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Nov 20 12 tweets 4 min read
The response from readers to "The Landlord & the Tenant," our joint investigation with @JournalSentinel into the history and fallout of a Milwaukee house fire, has been overwhelming.

We wanted to share some of what folks have had to say. 🧵👇…
Nov 12 13 tweets 4 min read
If you’re like most people, you likely thought that the issue of cell-phone safety was totally resolved: After all, the @FCC says there’s no risk.

That’s what Bobbie Orsi thought too. Then people began complaining a Verizon cell tower in her town was making them sick. 🧵👇 2/ Orsi, an RN & chair of the Board of Health in Pittsfield, MA, began educating herself on the issue, reading research studies and grilling experts. She became convinced wireless emissions were to blame for her neighbors’ problems, including dizziness, “brain fog” and vomiting.
Nov 7 20 tweets 7 min read
A federal law called the Johnson Amendment has barred churches from endorsing political candidates since 1954.

The IRS has rarely enforced this rule, but @propublica & @TexasTribune turned up 20 examples from recent elections of what experts say are violations. 🧵👇 2/ Some pastors we looked at explicitly told their congregations they weren't endorsing a candidate, and then made statements experts say were indeed endorsements in violation of the law.

Take this example from Mercy Culture Church in Fort Worth, TX:
Oct 30 14 tweets 4 min read
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has consolidated more power than any other governor in recent state history.

But his executive orders were more than just a power play. They trickled down to the lives of Texans. 🧵👇… 2/ Shanetra Miles-Fowler, wanted to safely send her three kids to school during the pandemic.

Two are asthmatic. Almost daily, she got notices about students testing positive for COVID-19.
Oct 15 7 tweets 3 min read
DC Attorney General Karl Racine confirmed this week to @propublica & @TexasTribune his office is investigating TX Gov. Abbott & others for possibly deceiving immigrants bussed to the nation's capital.

It's just the latest probe into the matter. 🧵👉… 2/ In Bexar County, TX, Sheriff Javier Salazar certified on Thursday that immigrants who were flown to Martha’s Vineyard by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis were crime victims.

This will let these migrants apply for special visa status to remain in the US.…
Sep 22 13 tweets 5 min read
ProPublica is looking for 5 newsrooms to join our Local Reporting Network!

This round is open to newsrooms in Mississippi, New Mexico & New Orleans.

DEADLINE to apply: Nov. 1
🧵🧵👇👇… 2/ Reporters from Mississippi, New Mexico or New Orleans, here’s what the opportunity looks like:

Spend a year, starting Jan. 2, 2023, working on an accountability project in partnership with ProPublica and your local newsroom.…
Sep 14 41 tweets 9 min read
You've probably gotten chat messages from friendly strangers keen to know you. Maybe you've been curious enough to reply, if only to amuse yourself.

But some — like one man who told his story to @cezary — fall victim to a“pig-butchering” scam.

It can prove very costly. 🧵👇 2/ In Oct. 2021, Bay Area accountant Yuen got an unexpected WhatsApp message from "Jessica," who said his number was in her phone but she didn't know why.

Yuen responded, not knowing this chat would ultimately cost his family their life savings.… Dark photo of Yuen. His face can not be made out against the
Sep 14 34 tweets 11 min read
Victims of cybercrime have lost vast sums of money to scammers they met on social media & dating sites.

The perpetrators of these crimes are often themselves victims of human trafficking.

Some call it cyberslavery.

@Cezary & @bycindyliu met some of them in Cambodia. 🧵 2/ Fan (his family nickname) was working in food delivery in China in March 2021 when he was offered a marketing job in Cambodia. He convinced his brother to join him at the new job in Phnom Penh.… Fan, photographed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia   Photo credit: Ci
Sep 12 11 tweets 4 min read
You have the right to vote even if you don’t speak or read English. This guide will tell you about your right to ask for help, how to vote and what to do if you have problems.

Available in 11 languages
🧵👇… Tiene el derecho de votar aunque no sepa hablar ni escribir en inglés. Esta guía le informa sobre su derecho de pedir ayuda, cómo votar y qué hacer si tiene problemas.

Lea esta guía en español.…
Sep 10 30 tweets 6 min read
People on the autism spectrum have long forged successful careers in the tech industry, but some autistic people have been viewed as unhireable, even by employers who embrace neurodivergence.

A Dutch program hopes to change that. 🧵👇 2/ Ten years ago, a psychotic episode & autism diagnosis derailed Thomas van Ruitenbeek’s college education, locking the 25-year-old into a state of isolation that had been deepening since childhood.

He rarely left home and wouldn't respond when spoken to.
Sep 7 12 tweets 3 min read
“Political lean” has emerged as one of the best indicators for COVID-19 death rates — as much as obesity or advanced age, one expert says. A growing body of research shows that death rates were significantly higher in red states because of lower vaccination rates.

Take Montana, for example 👇
Aug 31 21 tweets 6 min read
Behold, the largest Instagram verification scheme revealed to date:

A blue check for the low, low price of $25,000 (or more). By paying the right person, plastic surgeons, jewelers and OnlyFans models have been able to fool platforms into thinking they were musicians all in the name of getting verified.

There’s some variation to the process, but generally it works like this 👇
Aug 19 6 tweets 2 min read
ProPublica is looking for five newsrooms to join our Local Reporting Network!

Reminder: The deadline to apply is coming up on Monday, Aug. 22! (THREAD)… 2/ Reporters, here’s what the opportunity looks like:

Spend a year, starting Nov. 1, 2022, working on an accountability project in partnership with ProPublica and your local newsroom. All local and regional newsrooms are eligible to apply.…
Aug 12 21 tweets 5 min read
After almost a decade without a polio case in the US, there is increasing evidence of local spread in NY after today's announcement that poliovirus has been found in New York City sewage.🧵👇 2/ NY Health officials announced today they’ve found signs of polio in NYC.

6 city sewage samples — 2 from June & 4 from July — showed traces of the virus.…
Aug 1 13 tweets 9 min read
#NABJNAHJ22: We have a great group of @propublica reporters, editors and managers attending this year’s conference.

If you’re at the conference, don’t hesitate to stop any of us or drop into our DM’s to set up a coffee. Representing us, we have👇 2/ @zahiratorres runs the @propublica & @TexasTribune joint investigative unit

Stop me if: You want to talk about becoming an investigative editor or reporter, or want career advice. I also love to talk about El Paso!

Best way to reach me: DM me
Jul 23 17 tweets 4 min read
A right-wing think tank is now a church in the eyes of the IRS. It’s part of a growing movement of activist groups that are seeking church status.

And it’s all perfectly legal. Here’s how 👇 The Family Research Council, or FRC, is an evangelical activist group that opposes:
-stem-cell research
-gender affirming care
-LGBTQ rights

And now that the IRS has blessed it as an “association of churches,” the FRC can better shield itself from financial scrutiny.
Jul 14 13 tweets 5 min read
ProPublica is looking for three newsrooms to join our Local Reporting Network!

•Deadline to apply: Aug. 22. (THREAD)… 2/ Reporters, here’s what the opportunity looks like:

Spend a year, starting Nov. 1, 2022, working on an accountability project in partnership with ProPublica and your local newsroom. All local and regional newsrooms are eligible to apply.…
Jul 7 14 tweets 7 min read
1/ This summer, ProPublica is partnering again with @jourmentors.

We’re providing journalists attending affinity conferences (@NAHJ, @NABJ & @aaja) with the opportunity to schedule mentorship chats with ProPublica reporters and editors.

Here's how to sign up: 2/ Sign up for a 20-minute session with members of our talented team here:…

You’ll be able to talk (virtually or in person) to some of the best in the game (yes, we’re a little biased) on a range of topics, including…
Jul 5 12 tweets 3 min read
There are many reasons for inflation, but here’s one that’s truly bananas.

Ocean carriers are taking advantage of the supply chain crisis by charging *billions of dollars* in extra fees 👇 Picture this: A company called One Banana loads 600,000 pounds of bananas onto ships headed to the Port of Long Beach in CA. Image
Jun 19 19 tweets 5 min read
Cecelia Lewis was asked to apply for a Georgia school district’s first-ever administrator job devoted to diversity, equity and inclusion. A group of parents — coached by local and national anti-CRT groups — had other plans. (THREAD) 2/ When Cecelia was principal of a Maryland middle school, she was known for telling kids she cared about them every day.

Then she got a job in Cherokee County, GA, as a diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) administrator, the first position of its kind in the school district.
Jun 2 15 tweets 5 min read
Atlantic City casinos were given a huge tax cut last year, even as revenues had returned to pre-pandemic levels.

The state offered little evidence this break was needed.

So @ProPublica and @ThePressOfAC went to work. (THREAD) 2/ The NJ Legislature in December changed how much the Atlantic City gaming industry owes in its payment in lieu of property taxes (PILOT).

The bill gave the casinos $55 million in tax relief…