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6 Mar
this is the reaction of twitter user "bernie sanders rape fantasy" to footage of *an actual Nazi flag* that someone brought to bernie's really tonight. does anyone in the media want to do a story on this maybe
upon further inspection, this nazi-sympathizing account appears to be a supporter of @ewarren — is she going to denounce this kind of toxicity? @maddow where are you on this
the account just went private but the timeline was a constant stream of anti-Bernie toxicity and posts indicating support of @ewarren & @joebiden. please investigate this @jaketapper
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14 Jan
project veritas got a big scoop by finding a random dude talking shit about revolution in a bar, wait till you hear what young people on the right are saying, you can read about it in the El Paso wal mart shooting manifesto
I mean yes, a guy is ranting about gulags, but have you considered the people with actual political power, currently putting actual human beings in concentration camps for the purpose of ethnic cleansing
this is what young conservatives are into now! maybe project veritas can look into this
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18 Mar 18
God DAMN this new Ricky Gervais special is some incendiary stuff
Ricky, please... this has gone far enough...
this guy is straight up out of control
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12 Mar 18
I wrote about "AR stands for Assault Rifle" for @PasteMagazine

1 RT = 1 acknowledgment that that's what it stands for
think the thing I'm most proud of about this piece is that not once is the word "Armalite" mentioned
sir... SIR... I demand you debate me sir
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