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Mom/wife/Founder & PI, Safe Streets Research + Consulting/TRB Bike Committee Chair. Working toward safe, healthy, equitable communities. Still learning.
Jan 11, 2022 27 tweets 14 min read
Below are highlights from the #TRBAM Bicycle Committee's panel on Increasing Equity in Bicycling. So much rich discussion I couldn't write fast enough! Thx again to @theycallmeOboi, @jmbarajas, & Stefanie Brodie. 1/🧵 Thx also to @transitmom & @gatechengineers for sponsoring this discussion. Also note...I reached a tweet limit, so this is 3/4ths of the discussion...notes will come to #TRBAM friends after the conference. 2/
Jan 10, 2022 4 tweets 3 min read
Today's #TRBAM Bike Comm #ACH20 update:
- “Best of” Bicycle Transportation for 2022: New Findings Abt Bicycling & Micromobility (Lectern), 1:30-3 pm ET, CC Salon AB
- Advances in Understanding Abt Bike Safety, Modeling, & Behavior (Posters), 4-5:30 pm ET, CC Hall A (1/3) And prep for an early morning full comm mtg tomorrow (1/11), 8am - 12 pm ET, CC 102. We'll hear research updates, key findings from some of the year's top papers, & a panel on Increasing Equity in Bicycling w/ @theycallmeOboi, @jmbarajas, & Stefanie Brodie. (2/3)