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29 Apr 20
*NEW @JAMA_current study*

We find stark differences in #COVID19 related hospitalization & death rates across #NewYork City boroughs.

#COVID19 death rates among residents of the #Bronx are 2X ⬆ than in #Manhattan

The number of #COVID19 patient hospitalizations per 100,000 population is also much ⬆ in the #Bronx than in #Manhattan. 2/
The #Bronx has the highest proportion of racial/ethnic #minorities & the most persons living in #poverty.

In contrast, #Manhattan is the most affluent borough, with a predominately white population. 3/
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27 Mar 20
*Preliminary* #COVID19 study in @JAMA_current
- 5 critically ill pts. on mechanical ventilation
- All treated w/ convalescent plasma w/ #SARSCoV2 antibody
- In 4/5, SOFA score⬇, viral loads⬇, ARDS resolved
- All 5 stabilized, 3 at home
* Need an RCT

In other words:
5 very sick patients w/ #COVID19 whose breathing was being supported by a machine stabilized and/or improved after being given a treatment - antibodies to #COVID19 (which were obtained from the plasma of other patients who successfully recovered from #COVID19)
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