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9 May
Tonight's #SNL has everything:
- midgets
- billionaires
- market manipulation #doge
Sketch suggestion: billionaire calls a life-saving diver a pedo
Sketch suggestion: billionaire manipulates the U.S. market with a tweet
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9 May
Once we idolized astronauts & civil rights leaders who inspired hope and empathy. Now we worship tech innovators that create billions and move financial markets. #nomercynomalice #SNL
Zuck's empire has been disarticulated—a new king will seize the Iron Throne. Behold the Launcher of Dragons, Borer of Tunnels & Father of X Æ A-Xii. The coronation will take place before a live studio audience, with Tesla long bots and adoring CNBC personalities.
.@elonmusk is now the most influential individual in the world — so influential, he can distort the modern world’s premier platform, our free market system.
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17 Mar
Thread of the @RealTimers panel w/ @billmaher @larrywilmore @HBO 3/12/2021

1/ Capitalism is the best system of its kind. We need to bail out people, not companies
2/ We need to break up big tech

The top 10%, not to mention the top 1%, are living their best lives

5 companies (Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook & Microsoft) make up 21% of the S&P500 (24% in Jan 2021)

(my stat about 7 companies = 51% is incorrect, misread a chart)
3/ We've created an industrial shaming culture where you get points for being offended. Universities should be graduating not wokesters but warriors.

@NYUStern colleague @jonhaidt cites a core principle of rhetoric: interpret an argument as charitably as possible

@BurgerKing ad
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27 Jan
What happened here (i.e., GMS)?

--It's about sex...
--Specifically, young men not having (enough) sex
--Sex leads to relationships, obligations and guardrails (don't get in fights, we need you. Don't gamble your paycheck, we need to save for a house)
--A bored/angry young man is the most dangerous person in the world.
--When countries have unemployed young men, who are single, the likelihood that country goes to war escalates
--We have cut the share of wealth of young people in half in last 30 years (19% to 9%)
Arm young men, in a basement, not at work, not having sex, not forming connection, with an RH account, a phone and stimulus and you have the perfect storm of volatility as they wage war against established players while squeezing the dopa bag,,,harder and harder
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16 Mar 20
👨🏻‍🏫👩🏽‍💻 Teaching is moving to online. Some tips from me:

1. When teaching via live video/Zoom, most important, you have to over-animate. Gestures are always good in public speaking — doubly so when teaching online. Voice, motions, intonation — amp everything up.
2. Lighting & sound — worth investing in some equipment (a ring light). Overhead lighting doesn’t look great. Have a clean background, your face at a good, straight angle. If you’re teaching a big class (>200 ppl) have someone w/you to handle tech real-time if you can.
3. Hold students accountable and engaged. Everyone's video must be visible. If you see someone tuning out, speak directly to them, get in their face. Tell them you want their faces engaged, since they can all see each other.
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9 Mar 20
1/ This is a great day for @twitter shareholders and the commonwealth.

"Twitter, Inc. Announces Partnership With Silver Lake and Elliott Management"

Ok, let's break this (announcement from @twitter) down:

--Sycophants and stenographers (i.e., @CNBC) gathered at 10 Downing reporting that Prime Minister Dorsey has secured "Peace in our Time." Striking how badly the media (thus far) have misread what has happened here.

--This "partnership" means total and near-unconditional surrender by @twitter. I challenge anybody to find an activist campaign, levied against a $10b+ company, that has resulted in 3 board seats in 5 business days;

What does this mean (i.e., what happened)?
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19 Feb 20
Here we go! Live tweeting the @PBS @frontlinePBS documentary on Amazon, "Amazon Empire" #frontlinePBS — watch at…
"Big things start small" — can't deny it, Bezos has long-term vision & a gift for storytelling. #frontlinePBS
Everything we admire about Amazon is also something to fear. @FranklinFoer 💯
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26 Dec 19
The holidays are a good time to reconnect w/ people who’ve helped you get where you are. Find your senior year English teacher, say you appreciate her patience. Write to your last boss. You won’t be giving up anything. Gratitude feels good both to receive & to give.
Especially if you feel lonely, go thru your contacts, write to a bunch of people, say thank you for one thing, or just that you hope they’re enjoying the holidays.

It can be hard, esp for men, to reach out w/o a specific goal. The goal is continued connection & appreciation.
For a long time as a young man I felt like expressing gratitude/appreciation was giving something up. I wish I'd been more consistent w/ appreciation. Friends/girlfriends were often more generous than me. Don't waste time, take the opportunity to (re)connect.

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29 Oct 19
Yes, we do want Facebook to be an arbiter of truth vs lies, that’s been the standard of news for decades. It’s part of the responsibility of spreading news.

44% of Republicans believe Hillary Clinton ran a children’s prostitution ring, mostly because of “news” shared on FB.
But distinguishing btw truth & falsehood is the wrong faming of the problem. The deeper issues are:
1) lies are much more contagious when shared by friends and family — we have strong subconscious motivation to agree with our tribe (@jonhaidt).
@JonHaidt 2) people add powerful survival instincts to social media engagement; both sharing and browsing are charged with much more emotion than reading CNN or NYT, which in turn makes us more irrational and susceptible to deception.
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1 Oct 19
You haven’t even begun to see the anger that will be unleashed on Adam Neumann. He has 15,000 people right now who are stuck cleaning up. They feel like circus clowns shovelling the shit. He has taken $750M & left a toxic waste cleanup.

interview @nymag…
Adam Neumann came in, smoked his own supply, and walked out with three-quarters of a billion dollars about the time that people in hazmat suits showed up.
SoftBank is the only firm in the world that will put money into this thing right now. They either have to go back to their limiteds and say, “We’re probably putting good money after bad,” and create an argument for why there’s still value there, or they have to go bankrupt.
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14 Sep 19

More news from WeWTF today.

i) Adam’s shares reduced from 20x to 10x voting power; ii) The board can now remove him; and iii) @Softbank to purchase $750mm in shares at IPO.

@SoftBank 2/

i) Adam/board have acknowledged that Dear Leader is now only 10x (vs. 20x) as smart as the other owners/suckers/shareholders re decisions impacting everyone 1:1.
@SoftBank 3/

ii) Great, board is now an actual (wait for it) board of directors, similar to 9 of 10 firms. If a board can’t remove CEO, or sell firm, it’s not a board but a group of people who get free dinner, collect $150k/year, and heckle from cheap seats (been there--board of NYT).
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8 Feb 19
1/ Bezos/AMI: Reactions & Predictions

--Winner, Bezos. Bullied. Turned and kicked bully in nuts. His status/cred/goodwill increases. Media will be cavalry as there is (generally) goodwill toward him. He has stood watch over national treasure--WaPo
--Loser,,, AMI. They went out of business tonight, just don't know it yet. This echoes of Thiel vs. Gawker, and will have similar outcome.

--Biggest winner: Evan Williams just became the rare breed that has birthed 2 Unicorns. Biggest day in Medium's history, now have more traction than any sub $1b media property. Bezos didn't post on FB, do press release or go on Johny, he posted on @Medium...
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