Facebook to do malign cover-ups. Cambridge Analytica was a textbook cover-up until journalists and academics took Facebook to task. We were eventually vindicated by the authorities.
This is the argument to consciously seek to destroy Facebook. It is proven to be unaccountable and we don’t want unaccountable power. Period. It’s that simple. This is why Facebook is a malign force.
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31 Aug
So yeah this weekend I decided to break down and try NFTs to learn more not just naysay. Once I realized it would cost about $1400 in ETH to list/mint my 7 piece collection of rare Norman Jaffe blueprints, I discovered that this is for folks with a surplus of disposable income.
And then when I discovered that I could use Polygon instead of Ethereum to save on these truly exorbitant gas fees I realized that it would involve starting all over from scratch after deciphering a convoluted process of conversion and configuration. And so I lost interest.
Obviously the nascent NFT market prefers spending ludicrous amounts on garbage pail kids style characters over any actual art history with intrinsic value but in any event here’s what I thought about minting “for science.” opensea.io/collection/jaf…
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29 Aug
UK Information Commissioner replacement candidate from New Zealand: “No more box ticking! Unlock the power of data!”

US Wild West: “Uncheck this tithing box and you are the enemy.”

#DarkPatterns #DataRights #GDPR
FYI: UK data protection enforcement was slightly above average while it lasted. bbc.com/news/technolog…
Just wait until UK hires an American ICO commish someday, always tapping from the anglosphere. I’m open for recruitment but I’m obviously insufficiently neoliberal for the job.
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21 Aug
Adtech failed on its premise of funding “free” high quality news, realized circa 2014 when paywalls began to prevail. Adtech proceeded to monetize the toxic content that filled this paywalled vacuum, symbiotically accelerating malign forces of Facebook’s social media monopoly.
Why did adtech fail? Fraud. Epic fraud. Billions and billions in unaccounted untraceable spending over these 20 years. Old enough to remember when it was sold to advertisers as a way to solve the problem of wasting money on advertising.
Once advertisers noticed the fraud it included a voluminous demographic of folks who install adblockers and stuff. There were some ‘stern’ industry reactions but the gravy train still rolls along. Paywalls bricked up, subscription UX perfected more. Adtech feeds its own trough.
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19 Aug
Until marketers get the sci-fi dystopia they so badly want this data brokerage hellscape will have to suffice. All to pretend they’re all saving money on ads. Everyone else pays the true cost.
We pay for ads with our labor.
We pay for ads with our purchases.
We pay for ads with our private data.
We pay for ads with our attention.
We pay for ads with our democracies.
We pay for ads six times over but they never pay us back.
Advertising is one of the many byproducts of capitalism that spreads its pollution during extraction.
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11 Aug
if you’re not targeting devices that block ads you’re doing your adtech wrong lol gizmodo.com/how-your-ad-bl…
humans: block ads
fraudsters: do not block ads
half the money i spent on advertising is wasted. the rest i spend on people with adblockers.
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10 Aug
Every new advertising sub-industry (influencer marketing today) immediately becomes weaponized for information warfare.
Every marketing tool marketed for marketing skin creams and ski vacations is at least EQUALLY effective at undermining humanity’s ability to defeat a virus.
The adtech stack infested the web like an invasive species during a period of unbridled optimism for digital technologies. Adtech’s core modality of incentivizing proxies of attention has deformed human behaviors toward automated monetization. To weaponize it, use as directed.
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5 Aug
My take on why Facebook is not preventing another Cambridge Analytica by banning NYU ad researchers. It’s just being a terrible, horrible, no good company by smearing independent accountability efforts. techpolicy.press/facebook-is-ea…
The piece is a take-down of any insinuation that Fb is just following orders to prevent more Cambridge Analytica scandals. FTC order does not apply according to experts. Deeply cynical to deliberately associate a clandestine unlawful app with NYU’s tools. techpolicy.press/facebook-is-ea…
Facebook wants you to confuse an app that exploited Facebook’s flaws with an app that could’ve held Facebook more accountable. Don’t fall for it. techpolicy.press/facebook-is-ea…
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17 Jul
pushing ded medium of fleets to the limits rn tbh
basically teaching a free daily special topic arch history course lol “Everything There Is To Know About Norman Jaffe, Architect” bc why the hell not
fwiw i’m seeing 700-1K views per fleet which seems amazing but maybe bc of a dwindling supply of fleets *not* about fleets dying
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15 Jul
So I had this fun summer side project going where I meticulously thread 100 works of my all time favorite architect, 1 per day, and then fleeted the highlights with a bit of a storyline but I won’t finish all 100 houses on the schedule by the time fleets get the teardown on Aug 3
One theme of the threads are sleuthing out the important houses of record in satellite data that have since been torn down to make way for mcmansions and such. These houses are as ephemeral as fleeting fleets in the grand scheme of things.
But it turns out that Twitter HQ was disappointed that existing users employed the fleets feature to promote their own tweets (guilty as charged) instead of fleets yielding their intended business purpose to attract new Twitter users afraid of tweeting because they are durable.
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14 Jul
“Company over country.”

Facebook is a malign force.
They covered up Cambridge Analytica until forced to confront it because it was a GOP donor funded op.

They covered up Putin’s op because “company before country”

They do cover ups because they get away with it. There is no accountability. There is only public relations.
We are reminded of a factual error in the book #AnUgluTruth: Facebook learned about Cambridge Analytica before the Guardian report. This is public knowledge sourced from the Washington DC AG’s lawsuit against FB RE: CA.
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24 May
Redactions newly revealed in this thread. Manafort’s lies about KILIMNICK ran much deeper than previously known. Incredible abuse to have pardoned the henchmen. Failures of Mueller, distortions by Barr, and cowardice of Senate Rs leading us down the path toward the insurrection.
“No collusion” but Manafort appears to have conspired with Putin’s spy to share voter data, campaign strategy, and Ukraine policy and lied about it, and was pardoned for lying about it.
In hindsight, Barr was diabolical in his redactions of the Mueller Report. Delay in getting redactions revealed by court allowed public and especially press to mistake the collusion question as resolved. Concealing the Cambridge Analytica question was a part of this clever scheme
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22 May
Laser eyes for extortion so that organized crime may prosper undeterred.
Cryptocriminology: “Last year was a banner year for ransomware groups, according to a task-force of security experts and law enforcement agencies which estimated that victims paid about $350 million in ransom last year, a 311% increase over 2019.” bloomberg.com/news/articles/…
Thread on the criminality-at-scale intrinsically enabled by decentralized finance and digital currencies easily corrupted despite a religious belief in maths.
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13 May
☑️Right to Know, Transfer, Delete
☑️Right to sue
☑️Duty of care
☑️Cambridge Analytica Bankruptcy loophole closed
☑️anti-Algorithmic bias
☑️Data broker registry
☑️unambiguous, fair-and-square opt-in, revocable, anti-dark pattern, anti-discriminatory consent UX requirements
New York needs to lead the nation,
set the highest standards, and strive for GDPR adequacy to maintain lawful and protected flows of data internationally. Splinternet is the alternative so tech lobbyists *must* support #NewYorkPrivacyAct to prove they’re serious about adequacy.
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