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24 Nov
We asked readers to send us raw turkey pics so we could put them through our “chicken checker,” which shows salmonella rates at America’s poultry plants.

Here are their results. 👇

(We don’t say this often, but it’s actually good news)
Peg bought a “young” turkey at @WholeFoods in Bridgewater, NJ.

No high risk salmonella was found at the PA processing plant it came from in the past year.
Eli bought this turkey in Manhattan at a wholesaler called Baldor.

Here’s where it came from. No high risk salmonella to be found.
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12 Nov
1/ We mapped the spread of toxic air pollution from industrial facilities across every neighborhood in the country. We found 1,000+ hotspots of cancer-causing air.

Now, we’re trying to get word out to the people who live in those places.

*All* of them.

We need your help:
2/ Our goal is to hear from someone who lives or works in each hotspot.

We’re trying all sorts of things:
- mailers
- local news partnerships
- flyers in libraries, etc.

– but every place is different, and we could really use some help.
3/ You can help us share by:

-Printing fliers and putting them wherever you can:

-Spreading the link to our callout:

-Sending anyone you know in these places to that 👆 callout:
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3 Nov
1/ We created the most detailed map of cancer-causing industrial air pollution ever published.

It took many journalists and two years, but we found over 1,000 “hot spots.”

Here’s how to use it 👇
2/ You can type in any address, ZIP code or city.

We’re going to use “Houston” as an example.

The map tells us that the average estimated cancer risk from industrial pollution in Houston is 1/29,000.

That’s already pretty high. But in many parts of the city, it’s much higher.
3/ You can zoom and click to see where estimated risk is highest. Here, the estimated cancer risk is as high as 1/2,600.

That means for every 2,600 people living in this area, there would likely be one additional case of cancer after a lifetime of exposure.

It adds up.
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31 Oct
THREAD: What happened when @propublica staffers used our new database to look up where their raw chicken/turkey came from?

(It also shows how often high-risk strains of salmonella were found at each processing plant)

What they found isn’t for the faint of stomach.

First up...
@schwanksta, who runs the team that produced the database

Ground turkey

Purchased at:
@Wegmans in Brooklyn, NY.

High-risk salmonella:
Found in 17.5% of samples at the processing facility.

“But I made meatballs!” Ken exclaims.
@jeremykohler, reporter

Chicken breast

Purchased at:
@AldiUSA University City, MO

High-risk salmonella:
Found in 3.4% of samples at the processing facility.

Chicken was fashioned into delicious-looking chicken parm.

“Hope I don’t poison anyone,” Jeremy says.
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25 Oct
Case records and interviews with more than 50 former Liberty University students & staffers show how school discouraged, dismissed, and even blamed, students who have tried to come forward with claims of sexual assault.

In 2017, Elizabeth Axley was only a few months into her first year at Liberty when says she was raped at an off-campus Halloween party.
She immediately alerted campus police about the alleged assault and an officer took Liz to the hospital where a nurse documented 15 bruises, welts, and lacerations on her arm, face and torso.
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15 Sep
As 12-year-old Seth’s condition worsened, he and his family spent hours in the waiting room, his body quivering from the pain shooting across his lower belly. His mom asked why it was taking so long to be seen.

A nurse rolled her eyes and muttered, “COVID.”
The Florida hospital was so crowded there weren't enough chairs for the family to all sit as they waited.

And waited.
As the delta variant sweeps unvaccinated regions, hospitals are filling up and critically ill non-COVID patients have become collateral damage.
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29 Aug
As the school year begins, some parents have been forced to make hard choices in response to schools’ COVID prevention protocols (or the lack thereof).

Our reporter @NicoleFCarr was one of them.…
Nicole pulled her children out of their Georgia public school and into a virtual-only charter school when she learned their local school was making masking optional.

It was not an easy decision, but Nicole felt the rule change forced her hand.
Nicole tried to keep an open mind at her kids' school's open house. Then she saw the principal, teachers, and many parents and kids unmasked in the hallways.

"When I walked out, I knew there was nothing that would make me feel safe sending my girls to school on Monday."
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22 Aug
First responders arrive within 20 mins of a 911 call, but don’t enter the home.

When another crew finally returns nearly 3 hours later, half the household is dead.

Let’s walk through what happened. (THREAD)

CW: Details of the death of individuals by carbon monoxide poisoning
2/ Michael Negussie calls 911 at 8:48 pm, asking emergency crews to check on his cousins — Shalemu and Etenesh — and their two children in Houston.
3/ It’s mid-February. Texas is in the midst of an unprecedented winter storm.

Temperatures are below freezing.

Millions across the state have lost power.
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19 Aug
The Trump tax bill created a loophole for company executives that allows them to net millions by slashing their own salaries.

Here's how.

The latest from the Secret IRS Files 👇🧵…
2/ Under the Trump changes, taxes on profits from certain types of businesses were cut dramatically, while the tax rate on salaries those businesses paid was reduced only slightly.
3/ WAGES are now taxed at a top rate of 37%, plus an additional 3.8% for Medicare.

Meanwhile, PROFITS are taxed at a top rate of 29.6% (with no Medicare tax).
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12 Aug
Right before Congress passed Trump's 2017 tax overhaul, 8 words were added.

Those few words helped the billionaire @Bechtel family deduct hundreds of millions from their taxes.

Here's how, from the Secret IRS Files:…
2/ In the section of the bill about pass-through businesses (companies where the profits pass through to the owners as income), Congress inserted the language “applied without regard to the words ‘engineering, architecture.'”
3/ The Trump tax cuts allowed pass-through owners to deduct up to 20% of profits from their income taxes.

This new language was pushed by a lobbyist for the Becthel family’s giant engineering firm.
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11 Aug
A pair of billionaire donors to @SenRonJohnson's reelection campaign stand to reap more than $500 million in tax savings thanks to a provision Johnson fought to expand in the Trump 2017 tax cuts.

The latest from the Secret IRS Files (THREAD):…
2/ With the deadline looming for Congress to finalize Trump's signature Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Johnson threatened to vote against the bill.

“If they can pass it without me, let them,” he said.
3/ Johnson's demand? That the bill must increase tax deductions for owners of "pass-through" businesses, i.e., companies where profits pass to the owners as income.
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28 Jul
Bots filing bogus unemployment claims in bulk.

Teams of fraudsters in foreign countries making phony claims.

Online forums peddling how-to advice on identity theft.

Let's take a look inside the infrastructure of perhaps the largest fraud wave in history (THREAD)
2/ The surge of federal unemployment aid during the pandemic was meant to help out-of-work Americans survive.

But it also attracted countless scammers from around the world looking to make a fortune through fraud.…
3/ All told, state and federal assistance to the jobless during the pandemic could add up to around $1 trillion—and experts fear fraud will eat up HUNDREDS of billions of that.
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11 Jul
Chime is the largest of the “neobanks” that thrived during the pandemic by marketing themselves to Americans who needed a place to deposit stimulus checks.

Now some @Chime users say they can’t withdraw their money.

Here are two of their stories👇👇
2/ The day after Jonathan’s stimulus payment landed in his bank account, he took his 5-year-old twins out to lunch at Applebee's.

But when he went to pay, his Chime card was declined, even though the account had held $10,000 that morning.
3/ Jonathan checked his phone. His Chime account had been closed without explanation.
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8 Jul
Let’s play a game.

Match these people…

💰 Steve Ballmer
@LAClippers owner

🏀 Lebron James

🥨 Adelaide Avila
stadium worker their real 2018 federal income tax rates:

💸 14.1%

💸 12 %

💸 35.9%
@LAClippers @KingJames If you haven’t read our new IRS report, chances are you’ll answer this incorrectly…

(spoiler: this isn’t a very fun game)
But here’s a hint:

The tax rates for team owners are so low, in part, because the tax code allows them to write off almost the entire purchase price of their teams.

This is called “amortization.”
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30 Jun
The Chinese government has denied all allegations of human rights abuse claims against them for their treatments of Uyghurs, a muslim ethnic minority living in Xinjiang.

Then, @jeffykao found thousands of propaganda videos like these on YouTube and Twitter👇
2/ Note: The subtitles came with these videos. We did not add or modify them.
3/ More than 1,000 videos mention former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Pompeo, if you’ll recall, routinely accused China of committing human rights abuses while working for president Trump.
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24 Jun
Our latest from “The Secret IRS Files”:

How did Peter Thiel use a Roth IRA — a tax-free acct meant to help middle class Americans save for retirement — to amass $5 BILLION dollars*?

(*that he'll probably never have to pay taxes on)

A thread 👇
2/ While typical Roth holders stash some post-tax wages into an IRA & hope it grows over time, tax records reveal the @PayPal cofounder has used stock deals unavailable to most people to completely change the game for himself

Here’s the story:…
3/ In early 1999, Thiel was the CEO of a tech startup. He decided to use a Roth to buy dirt-cheap shares of that company; a relatively small gamble.

But, it could result in a huge payout.
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15 Jun
1/ ProPublica is excited to launch a partnership with @jourmentors.

Together, we’ll provide journalists attending affinity conferences (@NAHJ, @NABJ & @aaja) the chance to schedule mentorship chats with ProPublica staff.

Interested? Here's how to sign up:
2/ Sign up for a 20-minute session with some of our excellent staff here:…

You’ll be able to talk to some of the best in the game (yes, we’re a little biased) on a range of topics, including...
3/ @TaliaBuford, our talent development director.

She can coach on investigative reporting - including environment, policy and legal affairs reporting -- as well as career pathway development and hiring processes.

We also have,
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9 Jun
.@ProPublica has obtained IRS records for thousands of America's wealthiest people.

To understand how some ultrarich stay that way without paying much in taxes, familiarize yourself with a strategy known as "Buy, Borrow, Die." (THREAD)
2/ Most people need an income to pay for things like food and shelter.

The richest don't.

They can just live on borrowed cash.
3/ Some of the ultra-wealthy BUY assets, build companies, or inherit fortunes.

As long as they don't sell these assets, they owe no taxes on them.
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8 Jun
.@ProPublica has obtained IRS data on thousands of America’s wealthiest people, providing an unprecedented look inside the finances of titans like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates & Mark Zuckerberg. (Thread)
2/ The records show not just the income and taxes paid by these multibillionaires, but also their investments, stock trades, gambling winnings and even the results of audits.
3/ What's revealed demolishes the cornerstone myth of the American tax system: That everyone pays their fair share & the richest pay the most.…
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4 Jun
We’re looking for six journalists to join our local reporting network! Deadline to apply: July 5. (THREAD)…
2/ Journalists, here’s what you’ll do:

Spend a year, starting in Sept. 2021, working on a local accountability project that is important to your community.
3/ Here’s what we’ll provide:

- Salary coverage plus benefits allowance.
- Support and guidance from one of our senior editors.
- Access to our speciality teams, including data, research, design, engagement and audience.
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26 May
A grand jury has reportedly been empaneled in the NYC probe of Trump Org’s potentially criminal business practices.

We previously detailed how Trump’s businesses told different stories to tax officials and lenders about key Manhattan buildings. (THREAD)
2/ It began in Oct. 2019 when we looked at never-before-seen tax documents showing that the numbers Trump Org gave to lenders about its buildings didn't always match what it told city tax officials:…
3/ For instance, Trump Org told a lender that it took in twice as much rent from one building in 2017 as it reported to tax authorities during the same year. It also gave conflicting occupancy figures for one of its signature skyscrapers, located at 40 Wall Street.
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