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Sued POTUS, won. Now: @Justice_Collab, @teamLPAC. Politico New Guard @BitchMedia 50 @WashBlade 40 Under 40. Prev: @amprog @dnc. Lawyer/Latinx/lesbian. She/her.
28 Mar 20
Class notes time, and I'm not quite sure how to summarize the last year for so many reasons, never mind my first Supreme Court case. At least not by March 30?

TLDR: I sued POTUS, and I won; he appealed, and I won again. If need be, I'm taking on POTUS at SCOTUS
Westbrook tells this story better than I do, so I'll borrow his words:


Two days ago the 2nd Circuit—by a vote of 7 to 2—refused to rehear the affirmation of a trial court judgment that Trump violated Truman @rpbp's First Amendment rights."
Here is Westbrook's history of this dispute:

"ROUND ONE: District Court

On the morning of June 16, 2017, President Trump tweeted:

'Sorry folks, but if I would have relied on the Fake News of CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS washpost or nytimes, I would have had ZERO chance of winning WH.'"
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8 Jan 20
Update: Yesterday, to my great surprise and gratitude, Nana and I got our happy ending.
My mom and sister made sure she got last rites on Monday, but she remained fitful. That night, she recognized me, but kept saying, “misericordia.”

That word can mean many things, so I hesitated to project my hope—that she wanted to be forgiven for something.
It became clear to the three of us—“nosotras,” as Spanish helpfully lets us identify ourselves—that’s exactly why she kept saying it.

After food got to be too much, even as breathing became harder, she needed to know that I knew she loved me and that I loved and forgave her.
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6 Jan 20
Ten years ago come May I learned my mother’s mother was in heart and lung failure.

The call came at 10 am Hong Kong time. Three days later, I’d sold my TV, ended my lease, and bought a flight home.

Two days after that I arrived, bedraggled, exhausted, in Morehead City, NC.
Over the course of the next four months I learned how to run a household to take care of my 82-year-old grandmother.

Was I good at it? No. But she loved it, at least at first. No matter how bad my cooking. Nana spent her entire life cooking for and looking after other people.
We came to an impasse over chorizo, wine, and salt because, again, heart and lung failure, and also over driving. But we made do.

Four months after I came home to take care of her, Nana was stable enough to move to assisted living in Durham, and I went off to start @YaleLawSch.
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25 Sep 19
A serious note.

Over the last few months, I’ve tweeted, often with humor—because that’s the best weapon against despair—about what’s been a pretty tough year.

I’m tweeting now to do something I’m not so great at—ask for help.
2019 started off well: Trump was still in the WH,but I beat him in the courts--twice.

Come April, things got dicey: I started one Monday raising legal journalist hell and ended it in the ICU with a drain in my head. An cerebral aneurysm had ruptured, causing a stroke.
After 5 weeks of mind-blowing pain—like a sheet of metal was bisecting my head, I said—several elephant parades’ worth of ketamine, & a lot of hard work, surrounded by the best friends a human could ask for & phenomenal medical professionals (hey, @GWHospital), I got discharged.
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27 Sep 18
** announcement **

It's 10 am, and I'll be here all day, live-tweeting Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's testimony then Brett's lies and every misogynistic moment in between.

In addition, there will be timely updates and thoughtful takes on our home page from colleagues @joanmccarter @kerryeleveld @Scout_Finch @wallein @HunterDK et al.
Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is here, and she's wearing a cerulean power suit. She looks nervous, keeping her head down--when she finally turned, audible clicks take over the audio.
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16 Sep 18
Several things.

1. Bart O’Kavanaugh is more of a typo than a pseudonym.…
2. Christine Blasey Ford should be believed.

Whether or not she has damning evidence and folx who can corroborate; is white, cis, educated and accomplished; and has the support of her male partner.

These are all true. But she should be believed because we must believe women.
3. The chorus of no-comments from party-goers is deafening.
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6 Sep 18
It's #day3 of the Kavanaugh hearing; I'm watching so you don't have to.

Catch up on #day2 below and follow this thread for a play by play.…
@ChuckGrassley's mouth is moving so you know he's lying.

He's caught Kavanaugh's repetition bug. Complaining about Ds wanting to see Kavanaugh's record. Belly-aching about how senators wouldn't want their emails exposed either.
@maziehirono has a response to the claim that she should have asked Obama appointee Judge Paul Watford, not just Kavanaugh, about affiliation with sexual predator Judge Kozinski.

It's a doozy.
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5 Sep 18
Get your Kavanaugh confirmation hearing updates here. #day2…
Lindsey Graham: If there were a challenge to Roe v. Wade, would you listen to both sides?

Kavanaugh: I always listen to both sides, senator.

Sure, that settles it.
Kavanaugh seems to think that saying "the Ginsburg rule" magically gets him off the hook.

Yes, RBG said no hints, no forecasts, no previews during her confirmation hearing.

But she didn't dodge legitimate questions about settled precedent by claiming they were "hypothetical."
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