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Apr 10 22 tweets 6 min read
If you have been in the Crypto space for enough time, you must have seen comparison threads of various L1 Blockchains.

Sometimes these are good sources of alpha, while many times these are crafted shilling pitches.

So why another comparison? And specifically Solana vs NEAR? To be clear, Solana was the first L1 blockchain where I started my BUIDLing journey. Two Reasons:

1.My mentor suggested me
2.It had numerous benefits like speed and low gas

So why did I switch to NEAR?
Apr 7 19 tweets 6 min read
2 days ago, I stumbled across a cool dApp and was reading its Gitbook. I sent a snap to my crypto friend and he replied:

“I haven’t clearly understood this dApp so far” 🤔

Surprisingly, I found it to be one of the most innovative creations in Blockchains 🧠

Let’s explore #EPNS Imagine when someone sends you a notification on Whatsapp, how quickly you realize someone has texted you. You go and check out their messages and respond.

Even bank Credit/Debit transactions, you get notified all the time of what’s happening in your digital ID.

This was Web2.0
Apr 2 15 tweets 5 min read
To all my #NEAR Family, this thread explains why Near Protocol is one the most advanced blockchain networks. And how it can become the future of decentralized economy.

@NEARedu @NEARmaverick @nearbigbrain @mattdlockyer @ilblackdragon @NEARProtocol It all started with a debate upon scalability of Blockchain Networks.

#ETH 2.0 wya buddy?

As you know, the burning sensation in Ethereum’s stomach created need for an advanced mechanism. This technology is called Sharding.
Mar 26 15 tweets 5 min read
In my last thread, I explained basics of zK Proofs. The love and support you guys showed has been amazing ❤️

After this thread, I am sure you will build a good understanding of what zK-SNARKs are & why they trending nowadays?

LFG 🚀🚀🚀

#web3 #Blockchain #learning We are very well aware about how the zK Proofs work. In case you haven’t already, please check out my Patrick-Virginia example from the below tweet.

I promise you it’s the most lucid explanation on Crypto Twitter 🤤
Mar 13 16 tweets 5 min read
Internet has been whizzing with zK Proofs and Rollups but the concept behind this technology is quite easy to understand.

A thread to build your mental model for zero-Knowledge Proofs 🧵

#Web3 #learning #ZKP Let’s start with an analogy. Suppose you have two persons: Patrick and Virginia

Take a look at the picture now. There is a tunnel which divides into two paths marked as A and B.

A and B are separated by a magic door which opens only when magic spell is whispered near the door. Image
Feb 24 12 tweets 4 min read

Scrolling down the twitter #blockchain community, and suddenly feeling clueless about some technical term?

Well, it happens a lot with me since I am quite noob to Web3 and Crypto Universe.

Here is my effort to explain one such jargon 👉🏽 #Sharding 1/n From the time since its inception, scalability has been a big concern for Blockchains.

As blockchains become more mainstream, its essential for networks to be scalable with high throughput for explosive growth.

Low gas fees + Ultra high TPS = Growth 🚀
Apr 9, 2021 6 tweets 4 min read
Three Reasons Why #Nifty Is Due for a Correction:

1. 20 EMA and Nifty Connection
2. Fibonacci Pullbacks and correction modes
3. Metals rally in the past few months

Please retweet if you find the analysis useful and accurate ❤️
@rohit_katwal @kapildhama @gurdeeparora971

#Stocks 1. 20 EMA and Nifty:

As a thumb rule, for the past 18 years data, "Everytime Nifty starts a rally, it takes a pause at 20 EMA-Monthly support".

👉🏽 Important: I am not claiming that Nifty will fall instantly to 13000 zone tomorrow. But, 20MEMA will catch up with Nifty. Agree?