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17 Oct
#ironswornrpg #RPG
I'm going to do the thing that a lot of gamers roll their eyes at: Tell you about my character.

She is Saren Chaa, and is an Aspirant of the Path whose goal is to become a Master Devontant. This is for the #Ironsworn #Starforged playtest.

She travels with her master Tala Orden in the Outlands of the Forge from Abo: Home of the Prime Temple of the Path.

Her first vow was to find and rescue a very powerful Aspirant who got tied up with a nefarious organization named Exacom. Saren & Tala barely made it to Berra.
But not without crossing the Pirates of Yalan. Their trek on the desert planet of Berra was tough, they discovered some neat ruins, but they were too late: the Aspirant died at the hands of Exacom. An epic battle ensued; Saren and Tala ran them off.
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21 May 19
I think I want a #dnd movie that's a cross between The Princess Bride and Guardians of the Galaxy. Most of the movie is the in-game actions, but every now and then you cut to the RL game, with the players doing player-ey things. Similar to @ZombieOrpheus's "The Gamers" series. 1/
What we've gotten in the past is just vanilla fantasy movies with D&D-isms. We don't need that; we already have tons of fantasy movies. What we need is something that casual and uninformed audiences can see to get a glimpse of what a D&D game is like on the big screen. 2/
I've been on the "BIG FANTASY MOVIE" bandwagon for a long time, but that isn't going to make a D&D movie stand out. Give us "The Gamers," but on the big screen with a big budget. don't focus too much on the RL table dynamic but give just enough to show what it's like. 3/
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21 Sep 18
I started a new #DnD campaign in #Eberron. It's interesting to see how players come up with characters.
One guy only decided to join the campaign a couple of days before but he was familiar with the setting and made a Dragonmark Heir. He really wanted to play an Artificer so he made one at the table.
Another guy was in from the get-go but wasn't familiar with the setting at all. He had his heart set on playing a druid so he made a half orc druid. He saw that he could be a Gatekeeper. Perfect!
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28 May 18
I played some Fate Core superheroes today using Venture City rules. The players were: Rob Burns, a kineticist street kid; the Phoenix, a fire controller and healer; the Optomist, a TK and telepath; and a brick...named Captain Obvious, a failed super soldier #faterpg #rpg 1/
I ran a mission called the Helicarrier heist by @Fainting_Goat_G. I also added Count Omega from another Fainting Goat product. It was a blast! All of the players were super into it and had fun. Count Omega got away, and Snow Claw fell to a fiery death? We'll see. 2/
A sequel is definitely happening. I love @EvilHatOfficial Fate Core. It's great for so many genres. 3/3
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23 Apr 18
As I start my descent on this flight from my gaming past, I would like to share verbatim a post I made on G+ in 2014:
I feel like D&D 5e has art that speaks to me.
When I was young and first getting into the hobby, I just accepted that the game was written by white men. 1/
...And based off fiction written by white men. When it came down to it, the art didn't matter because people can look like what I wanted to see in my mind.

Over the years, RPGs started being more inclusive in their art, including D&D, with Regdar technically being black 2/ well as the monk whatever her name was. It was hard to tell their ethnicity because they were light skinned. Still, I thought it was cool but it wasn't a big deal.
This art, however, is unmistakable. I love it! 3/
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