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13 Oct
Here, I’m gonna make a thread about some of the things I think yall should get if you’re seriously concerned about survival..
A nylon hammock with a moskito net - You want to stay off the ground.

A thermal blanket that can be compacted for easy carry.

A small shovel to bury your business.

A small metal plate that can be used to cook and eat your food.

A metal spork.

Kevlar rope… many uses
A water filtration system and the knowledge of how to build one + materials

Jingle bells or something alike - memba the kevlar rope? You want to keep bears, coyotes and people away from your sleeping area.

Hunting knife, skinning knife, pocket knife, self defense knife
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13 Oct
I dont like the whole “stock up narrative” for many reasons that I cant even begin to explain but basically if a war starts you’re assuming you’ll be allowed to live peacefully in your home?

Your house will be burned/looted/destroyed.

Learn how to survive on the run instead.
The key to survival is to always be on the move. Unless you’re building a sturdy wall around your house and stocking up on barbed wire/electric fences, then there’s no need to stock up.

Learn to build a water filtration system. Learn to forage. Hunt. Learn to use weapons.
Stocking up on food is good when you have a secured place to go to. But in war, a lot of people die.

All those houses full of food and dead people, meanwhile folks on the streets going hungry due to supply chain problems.

Dont add pressure to a system thats already strained.
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12 Oct
I asked this few weeks ago and nobody helped me so im gonna ask again since i still havent been able to figure it out:

Whats this song

Brulelele bruielleelelah uh uh uh
Brulelele bruekellele uh uh uh
What a feeel
Babduhrt realllll
Brulelellee bruleleleke uh uh uh
Google isnt helping and its driving me nuts
Its from an old dancing movie
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12 Oct
Yay or Nay?
Its on sale from $5k to $2k 🤔
Looks like something my grandma would force me to wear to school
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28 Sep
“What will happen in Australia will never happen here because we have guns!”

Oh yea? Then why arent you on the streets protesting the removal of your rights?

Because we live in a state of extreme cyber surveillance and youre afraid of being profiled and entrapped?
Youre afraid to lose your jobs.

Youre afraid the feds will come harass you over your 1A rights.

Youre afraid every word you say is being monitored and kept by intelligence agencies.

Youre afraid the gvmt will come for you if you stand out.

Its a veiled threat to freedom.
A cold war.

We dont misbehave or step out. We dont practice civil disobedience and when we do, the gvmt comes down on us with a fury to send a message to the rest who may wish to follow out steps.

They silence us online and thru judge mandated gag orders.

Close our bank accts
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26 Sep
This reminds me of the story about that one lady, i think was an athlete, that one side of her nose tested positive and the other side tested negative 🥲🤡🤡🌍🤣
Oh Image
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25 Sep
Hey guys download this game bc i already lost all my bonus points so im down to like .20c and i know I suck at this but im tryna improve lmaoo👇👇

Play Solitaire Cash with me and win real money. Here's $1 for FREE just register and get started!
Playin this game after reading infuriating news is what keeps me sane but now that i think about it maybe thats why i lose looll
I wish it would tell me what my best score is tho cuz im sure it happened im just not sure when it was
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25 Sep
From the beginning of his journey on this Earth, Christ was in close contact with God.

With his human body he would feel pain. He would feel fear. Like any other human would.

He knew his destiny was the cross. He knew he needed to sacrifice everything to save us.

And he did.
He did because he knew this wasnt all there is.

We end this life to begin anew, surrounded by the blessings of the Lord.

Whatever that entails, in the end, being in heaven and in His presence was worth everything.

That’s what Jesus wanted for us.

As a human he couldve said no
But he persisted because the glory of being saved is one our bodies and minds cannot grasp.

The cross represents the ultimate sacrifice. To die for your faith. To die to save others.

We have this choice every day. We can choose to live to serve or to waste away this life
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11 Sep
Why are you anti abortion? When did you decide to hold that opinion? What made you do so?
The bond between mother and fetus is instantaneous. A baby cannot be blamed for anything. Its a light of hope in the midst of so much darkness.

Its a pure soul ready to love you like youve never been loved before.

The process of abortion is graphic. Its not magic like… *poof*
…The baby must be pulled out of the womb where it receives oxygen and nutrients. It dies a confusing, scary, lingering death.

Abortion doctors are known to sever the vocal cords to avoid any vocalizations of pain.

How can you do that to something that just wants to be loved…?
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11 Sep
9:11 isnt ‘a day to remember’ because it didnt end on that day.

It’s an age to remember. An era. An era of corruption. Violation of rights. Death of Americans.

The number of young Americans that died alone in far lands abroad much exceeds the initial 9/11 number…
…what for? Taliban is stronger than ever.

They offered to give us Bin Laden and we refused.

Why did we refuse? The war wouldve ended.

Al Qaeda still exists.

Boko Haram


How many innocent westerners did ISIS kill?

What did we accomplish after sending our kids to die…
…The foulness of what happened on 9/11 and what continued to happen every single day after that day is unbelievable.

Many more Americans died, and will continue to die, because of our gvmt’s decision to profit off of this tragedy instead of avenging it and honoring victims.
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10 Sep
People always say morality is subjective.

No not really.

Think of the bible for example. 10 commandments.

General values we can all agree on.

A basic understanding of right & wrong.

Dont kill. Dont steal.

Morality is easy.

Your commitment to it is what’s subjective.
Protect the innocent. Mind your business. Defend your community. Add dont subtract.

Do onto others as you would have done blablabla.

Quite easy.

When people complicate the concept of morality they just want an excuse for immoral acts.

Instinctively we all know what we must do
The constitution is a great morality guide. It defends the freedoms of people to speak, worship. Carry. Assemble.

Its a small simple book. The words are all there.

People make it complicated because they’re trying to find a way around it.

Despicably and cowardly.
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28 Aug
Congress is mandating every major social media website and messaging app to deliver information on anyone who since April of last year questioned the validity of the elections.

Welcome to being put on a gvmt watchlist.

This is how the war on Americans begin.
Here are the websites
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28 Aug
I think Boomers and Gen Xers were the primary target of a huge propaganda effort to try to incite men to join the military, especially during Bush time.

Now with nothing to show for it and many of their sons and grandsons dead, they struggle to come to terms w the fact…
…that it was all a scam. Our military has been for several years boycotting itself from the higher to the lower ranks.

The goal is to become an incredibly woke organization that launders money across the world and sacrifices young Americans and their big hopes and dreams.
They’re stuck under a contract, usually getting fucked up over huge bureaucracy & are used as guinea pigs for new vaccines and experimental treatments.

Their lives dont matter, there is no mission, there’s no end goal.

There’s just endless war, endless cash and endless KIAs
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29 Jul
What “antivaxxers” and “conspiracy theorists” have been saying all along, turns out to be right here, embedded in the contract Pfizer makes purchasing countries sign.

When are you all going to get off your fkn high horses and realize the scam?
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