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Founded BronyCon. Tech nerd. Trans woman (she/her). Angry. Warren supporter who'll be reluctantly voting Biden if he gets the nom (to fight Trump).
4 Aug 19
#SecretsOfBronyCon #30: After the first @BroNYCon— BroNYCon June 2011— we led around half of the ~100 attendees a block or two to Madison Square Park for a group hangout session, including this photo by @JustKelly. A giant print of this photo will be in today's #charity auction!
@BronyCon @justkelly #SecretsOfBronyCon #31: Due to a lack of venue rules prohibiting food vending, at @BroNYCon September 2011 we were able to provide in-venue meals— pizza! We placed a massive order for pizza and sold meal tickets for a few dollars. This model was later backported to @BroniesNYC.
@BronyCon @justkelly @BroniesNYC #SecretsOfBronyCon #32: At first, BC lacked any dedicated computers. Con posters were printed on a laser at my job (though I brought my own cardstock & toner), and I used my work laptop for con work. I eventually bought a laptop with con funds, which was (somehow) controversial.
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4 Aug 19
Since it's the last day of @BronyCon— ever— it's time for me to spill some #SecretsOfBronyCon— now declassified! Don't worry, Lunar Solis, I won't disclose anything that will harm the Organisation, any VIPs, other cons, or the fandom in general. This is just fun stuff!
@BronyCon #SecretsOfBronyCon #1: Did you know that I had originally planned on establishing a '@BronyCon West'... in San Francisco? Luckily, a few years later, @BABSCon established an amazing con with its own California flair in that very city.
@BronyCon @BABSCon (Side note: I'm pretty sure I would still have named the main mascot Golden Gates, or possibly Golden Gate, though knowing my lack of creativity she would have simply been International Orange with misty fog-like hair. BABS's take on the concept is much cooler!)
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