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Code-slaw @openlawofficial; @OpenESQ; @TheLAOOfficial; @lex_DAO; codeslaw.eth // not legal advice ⚔️👾⚔️ $RCLE $RCR
20 Apr 20
Coordinating groups and deals entirely online~~ez?

SIGN OFF on @OpenLawOfficial ✒️ readable text to get people to do stuff~

SETTLE ON #Ethereum 🌐⛓️ hard code to get money_robots to do stuff~

here , awarding $LXK bounty to @contractslegal in seconds~~…
executed from this library template:…

markup the…
curious about #LegalEngineering, Solidity for deals?

check @lex_DAO issues on repos like `ETHDrop`:…

complete bounties & level 🆙 pro rep on neutral work history base of #Ethereum
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17 Apr 20
Want to issue best-in-class Security Tokens + create a whitelisted @UniswapExchange + @OpenLawOfficial smart docs in minutes?

👉 click `Form Smart Co.` on 🤖
👉 send simple Founder Agreement around ~ 📧
👉 execute on OL and issue Token with Exchange ~~>
here, added @lex_DAO roster to Security Token via >> OG holders get automatically added to ERC-1404 Whitelist (1) with fresh @UniswapExchange waiting for their Liquidity 🦄💦…
What does this mean? 🌈

We have automated and embedded Legal Engineering right into Security Token creation // Whitelisting for founder group and listing on private digital exchanges are prepared automatically from outset 🔧

demo US listing:…
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3 Aug 19
Saturday jam 🛠 Tokenize Services on @OpenLawOfficial -> create Pool on @UniswapExchange all from your phone using @metamask_io mobile 🏵📲✨(dAppBoiz for all


Uniswap address for ‘Ross Campbell Legal Engineering’ ⚖️🛠 🏵⚡️:…
Low-key, and right now for demonstrative tinkering for legalTechies🎩, I will back RCLE 🏵 ⚡️with Legal Engineering consultation #LEETH 📡 1 Token = 1 Hour 💸⚖️💡@OpenESQ
Redeem RCLE 🏵✨with your mobile📲just a few clicks on an @OpenLawOfficial form to engage a #LEETH consultation:…
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