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Brookings scholar focusing on China and Asia. Senior Advisor at The Scowcroft Group and McLarty Associates. Husband to Meredith and proud father of four.
14 Sep 20
1/ The Brookings #GlobalChina initiative is rolling out its latest round of research, this one on China’s efforts to adapt global governance to suit its aims. The following thread provides a brief summary of the research findings. brook.gs/2RfI5Gu
2/ Although China traditionally focused on the U.N.’s development activities, Beijing now flexes its muscles in the heart of the U.N. — its peace and security work. Reflections and analysis from Jeffrey Feltman via our #GlobalChina project: brook.gs/2GeFAC7 #UNGA75
3/ At times, Beijing has promoted women’s equality; at others, it has undermined civil society and human rights defenders, critical actors for advancing gender equality. @DariusLongarino explores the record: brook.gs/2Z27iIO #GlobalChina
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20 Jul 20
1/ China now touches virtually every region in the world. How is its increasing involvement impacting the Middle East, Latin America, South Asia, and the Pacific? Read new research, our latest additions to the world-spanning #GlobalChina project: brook.gs/2UCrxuv
2/ Latin American governments largely welcomed trade and investment ties with China in the mid-2000s, but the honeymoon has morphed into a more pragmatic embrace, @piccone_ted writes in new #GlobalChina research: brook.gs/2Osrjmg
3/ Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro has criticized China, as @htrinkunas explains. But the confrontational dynamic is a marked departure from the historical trend in Brazil-China relations: brook.gs/2Wqw588 #GlobalChina brookingsinstitution.sharepoint.com/:i:/r/sites/FP…
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9 Jul 20
1/ I had an opportunity last night to join the conference where Chinese State Councilor Wang Yi delivered this speech on U.S.-China relations. There are several ways in which his comments could be interpreted. Here’s my brief take: fmprc.gov.cn/mfa_eng/wjdt_6…
2/ Wang Yi is capable of being quite acidic in his comments when he wants to signal displeasure. That was not the tone he chose for this presentation, even though he was quite sharp in certain spots.
3/ My sense is that his message was tailored to reach several different audiences. To a domestic Chinese audience, he played up themes of the national narrative - China isn't expansionist, is focused on its own development, is a steward of peace and stability on world stage...
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8 May 19
1) I enjoyed watching the #frontlinePBS premiere of “Trump’s Trade War” last night. I thought @PBS did a good job of reflecting a range of views. A few quick observations jumped out... to.pbs.org/2UYgpWa
2)It was nice to see discussion go beyond "it's all Xi's fault" meme. Xi has given expression to China's growing ambitions in ways that have been discomforting to U.S., but Xi is more an inheritor than an architect of PRC ambitions. 2008 was watershed moment, 4 years before Xi...
3) The Trump administration has built its China trade strategy around an assumption of Chinese economic fragility, and a belief that Xi cannot afford trade confrontation with U.S. Such conditions were not evident in the reporting for the show...
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