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Dec 28, 2023 7 tweets 3 min read
This year, ProPublica documentaries explored how university expansion led to Black land loss, retraced the steps of the Uvalde shooting response, documented the fallout of the Philips breathing machine recall and more... 🧵👇 2/ “Inside the Uvalde Response,” with @TexasTribune & @FRONTLINEPBS, reconstructs one of the most criticized mass shooting responses in history, providing real-time insight into officers’ thoughts & actions.
Nov 4, 2023 14 tweets 5 min read
For more than a decade, the all-white judges of a Louisiana appellate court ignored thousands of petitions filed by prisoners, most of them Black, who claimed they had been wrongly convicted.

Efforts to expose the injustice went unheard. (THREAD)…
Photo of the exterior of the Louisiana 5th Circuit Court of Appeal building.  Credit: Kathleen Flynn, special to ProPublica 2/ In Louisiana, all such 'pro se' (that’s Latin for "for oneself") petitions must be reviewed by 3-judge panels.

“It got somewhat cumbersome to have to select 3-judge panels for every writ, because you’d get hundreds of them,” said a longtime law clerk to Judge Edward Dufresne.
Oct 18, 2023 10 tweets 3 min read
How does a legislature block and slow roll lawsuits that accuse it of drawing discriminatory electoral maps?

Simple: By claiming privilege.
Map showing Texas's current Senate District 10 overlaid on map of previous district outline, showing how the district was transformed dramatically after 2021 redistricting.  The district previously represented racially diverse communities near Fort Worth, but it now encompasses portions of sprawling rural counties with mostly white constituents.  2/ GOP lawmakers across the US have been shielding their redistricting work from scrutiny by claiming 2 types of privilege: attorney-client privilege & legislative privilege, which allows members of state legislatures to deliberate in private.
Sep 22, 2023 14 tweets 4 min read
NEW: A ProPublica investigation has found that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas secretly participated in Koch network donor events – a breach of judicial norms that one federal judge said “takes my breath away.” 🧵👇 2/ In 2018, Thomas flew to Palm Springs on a private jet and attended a dinner for the network’s donors.

The justice was brought in, former network staffers said, in the hopes that such access would encourage donors to continue giving.
Jun 21, 2023 18 tweets 5 min read
Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito took a luxury fishing trip to Alaska with billionaire Paul Singer, whose hedge fund then had repeated business before SCOTUS over the years that followed.

Alito never disclosed the trip or recused himself from Singer's cases. (THREAD) Photo of three men in fishi... 2/ Singer, a major GOP donor, wasn't just a fellow angler along for the trip with Alito. The investor flew the justice to Alaska in a private jet.

Had Alito chartered the plane himself, it could've cost him over $100K.
Jun 18, 2023 6 tweets 3 min read
Three times a year, ProPublica compiles into a report all the real-world changes our journalism has sparked.

We are proud to share the remarkable impact of our investigations this spring, including 👇: A card with an image of Sup... A series of stories about the financial ties between Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and billionaire Harlan Crow ignited a national debate about the ethics of the court.

In May, lawmakers called for reforms of ethics rules for justices.…
Jun 13, 2023 31 tweets 10 min read
Underride crashes — when a passenger vehicle collides with a semi truck & slides beneath it — kill hundreds of Americans a year.
A ProPublica/FRONTLINE investigation reveals how safety regulators repeatedly failed to collect accurate data or take action to protect passengers. 🧵 2/ Concerns about underride crashes are not new.

In 1967, Hollywood star Jayne Mansfield was killed when the Buick she was riding in collided into the rear of a semi truck, crushing the top portion of the car.… Black and white photo of th...
Jun 3, 2023 21 tweets 5 min read
A Chicago cop got out of 44 tickets by saying over and over that his girlfriend stole his car.

And it worked.

All 44 times, his tickets were dismissed. 👇🧵 2/ At ticket hearings, Jeffrey Kriv often provided what he said were legitimate police incident reports as evidence of the car thefts.

He explained that he got the reports at police HQ.

Kriv did not let on that he, himself, was a Chicago cop.…
May 14, 2023 13 tweets 4 min read
A few weeks before our investigation into HomeVestors of America came out, the “We Buy Ugly Houses” company’s leadership called an online meeting for its 1,100+ franchisees.

The purpose of that meeting: Teach franchisees how to push back on our story. 🧵👇👇 2/ “Our goal is to bury it,” HomeVestors CEO David Hicks said about ProPublica's investigation:…
May 13, 2023 19 tweets 6 min read
HomeVestors, the company behind those "We Buy Ugly Houses" billboards, has a stated goal: Help homeowners out of "Ugly Situations."

But our investigation found HomeVestors franchisees that used deception & targeted America's most vulnerable. 🏘️🧵👇 2/ These tactics targeted the elderly, infirm and those so close to poverty that they feared homelessness would be a consequence of selling.…
May 10, 2023 13 tweets 5 min read
Lee Mazurek had been on medication to keep his chronic disease at bay for nine years when a @Cigna employee flagged his case for review.

The company estimated it could save $98,000+ if he switched parts of his treatment plan. Then came the denial. 🧵👇👇 2/ At first, no one @Cigna told him about these calculations.

The only reason Mazurek found out: He used a little-known but very powerful tool to get a peek behind the scenes at the insurance company.

He requested his claim file.…
May 5, 2023 12 tweets 3 min read
In 2022, South Carolina's GOP-dominated legislature pushed through a redistricting plan that took a competitive district and made it solidly Republican.

They got a surprising boost from one of the country's biggest Democrats: Rep. James Clyburn. (THREAD) Photo of an expressway over... 2/ Clyburn, South Carolina’s most powerful Democrat, wanted a safe seat as state lawmakers began redrawing SC’s congressional districts:

His 6th district had suffered a big population drop. Photograph of Rep. James Cl...
May 4, 2023 18 tweets 6 min read
More revelations on the financial ties between Clarence Thomas and billionaire pal Harlan Crow:

The GOP megadonor paid the private school tuition for a Thomas family member the Supreme Court justice raised "as a son."

And no, Thomas didn't disclose the payments. (THREAD) Photo collage including ima... 2/ Thomas took legal custody of his grand-nephew Mark Martin when the boy was 6.

In 2008, when Martin was a teen, Thomas sent him to Hidden Lake Academy, a private boarding school in the foothills of Northern Georgia where tuition cost in excess of $6K/month. Collage of images of Hidden...
Apr 27, 2023 11 tweets 7 min read
In small towns across America, kids are crawling under parked train cars to get to school on time.

Trains are blocking roads to schools for hours or even days at a time.

And they could start moving at any moment.

(video by @PhotogScotty from our partners at @InvestigateTV) These photos and videos are from Hammond, Indiana.

Residents say trains block their streets multiple times a week.

(photos by Jamie Kelter Davis) ImageImage
Apr 21, 2023 26 tweets 8 min read
Meet Judy Eledge.

Anchorage’s mayor picked her to help run public libraries.

Alaska’s governor says she exemplifies “the heart of Alaska.”

She also has a well-documented history of inflammatory speech.

Listen for yourself: Image This is Eledge speaking in her top floor office at one of Alaska’s largest public libraries, where she ran day to day operations and remains on the job as deputy director.
Apr 13, 2023 18 tweets 6 min read
In 2014, one of Texas billionaire Harlan Crow’s companies quietly bought several lots on a residential street in Savannah, GA.

The seller? Crow’s friend & travel companion Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. 🧵👇 Black and white portraits o... 2/ This transaction marks the first known instance of money flowing directly from Crow to Thomas.

Like the lavish trips Crow provided for the justice, Thomas failed to disclose the real estate deal as appears to be required by law.…
Apr 6, 2023 19 tweets 7 min read
For decades, Justice Clarence Thomas has secretly accepted luxury trips from a major Republican donor, newly obtained documents and interviews show.

The extent and frequency of these apparent gifts to Thomas has no known precedent in modern SCOTUS history... 🧵👇 Left: Supreme Court Justice... 2/ Thomas has publicly presented himself as an everyman with modest tastes.

In this documentary about the justice, he waxes nostalgic about his fondness for Walmart parking lots:
Mar 25, 2023 22 tweets 7 min read
Doctors at a major US insurance company deny tens of thousands of claims a month without even looking at patients’ files.

“We literally click & submit,” a former Cigna doctor told @ProPublica & @Capitol_Forum. “It takes all of 10 seconds to do 50 at a time.”

The inside story 🧵 2/ Nick van Terheyden was puzzled when Cigna told him it wouldn’t cover the cost of a simple blood test, which it deemed “not medically necessary.”

“This was a clinical decision being second-guessed by someone with no knowledge of me."
Mar 13, 2023 4 tweets 3 min read
The new @LastWeekTonight on welfare and TANF featured a trio of @propublica stories... ImageImageImage First there was this piece from @elibhager on the history and failure of welfare reform in the American Southwest:…
Feb 23, 2023 18 tweets 6 min read
The company whose train derailed in East Palestine, OH has a policy that allows staffers to instruct crews to ignore alerts from track sensors that flag possible mechanical issues.

It’s in the company rulebook. @NTSB_Newsroom plans to release a report on the East Palestine derailment later this morning.

They believe a wheel bearing in a car overheated and failed just before the train derailed.

We found a related problem…
Feb 22, 2023 4 tweets 3 min read
Congrats to @deldeib @AvaKofman & @lizziepresser for having their work recognized by @AHCJ! Read @AvaKofman's Hospice Hustle reporting here, including this morning's latest update in the series:…