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9 Apr

Okay my question is towards @TheQuint @Raghav_Bahl and @kapur_ritu, how do you explain this sudden twist of descriptions? This is what happens when you hire people coming from a political background and are assigned with topics like this. 1/6
According to P.Jayarajan (@CPIMKerala senior leader)

“Communists never worship individuals. In this party, all are comrades and the party is the captain.”

But later on he was forced to change his statement after thrust from the communist party. 2/6…
This is totally outrageous. No one except their party cadres regard @vijayanpinarayi as their captain. I don't understand why a reputed publisher like The Quint would take sides when it comes to such crucial situations in the state. It's very very cheap. 3/6
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4 Apr
A thread on Kazhakuttam Assembly Constituency UDF Candidate Dr.S.S Lal -

Most of the people from this generation might not be familiar with his name nor his face and there isn't anything to surprised about it as he was concentrating more on his prestigious profession...(1/7)
...but that doesn't mean he came out of no where and took that Kazhakuttam seat, nope, that's not how it is. A person without any knowledge about this party and politics can be given an MLA seat. Dr.S.S Lal was a firebrand of @ksunsui, he was the chairman..(2/7) University College and Trivandrum Medical College during his time as a student. Later on as he took up his profession seriously he left the field of politics, but that did not stop him from social service. He has worked at @WHO, travelled more than 200 countries,...(3/7)
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16 Mar
A THREAD on the commies in Kerala who followed their communist manifestos wholeheartedly.

So far 7 LDF activists have switched sides and joined forces with BJP.

And those 7 individuals are contesting as BJP candidates for the upcoming #KeralaAssemblyElections2021 (1/5)
from various constituencies around the state.

Those 7 BJP candidates are :-

1. P.S Jyothis - contesting from Cherthala Assembly Constituency [Former CPI(M) Thaneermukkom Grama Panchayat Vice-President]

2. Minarva Mohan, contesting from Kottayam Assembly......(2/5)
....Constituency [Former 3 term Poonjar Thekkekara Panchayat President]

3. K.Sanju - contesting from Mavelikkara Assembly Constituency {RC} [Former DYFI leader and candidate]

4. Alphons Kannanthanam - contesting from Kanjirapally Assembly Constituency [Former CPM MLA] (3/5)
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30 May 20
@TheSimpsons is one of the best animated series of all-time and one of my favorite 🙌🏽 people who have watched the series can relate to the situations easily. The series predicted a lot of things that went onto happen in real life.

Now this too! I am SHOCKED tbh 😲

The writers were able to predict the future clearly and correctly to an extent.

Donald Trump Presidency was predicted 20 years ago in an episode titled "Bart to the Future"
The Simpsons are the ones who introduced the idea of smartwatch which can be used to call, in an episode aired in 1995.

NOTE - The first smartwatch wasn't created until 2013.
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