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Aug 18 7 tweets 2 min read
I have read this thing.

It is one of the dumbest legal filings I have read in the past three years and when you think about what it takes to clear that bar that's pretty remarkable.

I'm not going to do a deep dive, but here's an overview of the appropriate points of laughter: 1: It is incomplete.

By which I mean they didn't manage to get all the pages scanned in.

The thing goes from Page 5 to Page 8. Pages 6 and 7 are, like Patrick Byrne's sanity and Russell Newman's competence, nowhere to be found.
Aug 17 4 tweets 1 min read
I skimmed this. I was fully prepared to label this as a LOLsuit - and, to be fair, it's got some lolworthy things (like pleading that the court has personal jurisdiction over the *plaintiffs* based on principal place of business.)

Thing is - there may be an actual issue here. It looks like the reasons for the ban have not been clearly disclosed - there aren't even, as far as I can tell, disclosures of the type of harassment that is claimed, exact number, etc. That gets me thinking "undisclosed facts."

Now, that's a damn hard lift for a plaintiff.
Aug 17 11 tweets 3 min read
Hamid's whole thread is bizarre, but this is one of the stranger bad takes in it.

Enforcing laws reinforces the rule of law in this particular case because it rejects Trump's efforts to place himself above the law. I'm also not sure is Shadi actually knows what a tautology is. "You can observe a lot by watching" is a tautological statement. "It ain't over til it's over" is a tautological statement.

"enforcing laws reinforces the rule of law" is not.

Aug 12 4 tweets 1 min read
Y'all, yeah, that Fox thing with the judge and the Epstein photo was kind of borderline. Sure, we can play the "is it actual malice" game.

But it's important to not lose sight of reality, and the reality is that the judge won't sue. He knows it, and so does Fox. Suing - especially over something so superficially silly - would be beneath the dignity of the office. More importantly, it would interfere with his ability to do his job. Yes, the photo also interferes, as do the resulting death threats.

But a suit doesn't stop those.
Aug 10 35 tweets 7 min read
A bunch of people are about to start law school. Here's a thread of suggestions for y'all - and I'll probably QT some of the replies into this later.

Rule 1: There's exactly one right way to do law school and it's "the way that works for you." Rule 2: Do not expect that you will immediately hit on the way that works for you. Even if you've got study techniques that have been extremely productive for you in the past, they may not work for this.
Aug 9 7 tweets 2 min read
When I was a DOD civilian, there was mandatory classified documents training, which included what to do if we found any and what our potential criminal exposure was if we took stuff home instead of turning it in.

My job was supervising lifeguards. Who got the same training So let's be clear:
This incomprable hack's handwringing is hot garbage. If we tell 16-year-old summer employees that they can go to jail for screwing around with classified documents someone else left lying around, we can hold Trump to a similar standard.
Aug 7 4 tweets 1 min read
Not a bad view. Image Not too shabby this way either. Image
Aug 2 18 tweets 4 min read
I probably won't have time to look at this in depth for another couple of days. But on first impression, this looks like a straightforward artistic use case.

Not sure why it's been brought, to be honest. oh fuckaduck -

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!?!?!?!?!!!!!!???!!!
Aug 1 8 tweets 2 min read
Akiva is running through the details on the PACT Act in the linked thread. I'm going to try and do something simpler: explain, in terms so basic that even a Republican Senator can understand, what this bill does and why it is the only just thing to do. This will not take long, because it's very simple.

1: We know that veterans who were exposed to a range of unusual toxins as a result of their service are developing a range of unusual, debilitating, and sometimes fatal, diseases at rates well beyond what we'd expect.
Jul 30 4 tweets 1 min read
Lunchtime. This is the local dish most likely to make @BoozyBadger start plotting a trip.
Jul 29 7 tweets 2 min read
This is certainly a take. It's not a good take. It's not a take from someone who has any real concept of how anything works. But it is a take. And the takes just keep on coming...

Jul 29 4 tweets 2 min read
I have landed.

We're home. Image Last pickup.
Jul 28 4 tweets 1 min read

Just how did this manage to get dumber. Seriously, I'm still trying to figure out what they've got going on over there but the core group is breaking up, there's a "you can burn your tokens for ETH but hodl is better" thing, and apparently Teh Book is owned by a British Virgin Islands company "in trust" for the DAO.
Jul 22 8 tweets 3 min read
We're on the way. Sweet home no longer.
Jul 15 18 tweets 5 min read
Welcome to the Move Thread, Day 1. I thought it might be, if not fun, cathartic to show y'all what goes into a 4500 mile move with a three bedroom house. Disclaimer. Because it wouldn't feel right without it.
Jul 9 5 tweets 1 min read
Brief Elon Musk buyer's regret lawsplainer:

Elon wants out. Twitter wants to be paid. Twitter will absolutely sue him, and - given that Twitter's legal team isn't three squirrels in a suit - is probably starting from a stronger position.

So buy all the popcorn. When filled, the case will be in the Court of Chancery in Delaware, because that's what the parties agreed to in the contract.

In theory, the court can order Musk to go through with the deal.

In reality, Elon may not be able to get the funding.
Jul 6 4 tweets 2 min read
Keeping Democrats united and motivated is very important. That would be easier if the ones we elected gave us a little help now and then.

I'm out here telling people to vote because judges are critical, and Biden's out there making deals to put Republicans on the bench, wtf. And Elie is on the money here - the Democrats in Congress knew what was coming with the Dobbs decision for *OVER A MONTH* and they decide the thing to do when it was made official was sing a damn song?

Jul 5 28 tweets 7 min read
We've got a dispute involving an American dude who claims to own copyright in some Afghani rug designs, and is vigorously enforcing his claims. So I guess we're going to talk about copyright and colonialism today.

(He almost certainly doesn't, but we'll get to that at the end.) Here's the background:
The guy in the photo in the QT above is Kevin Sudeith. Kevin sells "war rugs" - Afghani carpets that have images of weapons on them.

These are reasonably common - I've been around veterans for a couple of decades, and I've seen quite a few.
Jul 4 4 tweets 2 min read
Yes, thank you for informing me of the existence of this thing called history.

To be clear:
1: I did not say that a SCOTUS Justice *rides* the circuit. They do not.
2: I did say that a SCOTUS Justice has certain responsibilities connected with the circuit. They do.

hth, hand. Yes. You said that before. I understood you the first time.

Be that as it may:
Each Supreme Court justice still has responsibilities related to one or more circuits; there is still a circuit justice assigned to each circuit.

Which bit don't you get?

Jun 30 12 tweets 2 min read
The EPA decision is a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad ruling. But I'm seeing the same kind of confusion over this that I'm seeing over the one that touched on Miranda warnings.

Just as that decision didn't get rid of the Miranda warning, this doesn't get rid of the EPA. The confusion is understandable; it's also going to be hard to clear up in a few tweets or even one of my threads. Because these really are big decisions that are going to be quite harmful in the long term, but they are also into the weeds of how the law works.
Jun 29 4 tweets 1 min read
In September, I did about 15-20 hours of research into Singapore's fair use law (mostly hand-crawling through their published law reports, because I had no access to an online index).

TIL they redid their entire copyright law in late October. Current mood: