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4 Jun
(1/4) This reality has to be a f*cking simulation, this can't be real. LMAO. So BoA, one of the banks that f*cked my mom into bankruptcy due to 2008 crisis, ends coverage of $GME, $BBBY cuz they 'dOnT tRaDe oN fUnDaMeNtAlS'. They also...
(2/4) state that in their 'aNaLySt aNd eXpErTs' advice investors should not rely on their ratings, price objectives and estimates or opinons.
@BankofAmerica, let me tell you something. We never have, and never will rely on your analysis for anything. You have been helpful to...
(3/4) absolutely no one, helped thousands if not millions of families get f*cked in the housing crisis, doomed generations out of wealth, and now that we have a chance to restore order, you decided to terminate your dumb estimates. Good or bad, who knows, because nobody ever...
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27 Apr
$AMC $GME I have tried to withhold from telling you peeps to spread info, but I think its a necessary cause in this moment. Im releasing a video on #AMC that covers this topic youre about to read soon. However, it's important to let you guys know here on twitter since most of
my followers don't subscribe or watch my content. The reason why $GME and $AMC dipped is because of a well prepared algorithmic attack implemented today. I have been warning about this in my previous videos, something was coming down the pipeline. How do I know this? When you
take a look at the charts, you will see both $GME and $AMC both vertically dipped out of nowhere at exactly 12:30 PM today. The support and buy orders is way bigger than the sell, and nobody was selling, implying this is pure price manipulation. Why now? Because Hedge Funds
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25 Apr
1. Interesting update for $AMC & $GME holders: South Korea has recently reported a huge wave of new traders that are quickly joining the ranks and filling up on those mint-printed naked shares of #amc and #gme. The article by Financial Times further explains that a group, who Image
2. call themselves the kstreetbets aims to attack hedge fund short positions. These members, who call themselves ants(similar to how wallstreetbets call themselves retards ☠️) feel they too have been exploited and abused by the system and are now taking arms to fight back in
3. the same fashion as we have on the western world. Their true aim is to push for more regulation in the system(something we are ardently and exhaustingly begging the #SEC to do). Interestingly enough, in Korea, shorting was temporarily banned, and the 'Ants' are fighting to
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25 Apr
Hey kings and queens.
Wanted to address the earlier tweet. I know we have a ton of new investors and I think I scared a ton of you guys with my statement. The idea behind it is that I want you guys to be fully aware of some things that have happened in the past and can happen
again in relation to #Robinhood. The last time we squeezed, there was a lot of traders complaining Robinhood sold their shares without their consent. We have seen with $DOGE they blocking the ability to sell, and we have seen them block the ability to buy. We also know that
Robinhood also sells customer data to financial institutions. The company is literally the definition of sketchy, and I fear that when we squeeze again some of you holding $AMC and $GME will get your shares sold.I had posted a tweet which I took down because as I said, it had
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2 Apr
Huge find for $GME and $AMC. I already talked to one of my followers about posting this as evidence of proof since I didn't include it last time, but I have been collaborating with some extremely well known #GME/ #AMC DD influencers on GME subreddits, and found a huge...
piece of evidence in a 1999 SEC filling that indicates that the SEC themselves was the one who allowed Hedge Funds to trade with each other quotes for certain #stock orders to allow for better trading interest. This is another crucial part of the puzzle, as it gives precedent...
to the SEC empowering Hedge Funds to look and form a symbiotic relationship with each other to share information about orders ANYNIMOUSLY!!! This explains all the naked shares on $AMC and $GME! This 1999 SEC filling explains why its so hard to catch them, they are trading...
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1 Apr
Hey kings & queens.

So first of all let me clear the air ok. I am humbled beyond any words that are in my extensive vocabulary. The way you guys have shown support, the way you guys respond to my content and questions is just...tear inducing. Just.
Thank you. This means so much to me to see a growing community of good-hearted people come together to collectively take on the big dogs. The love and warmth and appreciation I receive is just amazing. I love you all so freaking much man.
Now that we got the tears out of the way(for now) lets get dirty. Give me a couple minutes as I finalize the draft in portions to make it a thread. Also remember to sub to my YouTube(link in description) for some daily update videos on $GME and $AMC.
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1 Apr
$ZOM update: I have a story to tell with this #stock. #ZOM and I go a long time. I had actually sold my stocks for some mediocre profit right before it jumped up like crazy. I was very doubtful in the beginning, but after it surged I looked closer at it, and realized that this...
#stock is primed to move up big time.
1. $ZOM produces products for veterinarians that makes their work faster. As you can see in the chart, pet ownership for millennials has increased.
2. Pet spending per person has increased in the United States.
3. The number of overall...
household owning pets have increased.
4. Overall pet spending has increased with total sales almost 96 BILLION dollars.

Guys, I think you know where I am going with this right? On their last quarterly earnings, $ZOM surprised people with a barely profitable earnings report...
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1 Apr
$SNDL: Guys, lets talk because I see a lot of doubt on this company and $ZOM as well(ill cover #ZOM stock immediately after #SNDL). SNDL has a TON of cash in hand right now, they have a great product and a lot of upside. You guys saw how it ripped last month...
blowing away everyone. Remember we experience a really bad end of month with an overall #StockMarket being bearish and killing everything that was blowing up. As such, it took a lot of the inertia. However, you should be buying this dip for the company. First of all...
the weed sector is bound to explode big time and $SNDL is among the most popular weed #stocks out there right now. Anything positive that happens will have a direct positive impact, especially now with the #Biden administration. Still doubtful? Lets take a look at the charts...
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31 Mar
1. Sorry for the delay. It has taken me literally 3 freaking hours to put this mini thread together because it has so much info and I had to break so many things down so you guys can understand. My only request is like and quote retweet with gme and amc hashtags! Once you..
2. read this, you will understand fully without a doubt and be able to educate others how it is that the price keeps dropping. This is the question every asks me, especially when I say every time the #stock drop, people buy it. Help me spread this like wild fire! Here we go!
3. Over the course of recent days I have noticed something that has has been bothering me big time , and that is the borriwing fee of $GME. By comparison to everything else, $GME fee is lower than $EYES, $AMC, $TKAT and most other #stocks to be honest which I find...irrational.
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31 Mar
$AMC update: The next big wall is $10.50. #AMC had a huge attack earlier in the day where the dip did not represent a sell off at all. Looking through the buy/sell orders, there was no one selling to explain that drop in price. The magnitude and verticality of the drop ...
cannot be explained outside of the reasoning of manipulation tactic attacks. The stock settled above the drop, and then it climbed past the VWAP and managed to stay above it. This implies that $AMC huge drop was used by retail traders to buy more shares. #AMC just solidifies...
even more every time it drops. Since the #stock is relatively cheap, more people are inclined to buy in on it. $10.41 represents some resistance since its the upper band of the VWAP. After that $AMC moves up to $10.51 where I see it dips a bit before recovering in a...
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30 Mar
1. Alright, guys here we go. Today we had an interesting development that will affect the whole #stockmarket in general, but in particular, it will affect $GME and $AMC the most. It is important you are up to date on this because it will help solidify your understanding why ...
2. the market is falling, why #AMC / #GME are being attacked like crazy now, and where we are going moving forward. We will cover a ton of material in this thread, but it will be super easy to understand as I have taken a lot of time to break it down for you Apes.I ask one thing
3. and one thing only, like & quote retweet every part of the thread for one sole reason: The reason hedge funds are powerful is because it’s a monster made up of a synchronized multitude of teams collaborating together. I see many Apes stranded around not having information
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29 Mar
$AMC today ended the day trading higher than we closed last Friday. I'm looking for a solid gap up to $10.5. Right now it appears we are in a channel between $10 and $11.6. We want to be able to maintain this throughout the week as much as possible.
#AMC remains a must own stock. The price inaction came from an overall poor market. Today most stocks went down, so do not freak out. I expect hedges to start attacking $AMC fairly soon too. Do no be scared, because the price doesn't not reflect the real value. Most people aren't
selling $AMC. That is all price manipulation to get you to sell. Through the week we can expect a multitude of things, but I will give you the two most likely scenarios.

Scenario A: #AMC dip and if we break $10.01 we dip to $8.75s as we had done previously before.
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29 Mar
1. Not that its breaking news at this time right now, but for those unaware. Credit Suisse, a firm that is notorious for dark pooling(proof in pictures) has stated today that they have lost tremendous amounts of money. They have lost so much that they are literally ...
2. a big reason why today's market is so bad. They have single handedly crashed much of the European market. They are still, by the way, employing this type of illegal stock manipulation, particularly to bring down $AMC and $GME? If they got caught, why haven't ...
3. they stopped? Well as you can see in the image they were fined a total of around 84.3 million dollars. As the picture illustrates from their yearly report, they made their strongest financial recording since 2012 that year, with 569 million dollars in revenue...
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28 Mar
$GME update: Right now #GME is in a bit of a channel between $170-180. If it dips Monday, it goes to 147 and then a very possible 112 before a bounce up. If it goes up, which in my opinion is more likely for Monday unless its attacked directly, it moves to $201-$207. Keep in... Image
mind that $GME is the leader of the meme #stocks & its consolidation at this high level has been noted. Through naked shorts, dark pool money and indirect attacks through ETFs and indexes, you can expect #GME as well as $AMC/#AMC to try to be lowered. Hold. Price dips don't... ImageImageImage
mean people are selling. Data suggest the price dips are because of nonexistent shares being sold in dark pools, with many put options being placed to artificially alter the price to dip to scare you or active stop losses. Stay strong & follow me for updates! $gme #gme #amc $gme ImageImage
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24 Mar
1. $AMC and $GME have been at incredibly dire circumstances this past two weeks. After building up so much momentum, Hedges have pulled the rug from under their feet. #GME in particular has been the focus of attacks, though the impact has also reflected equally on #AMC.
2. Let’s take a step back, and reflect again on how Hedges have indirectly attacked $GME(and other meme stocks like $AMC) indirectly through ETFS. Take a look at the charts here that demonstrate the price action similarity between ETF’s & #GME.
3. Today, thanks to big communities like WSB and many others, we have further proof that Hedges are becoming increasingly desperate to take down $GME to the point where they have pretty much shorted the entire Russell 2000 in order to force the #stock value of #GME down.
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24 Mar
1. As you might well know, $AMC was climbing quickly until last Monday when all of a sudden, the price action plummeted out of nowhere. This was extremely questionable since nobody was really selling.
Please help me spread this information by liking this. #crypto #doge $GME $AMC
2. As the price recovered, it then proceeded to plummet vertically on both Friday and the subsequent Monday. There is enough evidence to suggest that heavy manipulation took place.
Please help me spread this information by liking this. #crypto #doge $GME $AMC #amc #gme #AMC1000
3. In this thread I hope to expose and explain to the reader the two previously explained strategies Hedges used to combat $AMC, and what is now surging as a plausible third strategy that seriously imposes a thread.
Please help me spread this information by liking this. #amc $gme
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24 Mar
1. IMPORANT ALERT: I came across very VERY serious info that exposed how Hedge Funds took down $AMC & $GME so effectively.
We had previously covered how Hedges were using indirect attacks through ETFs and Naked shorting, which worked amazingly well.
#amc #gme #ETH #btc #crypto
2. However, this new found evidence points to an even more sinister way they are manipulating these #stocks among many others. If you're to survive what will happen next, you'l need to know this information.
#amc #gme #ETH #btc #crypto #Ethereum #DogecoinToTheMoon #doge $GME $AMC
3. This not only explains the effectiveness of the attack, but will have implications that will last a long time. It's imperative you know what's coming, so I'm dropping
a bombshell of DD today later afternoon to keep you informed.
#amc #gme #ETH #btc #crypto #doge $GME $AMC
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24 Mar
1. $GME update: What was predicted came to be, as sad as it makes me. However, do not doubt #GME. Same as $AMC, these #stocks will rip higher and then consolidate higher too. Do not fear the dip, as it allows new investors to get in. Hold and ...
2. keep in mind you should always have a balance to buy and play other #stocks, not only $amc and $GME. I will be posting good scalps where I see them and other swings. With profits, buy the dips on #GME and #AMC to average down and profit big time from the next rip.
My short...
3. term expectation is a dip to 120s where a huge support wall resides. If this time it takes over a week to break the resistance that will be formed, expect another dip to $80s. Stay strong, as this allows new investors to get in $GME and $AMC too. Follow to stay tuned!#amc #gme
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24 Mar
1. $AMC final daily update. #AMC fell after a bad market and short attacks. Now, if it rises and climbs to 12 again that would make the head and shoulder. However, the situation, short term, will be more dire if the #stock keeps plummeting because if it vertically ...
2. falls to 9 and possibly 8, its going to imply that a larger than expected percentage of investors panic sold. We got a small taste of that today, and in the coming days, Hedges will pull all tricks to attack relentlessly to get $AMC holders to sell at all costs. #AMC will...
3. dip with the market, but Hedges will most likely try to get it as close to 7 dollars are possible. If we went sub $9, expect people to start grabbing positions again. This is why the endgame for $AMC is bright, because as panic sellers sell, more people can grab #AMC ...
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23 Mar
1. $GME remember that we have an earnings repost happening after market. I'm not expecting good news, after all #GME as a company is doing pretty bad. Price action wise I expect more dipping through the rest of the week down to 110-120s where a strong support wall lies.$amc #amc
2. Even if $GME news were positive, keep in mind that market conditions are gonna drag it down anyways. #GME as a whole #stock has a long road ahead so dont freak out and sell. Chances are, sadly, that #gmestock is going under 100 again at this pace. Its necessary for the next...
3. leg up. $GME going under 100 is a good thing long term, and the reason is mostly because it allows traders to finally be able to get in the train. #GME at 300 is very discouraging for investors. Keepholding, because like $AMC and every other #stock, they'll go up. Make sure...
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23 Mar
1. You know what the saddest realization is from doing this? The way you guys respond so ecstatic about me replying to your questions or charting some requested #stocks. It really shows, because I know bigger accounts typically dont engage with their audience, which I find...
2. so sad, because they act like they are above you and talking to people diminishes their value??? I myself love interacting and laugh so much at your jokes and comments. I love helping as much as I can and love talking and engaging with you fuckers. I really dont get...
3. why others beg for followers when they just dismiss them like they arent there asking questions or trying to get advice on they very content these accounts make. Its so sad how some act so happy when I reply, so grateful, because it illustrates the problem when your ego ...
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