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Jul 15 18 tweets 3 min read
⭐️India's Superstar Investors

⭐️Explore the Stocks Ace Investors Bought and Sold in their Portfolios During Q1FY25!

[A thread..]🧵👇 Image ⭐️Mr. Ashish Kacholia:

🔶Dhabriya Polywood Ltd: (Increased Holding)
🔹M Cap: ₹464 Cr
🔹Q1FY25 Holding: 6.7%
🔹Addition: 0.2%
🔹Holding Value: ₹31.6 Cr
Jul 13 13 tweets 5 min read
🚨Bulk/Block Deals

🚨10 Companies showcasing significant Block/Bulk deal trade activities in the last two weeks

[A thread..]🧵👇 Image 🔶Godrej Industries Ltd: (M Cap: ₹30,422 Cr)

🔹Nadir B. Godrej bought 2,54,98,940 shares @ ₹893
🔹Tanya Arvind Dubash bought 56,94,777 shares @ ₹893
🔹Nisaba Adi Godrej bought 56,94,778 shares @ ₹
🔹Pirojsha Adi Godrej bought 56,94,777 shares @ ₹893
🔹Total Value: ₹3,804 CrImage
Jul 12 19 tweets 7 min read

🗞️The Indian government aims to achieve a 20% ethanol blending target by FY25

⛽️15 companies leading the way in ethanol production, driving the transition to greener energy sources

[A thread...]🧵👇 Image ✍️BCL Industries Ltd:
Established in 1976, BCL is leading by example in utilizing solely maize for ethanol production.
BCL plans to expand the total group distillery capacity to 850 KLPD by FY25.

🔹Market Cap: ₹ 1,416 Cr
🔹CMP: ₹ 52.0
🔹PE: 15.6
🔹Current Capacity: 700 KLPD
🔹Sales Growth 3 Years: 14%Image
Jul 12 23 tweets 8 min read
🚗EV Ecosystem

🚗20 Companies Transforming the EV Ecosystem, from advanced component manufacturers to charging station providers

[A thread...]🧵👇 Image ⚡️Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd.:
Co manufactures starter motors for PVs and LCVs, along with EV traction motors and control units for hybrid and electric vehicles . Co's EV order book is ₹179 billion, representing 79% of its total orders

🔹M Cap: ₹42,806 Cr
🔹CMP: ₹730 Image
Jul 10 15 tweets 5 min read
🫧Water Proxy: Plastic Pipes

🫧12 companies engaged in manufacturing Plastic Pipes, addressing needs across Plumbing, Irrigation, and Industrial sectors

[A thread..]🧵👇 Image ⚡️Supreme Industries Ltd.:
The company holds the title of India's largest manufacturer of plastic piping products, offering an extensive range of pipes and fittings.

🔶Key Metrics:
🔹M Cap: ₹75,316 Cr
🔹CMP: ₹5,929
🔹P/E: 72.9 Image
Jul 9 21 tweets 7 min read
🏭Sector: Petrochemicals

🏭18 Companies engaged in the production of petrochemicals and associated products, serving as foundational pillars for various sectors

[A thread...]🧵👇 Image ✍️GAIL (India) Ltd:
The company has diverse operations in natural gas sourcing, LPG & petrochemical manufacturing, pipeline transmission, and city gas. It holds a 15% domestic market share in petrochemicals with a capacity of 1090 KTA.

🔹M Cap: ₹1,50,899 Cr
🔹CMP: ₹230
🔹P/E: 15.2Image
Jul 8 28 tweets 8 min read
💰Increase in FIIs Holding📈

💰25 Small-Cap Companies that saw an increase in FII stakes in the recent Quarter

[A thread..]🧵👇 Image 🔶Mishtann Foods Ltd:
🔹M Cap: ₹1,888 Cr
🔹CMP: ₹17.8
🔹P/E: 5.45
🔹Change in FIIs Holding: 2.79%
🔹FIIs Holding: 5.02% Image
Jul 8 31 tweets 11 min read
⛽️Green Hydrogen Ecosystem

🗞️World Bank approves $1.5 bn loan to support India's green hydrogen push

⛽️28 companies shaping the green hydrogen revolution

[A thread...]🧵👇 Image ✍️GAIL (India) Ltd (₹1,45,869 Cr):
🔹Company's first green hydrogen project is located at the Vijaipur complex in Madhya Pradesh, India., aiming to generate 4.3 metric tons of hydrogen per day with 99.999% purity. Image
Jul 6 23 tweets 8 min read
✨Fast Growing Undervalued Companies

✨20 small cap companies growing at 15% CAGR and with PEG ratio below 1.5

[A thread...]🧵👇 Image 🔶Ganesh Housing Corporation Ltd:
Company is engaged in the construction of residential and commercial projects in and around Ahmedabad.

🔹M Cap: ₹8,679 Cr
🔹CMP: ₹1,041
🔹P/E: 18.8
🔹PEG Ratio: 0.24
🔹Sales Growth 3 Years: 74.4% Image
Jul 5 17 tweets 5 min read
🔥Sector in Focus: Railways & its Proxies

🚆The Order Book status of 14 companies in the railways sectors is propelling the growth of the industry

[A thread....]🧵👇 Image 🔶Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd:

🔹M Cap: ₹1,02,468 Cr.
🔹CMP: ₹491
🔹P/E: 70.1
🔹Order Book: ₹85,000 Crore (as on Mar 31, 2024) Image
Jul 4 30 tweets 10 min read
🚆Budget Theme: Railways & its Proxies

🚆27 Railways & its Proxies Companies Set to Ride the Budget's upcoming Waves 🚆📈

[A thread...]🧵👇 Image ✍️Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd:
It is a government-owned financial institution established to raise funds and provide financial assistance for the development & modernization of the Indian Railways.

🔹M Cap: ₹2,31,574 Cr
🔹P/E: 36.1
🔹CMP: ₹177 Image
Jul 4 25 tweets 6 min read
⚡️Sector: Smart Meters

⚡️ India's Smart Meter Revolution: 8.6 Million Installed, Targeting 250 Million by 2025

⚡️11 Companies Powering the Smart Meter Revolution

[A thread.....]🧵👇 Image 🔶India Power Corporation Ltd:
🔷Company has adopted smart meters, Iot devices in transformers, and 3-phase smart meters with SCADA systems in its grid.
🔷The company secured contract for 350,000 smart meters in five Madhya Pradesh towns.Image
Jul 3 28 tweets 10 min read
🇮🇳All Eyes On Union Budget 2024-2025🇮🇳

⚡️28 Defense sector Companies that can benefit from the upcoming budget

[A thread...]🧵👇 Image ✍️Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd:
Co is engaged in the business of Manufacture of Aircraft and Helicopters and Repair, Maintenance of Aircraft and Helicopters.

🔹M Cap: ₹3,61,075 Cr
🔹P/E: 47.6
🔹CMP: ₹5,399 Image
Jul 2 24 tweets 6 min read
🧪Battery Chemicals

🧪9 Battery Chemical companies driving growth within the EV battery value chain

[A thread...]🧵👇 Image 🧪 Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd: (M Cap: ₹35,705 Cr)
A leading producer in India specializing in Fluoro-polymers, Fluoro-specialties, Chemicals, and Refrigerants.

🔹Chemical Division: Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)
🔹Applications: EV Batteries Image
Jul 1 23 tweets 8 min read
⚡️Sector: Cement Sector

⚡️20 Cement Companies Powering Infrastructure Development

[A thread...]🧵👇 Image ✍️Ultra Tech Cement Ltd:
The company manufactures grey cement, ready mix concrete (RMC), and white cement in India.

🔹M Cap: ₹ 3,39,219 Cr.
🔹CMP:₹ 11,750
🔹P/E: 48.1
🔹Capacity: 154.86 MTPA
🔹3 Years Sales Growth: 16.6 %Image
Jul 1 22 tweets 8 min read
🚛Sector: Logistics

🗞️The Indian freight and logistics market is projected to grow at 8.8% annually, reaching USD 484.43 billion by 2029.

🚛19 Logistics companies that are leading the way in streamlining supply chains & enhancing
transportation solutions

[A thread...]🧵👇 Image 🔶Container Corporation Of India Ltd:
The company specializes in transporting containers from ports via rail wagons and manages cold storage chains along with warehouses.

🔹M Cap: ₹63,126 Cr
🔹CMP: ₹1,036
🔹P/E: 50.1
🔹3 Years Sales Growth: 10.4% Image
Jul 1 28 tweets 9 min read
☕️Coffee Can Portfolio

☕️25 small-cap companies that align with Saurabh Mukherjee's Coffee Can Portfolio criteria.

[A thread...]🧵👇 Image ✍️Shilchar Technologies Ltd:

🔹M Cap: ₹4,421 Cr
🔹P/E: 48.1
🔹CMP: ₹5,797
🔹ROCE: 74.6%
🔹OPM: 28.6%
🔹Sales Growth: 49.9%
🔹3 Years Sales Growth: 41.6% Image
Jun 29 21 tweets 8 min read
👑Monopoly Businesses: Sector & Stocks

🌟Auto Ancillaries
🌟E-Commerce/App based Aggregator
🌟Capital Goods

👑Explore companies across various sectors that enjoy monopolistic positions

[A thread...]🧵👇 Image 🔶Sector: Auto Ancillaries

✍️Wheels India Ltd:
The company manufactures road wheels, parts, and accessories for machinery used in construction and mining industries.

🔹M Cap: ₹1,937 Cr
🔹CMP: ₹793
🔹Monopoly: 81% market share in Metal Wheel Rims. Image
Jun 29 24 tweets 4 min read

⚡️Profitability Ratios and How does they work with examples!

[A thread...]🧵👇 Image 🔶Return on Equity:
🔷It is a profitability ratio that depicts how well the company makes profits from equity capital.
🔷ROE is a useful metric for calculating a company's financial performance.
Jun 28 25 tweets 8 min read
🏆Navratna Companies

🏆18 Listed Navratna Companies that every new investor should know about

[A thread...]🧵👇 Image 🔶What are the Navratna companies?
🔹Navratna companies in India are public sector undertakings granted Navratna status, signifying their pivotal role in the nation's economy.
Jun 28 11 tweets 4 min read
📢Upcoming IPOs

📢8 Green Energy Companies Set for Fresh IPOs to Power the Future!

🧵👇 Image ✍️Premier Energies Ltd:
🔹Premier Energies, an integrated solar cell and solar module manufacturer with an annual installed capacity of 2 GW and 3.36 GW respectively, has filed the DRHP with SEBI to raise over ₹1,500 Cr through an IPO. Image