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18 Jan
That’s not what the quote means. You have to be kidding.
Politico’s DC bureau guy has really never heard the free lunch quote? It has nothing to do with specifically withholding food from kids. This is breathtaking @samstein
Every day these people manage to demonstrate their lack of grasp on... just about everything.
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9 Jan
Would be less concerned with Trump’s twitter ban if twitter didn’t also block an accurate news story from the New York Post two months ago.
This isn’t really about Trump and you better start to figure this out.
There is nothing more Twitter wants than people to make this 100% about Trump but they’ve taken more drastic action on this platform than this.
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5 Jan
The point Judd is missing is those newsletters exist only for other journalists. That’s it. Punchbowl is another DC insider outlet for journalists. Nothing more. But other than that, yeah, wurst person point etc...
Jesus I didn’t even call him Juddle that time. What’s happening to me?
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4 Jan
Tom Cotton and others said months ago based on intel reports that COVID lab leak was looking likely. He was called a conspiracy theorist. Now that it’s in NY Mag - it’s trustworthy and a leading hypothesis to be taken seriously.
Vox for the win here.
Here’s Reuters repeating China state propaganda
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31 Dec 20
I mean we can debate the merits of what The Great Reset actually is (Global Marxism) but it’s definitely not a conspiracy theory. The WEF is literally calling it that. So this is an angle of attack.
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31 Dec 20
Dr Manhattan is a character who gains immense power and influence but loses touch with his own humanity.. so this is pretty accurate. Not sure why people are dunking.

Also vaporizes a person attempting to expose truth soooo...
“Of course...Must protect Jeff Zucker’s media utopia.”
FYI this was the moment he became Dr. Manhattan. So again, not sure why people are taking issue.
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29 Dec 20
Not sure Fox's reaction to the New York Times glorifying ruining a teenager's college admission over a 3 year old video clip is the story here.
"Fox is talking about this thing the New York Times wrote about!"

So they are CNN?
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29 Dec 20
Fauci's exact quote from March 8th:

“When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a bit better. It might even block a droplet. But it is not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is.”
This wasn't just mask wearing. The 60 Minutes reporter said "Are you sure? Because people are listening very carefully." Here's the clip
This wasn't an offhand comment by Fauci. Whether Fauci "lied" or not is completely beside the point. Rubio is right here.
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17 Dec 20
Ah weird and here I thought the entire point was the professional adults were supposed to be back in charge but not on your watch!
Biden’s people are acting just like Trump and that’s on Trump - @jaketapper
Passive Voice Keith Olbermann
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15 Dec 20
🎤 🎵
The subway is a porno
The pavements they are a mess
I know you've supported me for a long time.
Somehow I'm not impressed
I’ve been on this pic all day
It’s like the life has just been sucked from his soul. His eyes are dead. This is the only time he’s ever looked like an actual New Yorker.
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15 Dec 20
Greta Thunberg should start calling herself doctor.
Nothing on her. Not at all. I just really want to see if our media goes along with it if she did.
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14 Dec 20
Oh it wasn’t a documentary? Well this changes everything about watching the film now. Thank you.
Delete the memes everyone. We’ve been caught.
Downfall parody of Hitler reading the New Yorker piece and learning that scene isn’t actually what Hitler said.
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12 Dec 20
This is the best thread in weeks.
I guess we know who raided the mini bar fridge at the Utah ski chalet.
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10 Dec 20
So basically every single thing NY Post reported and Bobulinski confirmed and Twitter censored the story at the behest and to the cheers of journalists.
It’s okay to report it now because these guys are off the hook for another four years of Trump. No one screaming at them about emails now. Just incredible cowardice. All of them.
Maybe it changes the outcome maybe it doesn’t and that is 100% completely beside the point of what happened here.
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8 Dec 20
Here is a @peterjhasson story from 2018 on the Chinese spy working for Diane Feinstein. Check the picture pulled from the CSUEB in the story. She look familiar at all?…
I get it's wading dangerously into stereotype territory here but she sure does look familiar.
Maybe lets start here: If you aren't a spy working for a Democrat in California, raise your hand.
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2 Dec 20
Democrat mayor of Austin
Democrat mayor of Chicago
Democrat mayor of Denver
Democrat mayor of San Jose
Democrat mayor of Philadelphia
Democrat governor of California
Democrat mayor of San Francisco

These are the people not adhering to COVID rules. So yeah, enjoy your Christmas
All while network mass media wants to tell you the governor of North Dakota and Florida are the problem here. It's just breathtaking.
Just incredible projection
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1 Dec 20
Perhaps it would be in the best interest of self proclaimed conservative outlets to get someone or anyone under the age of 50 talk about what the future holds.
Your donors are dying and they are being replaced by Charlie Kirk. So yeah maybe don’t complain when you are begging 70 year olds for OpEds over talking to college kids about what conservatism’s future holds.
Yeah you don’t to complain what Charlie Kirk or TPUSA is doing to the GOO while clinging to zombie Reaganism and giving Oped space about the future of conservatism to a 72 year old man.
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30 Nov 20
No I would say that's just about expected.
There's almost no single tweet that proves how Trump was able to gain such a stranglehold on the Republican Party than that Kristol tweet. It belongs in The Louvre.
And also today you have Jonah talking to John Bolton about "The future of the Republican party" while simultaneously guffawing at how someone like Charlie Kirk, who goes to college campuses and speaks to kids, can get such a following. Lost the plot. Completely.
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27 Nov 20
You’re a journalist who chose to ignore COVID violations by elected officials in major cities but felt rage walking bu a private residence. Get fucked.
What an enlightening exchange.
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27 Nov 20
Basically cleaning & doing dishes to the score and voiceover of Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

"He scrubbed under a golden burning bulb. He did it alone, containing his rage, as tho ever scrub of a plate kept him from murdering every person in the room"
"Plates were ice cold like a winter morn. They stacked over a foot high, and yet he continued on, almost as if the very act of cleaning kept him distracted from those whom he cooked for and refused to help"
"The guests dined, they laughed. They were merry. More so than in dark weeks gone by."


"And yet, they still refused to help Jesse clean. He stood alone, doing their fine porcelain, his eyes never blinking. As though his guests alone were too much to handle."
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26 Nov 20
Guys, this is a really, *really good test about where our truth to power media stands.

Will they ask devout Catholic President Elect Joe Biden (which they reminded for us months) about the SCOTUS decision against Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo.

This isn't even hard. Yes or no?
.@GlennKesslerWP You wanna field this one?
.@maggieNYT Mags? You wanna take this one? Make a couple of calls? Let us know okay?
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