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Sex realist. Biology is not bigotry, and truth is not transphobia. Helpful vocabulary to know: sex, haploid, diploid, gamete, anisogamy, gonochorism. #KPSS
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Sep 22 17 tweets 5 min read
Got kicked out of another leftish group this week, after what looks a young male made an accusation of "transphobia," so presume a few of those involved will have heard of it and be looking here.

🧵 A thread… Accusation of "transphobia" are always vague and intended as thought-terminating "kill shots."


Those making them usually intend misdirection toward another goal. Look for what that might be.
Sep 19 4 tweets 4 min read
A #transwedge liberated. This is brilliant!

Well done, sisters. Image Now *that* is what I call affirmation.


Drop the wedge: Free the T. ImageImage