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Dec 14, 2021
I didn't think an elected Democrat could still shock us, but here we are.

Read the promo for the event:

It's clear that @SenBlumenthal must have been aware he was celebrating the *founding of the Communist Party USA*.

facebook.com/events/new-hav… The event host, Joelle Fishman:
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Sep 16, 2021

I ... broke the Russia hoax.

Folks, please read my 10/2020 @theamgreatness piece on Michael Sussmann:

"A Glaring Hole in the Alfa Bank/Trump Server Story Could Unravel the Russia Hoax"

amgreatness.com/2020/10/15/a-g… There it is:

Sussmann passed false info to the FBI that he’d crafted *for the Clinton campaign*.

As I wrote in 10/2020, this event is the Russia Hoax’s “fatal flaw” that breaks attorney/client privilege.

Durham can raid their comms. Give Americans the full truth.

Will he?
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Sep 3, 2021
Child brides. Sex trafficking.

3 days ago, @SenTedCruz was the *only* one willing to say foregoing vetting is amoral.

The rest, D+R, *knew* we'd facilitated the worst crimes possible.

But they preferred the approval of a culture that would deem their concerns "racist." They will let themselves off the hook for the suffering they facilitated in the name of "humanitarianism."

These girls and women are inconvenient, just like the thousands abused and murdered due to their amoral, "humanitarian" open border policy.
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Jul 26, 2021
I just watched the video, @JohnCroman.

Around the 21:00 mark, the woman says:

“They’re trying to divide us … There is only one race, THE HUMAN RACE.”

You’re going to leave your intentionally false tweet up, aren’t you. On my second listen, I clearly hear her say:

“I don’t care what f***ing color. There’s one race, the human race.”

She then says she just got fired from her job helping the mentally ill, and that she has PTSD.

If this woman can find representation, @JohnCroman should be sued.
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Feb 25, 2021
Folks: Stay the hell away from Super Follow.

There is a much safer, easier way to support your favorite @Twitter accounts -- while also preventing @Jack and *every* Big Tech firm from getting rich selling your data anymore:

The @Brave Browser.

See the Tip button? It's amazing: It's extremely simple to transfer a little spare cash to a @Brave browser wallet. You just hit the Tip button to pay for @Twitter content you like.

@Jack won't ever know.

And the @Brave Browser blocks *every* other tracker.

Try it! Feel free to tip this thread if you do :)
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Jan 11, 2021
The internet was a hell of a lot safer before @Twitter, @Apple, @Google, and @Facebook started protecting us from it. Together, @Twitter, @Apple, @Google, and @Facebook comprise the most efficient means of censorship in human history.

A history that proves no one more dangerous than the censor, and freedom of speech our greatest success.

Remind them why -- while they allow it:
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Dec 7, 2020
Anti-Trump @GovLarryHogan (R-MD) is a non-entity w/ @GOP voters, who are 95% pro-Trump.


Yet @FoxNews says @GOP is "at a time for choosing," "amid presidential speculation" for Hogan.

Sounds insane ...

Unless you've read the "Transition Integrity Project": As usual, this isn't complicated.

The media/DC wants Trump out, and they think they're brilliant. They aren't fooling anyone with the basic critical reasoning skills of an adult.

TIP was written by "top" consultants who hate Trump. Team @JoeBiden is doing what TIP recommended.
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Nov 26, 2020
Does this tweet from @davidaxelrod smearing @GenFlynn as taking a “bribe” of sorts for “silence” on @realDonaldTrump sound insane to you?

Re-read Page 1 of the Transition Integrity Project below. The outline for the Steal script.

Tell Axelrod you know what scene comes next. Here’s a link to the full Transition Integrity Project report.

Keep it handy to understand what comes next, as the swamp attempts to complete the worst scandal in American history:

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Nov 5, 2020
Minnesota's turnout is a clown show.

Here are registered voters at 7am, votes, and turnout for biggest counties:

Anoka: 228,514 211,008 92.3%

Dakota: 283,714 260,878 91.9%

Hennepin: 835,446755,234 90.3%

Ramsey 334,894 295,528 88.2%

Washington: 178,587 166,659 93.3% Same-day reg numbers are not showing up on the MN Secretary of State site for the above counties yet.

Those will lower the turnout percentages -- but to lower those percentages enough for *turnout* to seem plausible, same-day registration numbers will need to be implausible.
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Nov 2, 2020
Thank you, @RealDonaldTrump, for exposing @IlhanMN's historic fraud in MN.

And to MN Dem candidate Saciido Shaie, who placed country over party by whistleblowing.

She even PLED WITH THE VICE CHAIR OF THE @DNC to take action.

But he put party over country, and blamed Trump: Minneapolis Ward 6 City Council Candidate Saciido Shaie is a patriot.

On July 6, she posted a 10-min video on her campaign site detailing the massive fraud connected to @IlhanMN and @TheDemocrats that she had witnessed.

Read the transcript:

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Oct 26, 2020
There are no Troy residents here. Not even a Troy squirrel. .@HaleyLive, I’m legitimately concerned here. We can see the empty parking lot.
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Oct 20, 2020

@TheDemocrats were not really “shocked” in August — at the @DNC convention — by a claim that @realDonaldTrump withheld money from @USPS to rig the election.

Quietly, Democrats had been spreading disinformation about USPS finances since March:

amgreatness.com/2020/10/19/col… March 2020 was an important time for Vote-By-Mail.

That's when @DNC lawyer @MarcEElias sued states to get Vote-By-Mail by Nov 3.

Of course, Elias knew states have taken years to implement VBM properly.

Perhaps that's why he predicted - in March! - USPS would screw it up:

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Oct 15, 2020

On July 6, this Democrat candidate tried to blow the whistle on the massive voter fraud she witnessed.

For 10 minutes, Saciido Shaie pled for Democrats to end rampant vote-buying and intimidation of elderly voters.

theblaze.com/news/minnesota… Shaie was running for City Council.

On July 6, she announced that she wouldn't go door-to-door anymore. It wasn't worth it.

Because she couldn't stand how many people expected $200 for her vote.

And she knew people were also taking ballots from seniors.

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Sep 29, 2020

Read carefully — note the quotes Ratcliffe chose to release.

Clinton’s plan included blaming “Russian hackers.”

Ratcliffe does NOT bother to clarify that Russian hacking occurred independently of her plan.

The likely reason:


Early 2015: A DoD cybersecurity employee makes a name for himself by removing APT “The Dukes” from a Federal network.

Late 2015: He leaves DoD, takes a job at CROWDSTRIKE. FBI calls DNC, claims it sees “The Dukes” on its servers.

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Sep 28, 2020
NEW @IlhanMN update:

Just discussed @Project_Veritas on @glennbeck radio. Key points:

1. For years, sources told me @IlhanMN and her campaign director Ali Isse ran massive vote-buying operations in 2016 and 2018.

2. Early this year ... 1/x

megaphone.link/BMDC9671272622 ... two elected representatives brought this information to the @FBI.

3. It was an "open secret" in MN -- and statewide in the @MinnesotaDFL (MN Democratic Party).

4. But we had only off-record statements. So someone asked @Project_Veritas to try their method.

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Sep 28, 2020
I gave you plenty of notice, Team @IlhanMN!

I believe you knew too, @StarTribune.

I mentioned this was coming last month, on-air with @glennbeck: Image Here's the link -- start listening at the 9:45 mark.

Two key points:

1. I have long reported that @IlhanMN has likely committed more felonies than any other congressperson in US history...

2. ... and that's *without* including the vote fraud.

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Sep 3, 2020
Pay attention, folks:

Look closely, and see @TheAtlantic's piece by @JeffreyGoldberg reveal itself to be a fake news operation in real time.

Check the "Top" tweets for "Commander in Chief" right now.

It's all the @ProjectLincoln guys.

Plus: A video from @BillKristol. And George Conway, of course. Chewing the scenery on cue: Image
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Sep 3, 2020
WOW. ⁦

@CNN⁩ completely whiffed on a major scandal.

This is a new tactic by progressive groups to warp the vote:

Direct payments to local election boards.


Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan are donating $300 million to voting efforts - CNN cnn.com/2020/09/01/bus… It’s legal — like paying extra to the government on your taxes — and virtually impossible to track.

The charity in the @cnn article first did this in Wisconsin.

The charity received $6M in anonymous donations. It quickly sent it to 6 strategic election boards in Wisconsin.
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Aug 26, 2020
Folks, this @washingtonpost article is the must-read piece of the day to understand media malpractice.

Clear, unambiguous videos have been available for almost *12 hours*, yet @washingtonpost chose to conceal the facts they show.

washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/08… Video shows a man sprinting toward a man standing with a rifle — and throws a *Molotov cocktail* at him.

He doesn’t fire back! He runs away.

The assailant keeps charging, and catches up. *Now* he shoots at point-blank.

Then runs away down the street.

WaPo writes this:
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Aug 16, 2020
There is, @MZHemingway:

Recall when Andrew Breitbart arrived first to Anthony Weiner's presser?

Andrew ruined Weiner's scripted circus. By explaining how what we were about to see was a scripted circus.

This @USPS circus is a long-planned element of the Vote-by-Mail... 1/x ... push. Its been clear for months that Vote-by-Mail is 2020 "Russian collusion."

The @DNC is using the same playbook -- even the same personnel!

@PerkinsCoieLLP lawyer @marceelias is leading the nationwide legal drive for Vote-by-Mail.

He hired Fusion GPS in 2016.
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