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Assistant Prof of International Development, @SAISHopkins. Tweets mostly on bureaucrats as heroes, power and peril of metrics v-v autonomy, and @puremichigan.
28 Jul
Now out in @apsrjournal #APSRFirstView! Joint with @JamesBisbee, this (unusually for me) is about voters & politicians; specifically, voters' COVID fear-induced ‘flight to safety’, to the benefit of mainstream candidates. 🧵on where this paper came from & why IMO it matters 👇1/ Image
It was March 13, 2020. I was home in Dakar; my “cold” had gotten bad. I was having trouble breathing, and indeed getting out of bed. I was reading an NY Times article on possible COVID futures, feeling for the 1st time genuinely scared about what that might mean for us all. 2/
I’ve spent a lot of my life living overseas. But I felt a sudden pull to be back where I still feel most comfortable, back in Detroit, that surprised me; a really strong desire for the familiarity & safety of the known, of where I feel most rooted. 3/
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17 Jun 20
The UK's Department for International Development (@DFID_UK) ceased to be yesterday. gov.uk/government/new… This is a bad idea for a number of reasons - not least, because of what it will likely mean for the #MissionDrivenBureaucrats who so typify DFID. 1/
While my current book manuscript on Mission-Driven Bureaucrats mentions DFID 0 times, my thinking on the topic is heavily influence by observing the agency for some time now. 2/
In my professional work in developing countries I was struck how different the DFID representatives often seemed to all the other donors'. The DFID folks seemed to have more autonomy to make decisions, and also to care more about outcomes over process. 3/
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7 Apr 20
My family and I took an @StateDept evacuation flight from Senegal to the US on Friday. I’d like to say a few things about that, focusing on 1) The people who work for State (wonderful) & 2) The impression it left me about coordinated US airport response to COVID (disturbing). 1/
First, let me just say my family and I were and remain fine – like I imagine many of my fellow passengers, we took the flight over worries about (Senegal’s) closed borders and what might happen IF things got bad there/we couldn’t get back to America for some time. 2/
So it came to pass that on April 3 we joined 150 or so other Americans, many quite sad to be leaving Senegal and possibly worried about at what lay ahead of them in America, at Dakar’s very empty airport. 3/
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21 Mar 19
Part 2: That's what @CGDev is about to me (in research/policy/mission , not hiring of MA students, of course) - changing life trajectories. Treating everyone as people. Trying to make sure it's not just the lucky few who get a chance to do transformative things. Using data 23/
But not forgetting unmeasurable soft information, and people, and empathy, and voice, and empowerment. 24/
And I was right about the life changing bit, by the way - an incredibly pivotal experience. Hardest job I'll ever do. Most meaningful job, maybe, too. I made a ton of mistakes; tried not to make the same mistake twice, but probably did that too. 25/
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21 Mar 19
Thread: It's probably silly to do a CRAZY LONG tweet storm about being named a non-resident fellow @CGDev. But I feel really touched. CGD has been a special place for me for a good part of my professional life. 1/
And I kind of want to tell how that began. It was 2007 when I first heard from CGD. It was @CohanShapiro's voice, telling me I could interview for a job as a Scott Fellow (cgdev.org/article/scott-…) if I could be in DC to do so in 48 hours. I was shocked to get the interview;3/
First thought was that I must have come off some kind of wait list. Second was that I needed time to cram; I could put Liberia on a map but that was close to it, so I asked to delay the interview. Justin gently explained to me that it was the offered hour or no interview. 4/
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