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Waiting for Kalki. ANTI Feminist, ANTI Liberal, ANTI Communist, ANTI Jihadi. I am also Pro Patriarch, coz my men love me a lot. Modi Shah follower! গঙ্গাঋদ্ধি!
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20 Jun
Today is #PaschimBangaDibas
We all know it was Dr SP Mookherjee who fought for the Hindu Bengali's right for a independent piece of land free from the clutches of jihadi mob's daily atrocities. In the Tarakeshwar conference it was decided A LAND FOR HINDU BENGALIS IS A MUST .
Many prominent Bengalis came to support this cause. They were some intellectuals, erudite, proud Bengalis who cared for our future at that time, unlike nowadays!
They knew, the land ridden with 1000s of communal riot in the past can never develop & prosper with M majority.
Here is the list of some erudite Hindu Bengalis who supported the division of Bengal for Hindu Bengalis ONLY.
Sir Jadunath Sarkar
Dr Ramesh Ch Majumdar
Dr Meghnad Saha
Pandit HaraPrashad Shastri
Dr Binoy Kumar Saha
Dr RadhaKumud Mukherjee
Dr RadhaKamal Mukherjee
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28 Mar
আজকাল স্বর্গত কবিরাও খুব দুশ্চিন্তায় আছেন, লিখে ফেলছেন স্বরচিত করোনা পদ্য​!

১) সুকুমার রায়
শুনতে পেলাম চায়না গিয়ে,
দারুন রোগে সব গুটিয়ে,
রোগের ওষুধ হঠাৎ পেলে-
জানিয়ে দিও ক' ড্রপ খেলে?
কি করলে থাকবো ভালো?
সাবান দেব হাতের তেলো,
দেখেছো কি ভাইরাসের গঠন,
অনেকটা রস বড়ার মতন।
২) মাইকেল মধুসুদন দত্ত​

হে বঙ্গভূমিতে এলো কোরোনা এমন,
তা সবে অবোধ তুমি অবহেলা করি,
প্রমোদে হইয়া মত্ত করিলে ভ্রমণ-
পরদেশ হইতে আনি জীবাণু ইহারি,
কাটাইলে কতদিন গৃহ পরিহারি,
অবাধ্য চঞ্চল অতি দেখি তব মন।
৩) সত্যেন্দ্রনাথ দত্ত

চুপ করে থাক বসে, কোনো দিকে যাস নে,
রুমালেতে মুখ ঢাক, অমন হাঁচিস নে।।
রোগ যাস ছড়িয়ে-
জীবাণুতে ভরিয়ে-
কটা দিন থাক একা, কাছেতে ঘেঁষিস নে।।
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30 Nov 19
I had bought a portable washing machine a couple of months ago. Mainly to wash the inner collars of school shirts.

This is the product - PortableWash
Also this is a Make In India product.
So, I wanted to try this one, though I hv a washing machine at home.
I started using it from last month. Due to some water scarcity in our locality, using the main WM was out of question.
Just had to fix the machine to a Balti, pour water to the prescribed water level, pour enough detergent, drop 3-4 shirts into the balti...
And watch the machine do the work. At first I was a bit sceptical about how it will work, but action speaks more than words, I guess...
The clothes were dirty no doubt, I dropped in a couple of socks as well, let it spin for 2-3 mins.
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11 Apr 19
#LokSabhaElections2019 #WestBengal
Sporadic clashes reported in Cooch Nehar & Alipurduar. Clashes between BJP & TMC workers. BJP Poliing agents were stopped from entering the booths by TMC. However, the presiding Officer stepped in to let BJP Polling agents.
#LokSabhaElections2019 #WestBengal
Remember, during Panchayat Election2018, a presiding officer Rajkumar Roy was murdered gruesomely. Today the presiding officers are asking for Central Forces n opposition party agents inside the polling stations.
#LokSabhaElections2019 #WestBengal
Till now 18.10% vote has been registered within first 2 hours.
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20 Mar 19
450 candidates who had applied for the post of assistant teachers & are in the waiting list of the School Service Commission (SSC) were on an indefinite hunger strike since February 28, in front of the Press Club, Dharmatala, Kolkata.
#MamataIgnoresSSC #SaveSSCCandidates
These are candidates who had taken the SSC exams in 2013 and 2017, had qualified the exam and are on the waiting list for recruitment. They are demanding that recruitments be made in the numerous vacant seats across schools in West Bengal.
#MamataIgnoresSSC #SaveSSCCandidates
Seats vacant in govt Schools since 2014 are not being filled up. Instead WB Govt has come up with Civic Teachers who will be paid a paltry sum of 2500-3000 pm without any proper qualification n ZERO job security.
#MamataIgnoresSSC #SaveSSCCandidates
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31 Jan 19
Does anyone know this person? He is Prof Haripada Bharati of Janata Dal & later Bengal President of BJP.
In 1979 during the #Marichjhapi massacre, Prof Bharati tried to rescue the victims & provide shelter to the survivors.
He took few of his party workers & boats to Marichjhapi
The rescue mission was tipped off to the CPM. They sent in their Harmad gang. With 5-6 boats they encircled him in the mid-river. Marichjhapi was already surrounded by 100s of armed Police force. Prof Bharati was arrested by the CPIM govt led by Jyoti Basu.
1979 started off with Mr. Jyoti Basu clamping prohibitory orders and starving almost 3,000 children of Marichjhapi. Today on 1979 the police opened fire, the dead bodies were dumped into the sea or were bundled off to dense forest areas of the Sunderbans as ‘tiger-fodder’!
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5 Dec 18
Today is the day when the Butcher of Bengali Hindus, HS Suhrawardy, died a lonely death in Beirut. Just after independence, he fled like a coward to Dhaka as he feared that Hindus would kill him because of his involvement in both Direct Action Day (Great Calcutta Killings)
and Noahkhali Riots. Years later, he was driven out of Pakistan by Ayub Khan too. ‘Tell Suhrawardy not to try and return to Pakistan, otherwise I shall make sure personally that he never sets foot on its soil.’ - ZA Bhutto. It was within days of this threat, he breathed his last.
He, who had once written to “In order to bring the majority Hindus to a proper frame of mind it is necessary to have continuous propaganda amongst them and it is going to take time.” and “What attracts me most to Mahatma Gandhi’s mission is his insistence that …the minorities...
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3 Dec 18
#ThisDayInHistory #Khudiram
Today is the Birth Anniversary of the ‘Boy Revolutionary’ Khudiram Bose. Born in 3rd Dec 1889 at Habibpur, Midnapore, WB, he was the 4th child after 3 daughters. His parents Trailokyanath Bose & Lakshmipriya Debi had 2 sons earlier who died prematurely
So, in attempt to save his life, his mother gave up her worldly rights on her son & he was sold symbolically to his eldest sister Aparupa in exchange of ‘Khud” or food grains. Thus he acquired the name Khudiram.
However, though Khudiram lived, his parents died within a year of each other when he turned 7. It was Aparupa, his eldest sister who brought him up. By the time he was 14, Khudiram had already grown interest in Swadeshi movement.
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8 Oct 18
শুভ মহালয়া| সবাই নিশ্চিত মহালয়া মানে দূর্গাপূজার দিন গোনা, মহালয়ার ৬ দিন পর মহাসপ্তমি, তাই দেবিকে আমত্রন ইত্যাদি। মহালয়ার তার চেয়ে বড় গুরুত্ব আছে ।
ত্রেতা যুগে ভগবান শ্রীরামচন্দ্র অকালে দেবিকে আরাধনা করেছিলেন লঙ্কা জয় করে সীতাকে উদ্ধারের জন্য|

আসল দূর্গা পূজা হলো বসন্তে, সেটাকে বাসন্তি পূজা বলা হয় । শ্রীরামচন্দ্র অকালে-অসময়ে পূজা করেছিলেন বলে এই শরতের পূজাকে দেবির অকাল-বোধন বলা হয় । তিথিতে যারা পিতৃ-মাতৃহীন তারা তাদের পূর্বপূরূষের স্মরন করে, পূর্বপূরুষের আত্নার শান্তি কামনা করে অঞ্জলি প্রদান করেন ।
সনাতন ধর্ম অনুসারে এই দিনে প্রয়াত আত্মাদের মত্যে পাঠিয়ে দেয়া হয়, প্রয়াত আত্নার যে সমাবেশ হয় তাহাকে মহালয় বলা হয়। মহালয় থেকে মহালয়া । পিতৃপক্ষের ও শেষদিন এটি । সনাতন ধর্মের কার্যাদি কোন তারিখ অনুসারে করা হয় না । তিথি অনুসারে হয় ।
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24 Sep 18
ঐ যে গুলির ফুটোটা দেখছেন। ঐ ফুটো দিয়ে একটু এগিয়ে গেলেই রাজেসের হৃৎপিন্ডটা পাওয়া যাবে। চলুন আমরা সবাই ওর হৃদয়ের পাশে, ওর সাথে গিয়ে একটু বসি।
"তুই চিন্তা করিস না ভাই, আমরা তোর সাথেই আছি। শুধু, তুই একটু আগেই চলে গেলি।
বর্ণমালার প্রতিটা বর্ণ চুঁইয়ে চুঁইয়ে তাজা টকটকে লাল রক্ত গড়িয়ে পড়ছে।
হাজার চেষ্টা করেও সেগুলোর রঙ নীল সাদা করা যাচ্ছে না।
লজ্জা করেনা আপনাদের????? এই ছাত্রগুলিকে গুলি করতে হাত কাঁপল না?????
হাতে যুবশ্রী, কন্যাশ্রীর টাকা আর বুকে গুলি। এই আমাদের বাংলা।
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18 Sep 18
My 2 cents on #BagriMarketFire
Most of the old markets in WB are owned by Hindus. By Destroying them, mostly Marwaris, Gujaratis, Baishya Bengalis & Bihari/UP will be FORCED to sell their shops to MUSLIM PROMOTERS. Same like H selling farmlands to M
This is not the FIRST INSTANCE, destroying the ORGANISED HINDU MARKETS benefits the MUSLIM HAWKER SYNDICATES of TMC who are used to launder money and PAY the TMC .
900+ Shops were gutted, around 10000 people LOST their JOBS , forget Puja Bonus, most are not sure they will get Salaries. On being asked to REACT to the FIRE, in Germany, Pishi shed NO TEARS , She called the HINDU SHOP OWNERS as HOOLIGANS and said THEY DESERVED it.
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14 Sep 18
বালের বুদ্ধিজীবী

বুদ্ধিজীবী কারে কয়?
দু চারটে কবিতা ঝেড়ে
ঝোলা ব্যাগ কাঁধে নিয়ে,
যারা নন্দনে ঘুরে বেড়ায়।

বুদ্ধিজীবী কারে কয়?
গালাগালি ভরা ডায়লগ সহ
সাথে কিছু পানু সিন রেখে,
যারা দু এক পিস সিনেমা বানায়।
বুদ্ধিজীবী কারে কয়?
ক্যানভাসে কিছু রং মাখিয়ে
তাতে বড় একটা টাইটেল লিখে,
যারা গ্যালারিতে প্রদর্শনী লাগায়।

বুদ্ধিজীবী কারে কয়?
কলেজে ছাত্র না পড়িয়ে
দুই চারটে ইংরেজি শিখে,
যারা টিভিতে বসে ভাষণ মারায়।
বুদ্ধিজীবী করে কয়?
ধর্ম মানিনা ভাষণ মেরে
তালে তালে মোল্লা তোষণ করে
যারা ধর্মতলায় দাঁড়িয়ে গরু খায়।

বুদ্ধিজীবী কারে কয়?
জনগণকে বোকা বানিয়
পয়সার লোভে বিকিয়ে গিয়ে,
রাতারাতি এ দল ও দল পাল্টায়।
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11 Sep 18
#ThisDayinHistory #SwamiVivekananda
11th September 1893 Parliament of World’s Religions at Chicago. A young monk from a far away country rose to deliver a soul stirring speech drew the entire world's attention to our Nation's rich history & strong cultural roots.
“Sisters and Brothers of America. [At this moment came the three minute standing ovation from the audience of 7,000] It fills my heart with joy unspeakable to rise in response to the warm and cordial welcome which you have given us. I thank you in name of the most ancient order
of monks in the world; I thank you in the name of the mother of religions; and I thank you in the name of millions and millions of Hindu people of all classes and sects.
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21 Aug 18
A forgotten history of Bengal. Whether you like it or not.
বালিকার ক্রন্দনধ্বনি bangodesh.com/2018/08/cry-of…
#BengalHistory #JagatSeth #SarfarajKhan
‘main nehi jaungi… cchor do mujhe”
Maha Chand’s eleven year old bride’s wails and laments was echoing inside the aged Fatehchand’s palace. FatehChand was numb in shock.
#BengalHistory #JagatSeth #SarfarajKhan
Female abduction? FatehChand had seen so many. Nawab Sarfaraj Khan was merciless. After Sujauddin’s death, since Sarfaraj had become the Nawab, this was his favourite past time. He wouldnt let go of any woman…
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24 Jul 18
#UttamKumar #ThisDayInHistory
Uttam Kumar was a Phenomenon. He was the ruler of the hearts of millions of Bengalis. This iconic actor mesmerised us for decades. Today in 1980, he breathed his last. Till today his popularity and his charisma wins hands down.
Once labelled as a Flop Master after series of films that were cropper starting from Mayador in 1947, till the Basu Paribar hit the theatres. Story changed radically. Shaare Chuattor & Agniporikha gave his career a stellar push. He became an Idol.
Uttam Kumar was preceded by stallwarts like Pramathesh Barua, Chhabi Biswas, Kamal Mitra etc. Instead of being daunted by them, Uttam Kumar used his gentle ordinariness to change the high theatrical showbiz into a natural effortless performance. it became his signature
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23 Jul 18
While @MamataOfficial was cramming her brain with her speech for Sahid Sammelon on 21st July, handful of MCK students were on indefinite hunger strike. Aniket, Ayan, Arnab, Aapan, Soumyadip & Sumit since 10th July. 15 more students have joined the protest from 18th July.
These students want instead of allotting Hostel rooms only to the freshers, all students should be provided the facility in the newly built 11 storeys boys hostel after proper counselling. BTW there are 4 more boys hostel and 2 seperate girls hostel in MCK.
13 days have gone by. Aniket & some more students are fallen sick. they have a BP chart hung on the wall which shows steady decrease in their BP. The College Administration are citing no response from “higher authorities”. Mamata, health Minister of WB, is the 'Higher Authority.
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22 Jul 18
Meet 2 Indian Ladies
MadhabiLata Mitra & Tanvi Buch. heard their names? Mitra is a Kolkata based supermodel & a mountaineer & Tanvi is a Mumbai based photographer & architect. They are going to perform a deed which will etch their names in the history of wo-mankind. @tanvibuch
Mitra & Buch are going to be a part of a skiing expedition to the South Pole this December. They are going to train for the expedition in Scotland from 1st Sept to 9th Sept this year.
If they can successfully complete their training they will be selected for the daring feet in South Pole this December. They will be the 1st Indian women to ski the Last Degree to the South Pole.
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13 Jul 18
#ThisDayInHistory #JatinDas
Jatindranath Das, a freedom fighter who along with Bhagat Singh & other revolutionaries sat on a indefinite hunger strike today in 1929 demanding jail reforms & rights of prisoners & undertrials.
Born in 1904, Calcutta, Jatin Das was a born activist. He had links with Anushilan Samity, he participated in the Non co-operation movement at the age of 16. He was arrested twice during the movement. He became a full fledged freedom fighter since then
When he came in contact with Bhagat Singh, they immediately struck a chord. it was then when Singh convinced him to prepare bombs to be used in the Central Legislative Assembly in Delhi. Jatin Das was proficient in the craft of bomb making.
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11 Jul 18
#ThisDayInHistory #MumbaiTrainBlast2006
6:24pm-6:35pm series of ‘pressure cooker’ bomb blasts rocked the financial capital of India. 7 stations- Mahim, Matunga, Khar, Bandra, Jogeshwari, Mira Rd & Borivali & 7 1st class compartments of western suburban rail network's local trains
2 bombs exploded in Mahim & Bandra, then at Virar bound local, in the next 5 minutes in 4 more local trains at Matunga, Khar, Jogeshwari & Borivali leaving 200+ ppl dead & 700+ injured. In Borivali 1 bomb was defused while the other exploded earlier.
20kg RDX & 4 kg Ammonium Nitrate was used to prepare d bombs, then packed inside pressure cookers. they wrapped the cookers in newspapers & carried them in black plastic bags, then took eight different trains from Churchgate station & left them on the trains
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9 Jul 18
7th boy out, 8th is not far behind,,, such a nail biting ordeal... I guess the coach will come out last.
8 boy rescued too... way to go, Jai Shree Ram. well done divers!! #ThaiCaveRescue
WATCH: the perilous cracks and crevices the boys and the divers have to pass through. one word #Claustrophobia... #ThaiCaveRescue
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